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You can now Play Fortnite with Xbox Cloud Gaming, No Game Pass Needed

Let’s find out how to play Fortnite with Xbox Cloud Gaming without a Game Pass or a dedicated console. We have listed all the steps and FAQs for you.

Your choice of device should not stop you when gaming runs in your blood. Fortnite, the mega-successful online video game by Epic Games, has ruled hearts since its release in 2017. It entrusts you with surviving in a harsh environment, fighting off foes like zombies, and, quite literally, saving the world. But can you play it without a console or a dedicated gaming platform? Enter a fabulous way to expand your horizons: Xbox Cloud Gaming. 

It lets you play on a range of devices without any paid subscription. Xbox Cloud Gaming relies on your good old browser to load games. It means you can play your favorite titles on phones and tablets, provided your internet connectivity is rock-solid. You don’t even need an Xbox game pass. Now, doesn’t that sound fantastic?

How can you play Fortnite via Xbox Cloud Gaming?

Here’s a quick checklist: do you have an internet connection you can trust? You also need a Microsoft account (which is free). Finally, you need a compatible device. All you must do now is go to Xbox.com/play. You can then open Fortnite. 

If you are playing on a Windows device, you can access all the game modes through cloud gaming. However, you cannot access ‘Save the World’ if you use a phone or a tablet. Everything else is yours to enjoy, including Battle Royale and community games.

Note that you can launch the game through the browser only. All major browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, iOS 14.4, and iPadOS 14.4 are supported. Fortnite won’t work with the Xbox Cloud Gaming mobile app or the console game library.

Does Fortnite allow controllers on Xbox Cloud Gaming?

Yes. You can use the touch options on your phone or a supported controller. We recommend an Xbox wireless controller; you can connect it via Bluetooth or USB. However, you may also use one designed for Xbox or verified for cloud gaming.

Which devices can you play on with Xbox Cloud Gaming?

Check this out: you can choose iOS, iPadOS, Android, and Windows PC. There is no stopping you. All major iPhones support it, including iPhone XR, XS, 11/12, 11/12 Pro, and 12 Mini/Max. The supported iPads span the third, fourth, fifth, and eighth generations. You can enjoy Fortnite on your Surface Go/Go 2, Surface Pro 6/X/7+, and Surface laptops and books.

Does Xbox Cloud Gaming save Progress across platforms?

Oh yes. Your progress will get transferred across your chosen mediums if you have linked your Microsoft or Xbox account to one Epic account.

There you go. Fortnite has become much more accessible, letting players with older devices capture the thrill of speed. Don’t let anything come in the way of true-blue gaming glory.

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