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XP-PEN Tablet Deals 2023 – Best XP-PEN Tablets on Sale

We have collected XP-PEN tablet deals 2023 – best XP-PEN tablets on sale are sure to excite creative souls! Experience superior performance, sharp colors, and easy customization.

XP-PEN has a good collection of tabs for different users, like students, teachers, and professionals. The Chinese manufacturer has become renowned for its versatility and premium features at attractive prices. For instance, you get the sharpness and security of a fully-laminated screen. Connecting to your PC is straightforward with a full-feature USB-C cable (usually sold separately).

You have to connect most XP-PEN tabs to a laptop or desktop. You might take a while to get used to it, but the mobility is worth it. Also, XP-PEN uses a smart tablet/screen switch to make the transition easier. These tablets are excellent for a range of functions, from art projects for school to classroom teaching and illustration work for creative projects.

Best XP-PEN Drawing Tablets Discounts

12/06/2023 06:13 am GMT

The XP-PEN range focuses on the $350-$600 price range for professionals. But the more portable and compact products like Deco 01 V2 are available for around $100 or less. It is an affordable pricing tier for many users.

The 15.6″ XP-PEN Artist Pro is one of the best offerings by the brand. It dazzles with 120% sRGB color and offers a tilt function for comfortable work. We love the red dial and the eight customizable keys to simplify our day-to-day user experience and grant the gift of speed.

One of the most attractive features of these tabs is a full-lamination screen, giving you low parallax and sharper colors. If you want an even bigger display, you can pick the XP-PEN Artist 16. It also offers a wide color gamut and more shortcut keys.

How about smaller displays? You can pick the 11.6″ XP-PEN Artist 12. This FHD tab comes with a precise, battery-free pen and a holder. Since you get 8,192 pressure levels, you can perform meticulous brushwork for advanced illustration. Moreover, it works with multiple platforms and supports multimedia applications like Photoshop and Clip Studio.

One of the main advantages of getting an XP-PEN tab is the focus on portability. For instance, the XPPen StarG640 is just 2mm thin and is perfect for working on the run. It has a working area of 6 inches by 4 inches. Even so, the stylus works well enough for beginners and also professionals.

The XP-Pen G430S OSU takes it further with a 4 x 3 inches workspace. Whoever heard of mobility concerns and travel interfering with creativity?

Another range you should browse through is the XPPen Deco 01 V2 tablets. They have intuitive perks: blind spot recognition, replacement nibs, and drawing gloves. Plus, the device compatibility is stunning and even includes Chromebooks. The High Tech IC the brand has integrated helps make your creations smoother.


What is exciting about an XP-PEN tablet?

The company has a brilliant collection of drawing tabs for students and creative professionals. You can select screen sizes and pick super-compact devices with work areas as small as 4 inches by 3 inches. XP-PEN tablets also have sensitive pens and sharp colors. The customization options, like shortcut keys and dials, are also aplenty. It is a decent brand to check out and has become a strong competitor to the market leader, Wacom.

Do XP-PEN tabs work with Macs and Chromebooks?

Yes. The company has been working hard to ensure a smooth operating environment and compatibility with multiple platforms. You will find that most of these tabs work with Mac, Chromebooks, Windows, Android, and Linux.

Are XP-PEN tablets only for drawing?

No, they serve several purposes, like teaching taking notes, handwriting, and digital signatures for business environments. They also work fine for diagrams, doodling, and solving mathematics problems. The possibilities, as they say, are limitless.

Is XP-PEN better than Wacom?

The industry leader, Wacom, is tough to beat in features, long-term reliability, and brand recognition. However, XP-PEN has a clear advantage in affordability; its products are much cheaper without cutting many corners. It also has benefits like more replaceable nibs and lamination on the screen for reduced parallax. It can be a terrific, value-for-money choice if sticking to budget matters.

XP-PEN deserves accolades for how it has developed over time, excelling at screen quality and color. It offers hassle-free compatibility with different platforms and operating systems, adding Chromebook to the mix. The brand falters in some aspects, like needing to buy a separate USB-C cable. Setting these tablets up can be a little cumbersome; the lack of a stand is also uncomfortable. Still, you can explore the XP-PEN portfolio for a reliable and inexpensive graphics tab that looks beyond Wacom.

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