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Windows 11 23H2: All New Features You Need to Know

Microsoft used to deliver two major system updates during the Windows 10 days. Since the introduction of Windows 11, the company has switched to one update per year to keep the quality in check. The software giant released Windows 11 22H2 on September 20, 2022, and the company is about to drop the 23H2 update to eligible PCs. Here are all the new features you can expect to enjoy with Windows 11 23H2 update.

Microsoft has been testing the upcoming 23H2 update with selected users in the Dev and Release Previews. The latest Windows OS is ready for general rollout, and the company is targeting the Fall to release the update.

1. Windows Copilot

After experimenting with AI-powered Copilot in Microsoft 365 apps, the company wants to bring the same experience to Windows 11, too. It’s the headline feature of the Windows 23H2 update. Once you click the copilot shortcut on the taskbar, the side menu appears to start conversations with Bing Chat. You no longer need to open Microsoft Edge to access Chat GPT-powered Bing Chat.

Windows Copilot works across all apps and interfaces. You can simply hit Windows + C keys to summon Copilot interface and ask your questions. It also works as an assistant. You can ask it to take screenshots, enable dark mode, and perform other local actions. Microsoft promises to add support for more actions in future updates.

2. Modern File Explorer

The File Explorer is an essential part of Windows 11 experience, and it receives another makeover with 23H2 update. The File Explorer carries a Gallery view, a better OneDrive experience, and a new details pane to check file information.

3. Taskbar Ungrouping

Taskbar went through a massive downgrade in Windows 11. Microsoft is actively listening to customer demands and improving the taskbar with each update. With the 23H2 update, you can finally combine taskbar buttons and hide alerts. It’s definitely a must-have add-on for power users.

4. Volume Mixer Menu

The volume menu received a major overhaul with the Windows 23H2 update. You can now control the volume for each app in Windows 11. You don’t have to rely on third-party apps to do the same.

5. Better RGB Lighting Controls

It is another neat feature in Windows 11 23H2. You no longer need to use a third-party app to manage your keyboard and mouse lighting. The personalization menu in Windows Settings now comes with Dynamic Lighting to customize your accessories with custom themes and lights.

6. Better Backup and Restore Experience

Windows finally gets a native tool to back up your preferences, apps, and other settings. The company uses the OneDrive platform to back up your files and settings. When you try to set up a new PC, simply restore your previous backup, and you are all set to go with your favorite apps on Windows.  

7. New Emojis

Bringing new emojis with the software update has been a trend these days. Samsung designed new emojis with One UI 6, and Microsoft is right there with the same in the 23H2 update.

8. Better Spotlight Experience

The Bing-powered Spotlight has been a part of the Windows experience since Windows 8 days. Microsoft is experimenting with a new setup that lets you check related information regarding the background, and it also supports 4K wallpaper for high-resolution displays.

9. Smarter Inking

Inking also receives a much-needed upgrade in Windows 11. Instead of writing on a software keyboard, you can now use the stylus and write directly into the text field. The system understands your queries and searches for the same.

10. Home Page in Settings

The Settings menu no longer opens the System page by default. With the Windows 11 23H2 update, you are now greeted with a new Home page. It shows recommended settings, cloud storage, personalization options, network connectivity, pending Windows updates, and more. You no longer need to move between menus in Settings to find relevant options.

11. New Sharing Menu

Compared to other elements in Windows 11, the sharing menu started looking quite outdated on the desktop OS. Microsoft has redesigned the native share menu that shows people and contacts at the top.

12. RAR and 7z File Support

Microsoft has added the 7z support – a popular format used by 7-Zup and RAR. You no longer need to rely on third-party apps to open such files.

13. Snap Layout Suggestions

Windows 11 brought snap layouts for a smooth multitasking experience. Microsoft aims to take it to the next level with AI-based suggestions in the 23H2 update. Now, when you hover the cursor over the maximize button, the system shows app suggestions to view them side-by-side.

14. Widgets Customization

The widgets panel receives a minor refresh with the Windows 11 23H2 update. You can now disable the MSN news feed. The company is testing new widgets, but we aren’t sure if they will make it to the final build.

15. Presence Sensing

If your Windows laptop has proximity sensors, you can take advantage of Windows 11’s new Presence Sensing feature. It detects your presence and turns on the display when you sit right in front of it. It’s also smart enough to dim the display when you look away.

Your Windows PC Is About to Become Better

Windows 11 23H2 is expected to be the last major Windows 11 update before the rumored Windows 12 launch next year. We recommend waiting for a day or two to settle the rush and update your desktop to Windows 11 23H2 this fall.  

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