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Will Starfield support Multiplayer Gaming?

The new space-exploration game, Starfield, developed by Bethesda, was recently rumored to be multiplayer. Here’s the truth about whether the title is single-player or not.

Collaborating with your friends and joining forces to bring dangerous enemies down – that’s where much of the thrill of gaming lies. But some experiences are so pure and ethereal that solitude is essential. The world of Starfield, an upcoming game by Bethesda, the Maryland-based game publisher, promises one such experience. 

Starfield is expected to launch on September 6, 2023 for Xbox Series X|S and Microsoft Windows. It involves exploring vast galaxies with glorious and complex star systems.

The underlying objective is building a new world, taking on the role of a passionate explorer of the vastness of space. The allure of this role-play adventure title has got gaming circles abuzz with one question: will it support a multiplayer mode? Can you embark on the exploration with your friends from other platforms?

Is Starfield a Multiplayer Game?

One word: no. Despite the rumors and hopes some fans may have harbored, Starfield is a single-player game. It will not have an online multiplayer version.

In the recent past, gamers anticipating its release experienced confusion on the multiplayer front. Some of the early reveals referred to a single-player campaign – does that mean the title will actually focus on a co-op mode? Moreover, Bethesda’s recent titles – Fallout 76 and Redfall – focus extensively on online co-op gameplay.

Redfall has 4-player co-op, so the shared experiences are mind-blowing. Why shouldn’t a new offering from the stable follow these tried and tested footsteps? Actual official information wasn’t forthcoming for quite some time, which set the rumor mills ablaze.

However, speculation aside, Bethesda has confirmed that Starfield will be released as a single-player game. It is also listed as such on Steam. Back in 2020, Todd Howard, a director at the company, claimed Starfield will be a solo experience – and that remains the bottom line.

Will Starfield require you to be online?

We don’t have official word on this yet. However, Bethesda faced some backlash with the online requirements in Redfall. The settings got changed post the backlash. Starfield might learn a lesson from that episode, but we will need to wait and watch. 

Why is Starfield steering away from multiplayer mode?

We believe the company is prioritizing the story and the theme – the exploration of the universe – and we respect that. It doesn’t make much sense for co-op mode when players could potentially be light-years apart in faraway stars. The company says you may have over 100 star systems and 1000+ planets to explore – some with life on them. The co-op would only be meaningful if players were all bundled up together. But then what would be the point? 

starfield gameplay

Instead of promoting cooperation among players, this title emphasizes character building, crafting, ship design, and a sense of wonder and curiosity. Perhaps, we can expect online stat sharing, but that’s about it. 

So, that’s the download on Starfield. There’s much to anticipate, from true-blue galactic exploration and ship combat to dialogue and an engaging quest. We daresay that when the enormity of space baffles you, partnering up with a non-player character might be equally fun!

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