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Will Madden NFL 23 Offer Crossplay and Cross-Platform? Let’s Find Out

Does the competitive American football game, Madden NFL 23, support crossplay or cross-platform features? Let’s find out what you can expect on the field.

The brilliant football game by EA Sports enjoys a cult following for its next-generation artwork and unique presentation. Madden NFL 23 takes inspiration from the National Football League. It boasts exceptional gameplay and an addictive undercurrent of competitiveness. The most recent launch has caught the eye of ardent gamers globally for its new FieldSense features that bring you better control over your game. But here’s where the show pinches: does Madden NFL 23 support crossplay?

Crossplay Support on Madden NFL 23: Yes or No?

Unfortunately, no. The game does not offer cross-platform support at the moment. So, you can only play with others on your platform, and PS and Xbox gamers cannot compete against each other. Ditto for cross-generation capacities. You cannot play with buddies on a PS4 if your platform is PS5.

One option you can consider is getting dual entitlement. EA Sports lets you download the Gen 4 version for PS and Xbox One X/S. The All Madden edition includes the latest and the previous generation of the title. Be warned: it is much more expensive.

Why doesn’t Madden NFL 23 have Crossplay?

You bet everyone is asking the same question. After all, more top-of-the-rung games than ever are introducing cross-platform features to elevate multiplayer gaming. It is even coming to FIFA. A possible reason for the limitation is that the PS4 and Xbox One versions are entirely different from their next-generation counterparts. The older games feel like legacy releases if you stack them against the latest launches. Moreover, cross-platform play comprises technical complications.

Perhaps, Electronic Arts will finally roll out crossplay provisions in Madden NFL 24. Until then, fans of American football will have to content themselves with their platform of choice. Madden NFL 23 has plenty going for itself: a Field Pass that shows your progression through the game and new scouting features, for example. It is exciting out there.

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