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What is Canva Magic Write? And How To Use It

Canva has long been a favorite for those who need to create designs easily. Now, it’s offering more than just design tools. The platform has integrated new AI features to help with text-based tasks. One such feature is Magic Write. This time it isn’t just a spell-check or a grammar corrector. It’s a feature that assists you in creating meaningful text content right within Canva.

Magic Write is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3 AI technology and it’s designed to help you with a variety of writing tasks. You can draft emails, make lists, or even write articles. Moreover, you don’t have to switch between different apps to get your work done, you can even change the tone, specific part, and iterate its new versions as and when you need. Magic Write brings writing and design together in one place.

So, if you’re using Canva for design, now you can also count on it for some of your writing needs. Stay with us to learn how to use this helpful feature effectively.

What is Magic Write?

Magic Write is a feature integrated into Canva, developed using OpenAI’s GPT-3 technology, which also powers applications like ChatGPT and Dall.E. 

As the name suggests, this tool is far more than a simple text editor. It can help you transform your time-consuming writing process into an efficient powerhouse with its generation capabilities. With Magic Write, you can produce a range of text-based materials. 

  • Generate entire articles, complete with introductions, body text, and conclusions. 
  • Draft the email body, subject line, and even the sign-off.
  • Level up your social media content by generating captions of your choice 
  • Get out a Tweet that fits within the character limit yet still delivers impact
  • …and lot more

Key Features of Magic Write

  1. List Generation: Magic Write organizes your scattered ideas into structured lists. This is particularly useful for project management tasks or when you’re outlining the attributes of a new product.
  2. Language Support: Magic Write can produce text in 20 languages including but not limited to English, Spanish and French, making it a versatile tool for communicating with a diverse audience. This feature broadens the scope of your content, allowing you to reach people across different linguistic backgrounds.
  3. Generate Outlines: Magic Write helps you structure your writing by generating outlines. This feature provides a roadmap for your content, making it easier to write articles or reports in an organized manner.
  4. Paraphrasing: The tool can reword existing text to make it unique. This is especially useful for academic or professional settings where originality is crucial.
  5. Long-Form and Short-Form Texts: Magic Write is adaptable when it comes to text length. It can produce content that ranges from a single sentence for a social media post to a detailed report spanning multiple pages.
  6. Headline Generator: Magic Write offers a headline generator that produces titles that are relevant and engaging. This feature helps you capture your audience’s attention right from the start.
  7. Paragraph Generator: If you need to populate an article or report with content, Magic Write can generate paragraphs based on the topics or keywords you provide. This feature speeds up the writing process, allowing you to focus on refining your content.
  8. Rewriting Tool: Magic Write can revise and improve existing text. It restructures sentences and chooses more appropriate words, enhancing the overall readability and impact of your content.
  9. Summary Tool: For lengthy documents, Magic Write offers a summary tool that condenses the material into a shorter format. This feature extracts the essential information, making it easier to review or present.

How to Access Magic Write

Step 1: Start Your Design

Open Canva and either create a new design or open an existing project. This is your starting point for using Magic Write.

Step 2: Locate Canva Assistant

Navigating Canva assistant in new Canva project

Once your design is open, find the “Canva Assistant” button. It’s located at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. Click it to proceed. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut by pressing the forward slash (/). 

If you’re working within a Canva Doc, the process is slightly different. Instead of looking for the Canva Assistant button, click on the plus (+) icon to access Magic Write.

Step 3: Input Your Text Request

Inputting text in Canva's Magic Write

A dialogue box will appear. Here, you’ll need to describe the text you want Magic Write to generate. For instance, if you need to make a checklist to ensure consistent minimalism across your content, type “Make a to-do checklist that I can use to ensure my social media post follows minimalism.” The more specific you are, the better the generated content will be. If you have keywords, include them in your description.

Step 4: Generate the Text

Generating text in Canva with the help of Magic Write

After you’ve entered your request, press the Enter key. Your generated text will appear in your design layout.

Step 5: Review and Edit

Reviewing and editing the Canva's Magic Write output as needed

Before you finalize your design, take a moment to review the generated text. Edit it to make sure it aligns with your project’s needs.

Step 6: Finalize and Share

Sharing Canva's file lin

Once you’re satisfied with the text and the overall design, you can go ahead and finalize it. Save your project and share it however you see fit.

Usage Limitations

Here’s a complete overview of Canva’s pricings and Magic Write uses per month.

Plan NameUses Per Month
Free Version25 lifetime
Canva Pro250 per month
Canva Teams250 per month
Canva for Education Admin and Teachers250 per month
Canva for Non-Profits250 per month

Practical Applications

  1. Crafting Social Media Posts

Use Magic Write to generate posts by specifying the tone you want. Input a brief description like “humorous post” or “serious post” along with your topic. This way, you can ensure the generated text aligns with the mood you’re aiming for.

  1. Marketing Strategies

For SWOT analyses or competitor comparisons, provide Magic Write with key terms related to your business and the type of analysis you need. The tool will generate a detailed breakdown that you can use as a starting point for your strategy.

  1. Meeting Agendas

To create an agenda, input keywords related to the meeting’s purpose. Magic Write will generate a list of topics to cover, which you can then customize to fit your specific needs.

  1. Summarizing Research Papers

To condense long papers, input the abstract or a brief description of the paper’s content. Magic Write will generate a summary that captures the essence of the research, saving you reading time.

  1. Customer Service Emails

For crafting emails, provide Magic Write with the issue at hand and request a “polite and informative response.” The generated text will be a balanced mix of courtesy and information, making it easier to address customer concerns effectively.

  1. Enhancing Visual Presentations

When working on visual content, input a brief description of the topic and request “concise and relevant text.” Magic Write will generate textual content that complements your visuals, enhancing the overall impact.

  1. Text-to-Bullet Feature

If you have a paragraph that’s information-dense, input the text and request it to be “converted to bullet points.” Magic Write will break down the information into a more digestible format, improving readability.

What Canva Magic Write Can’t Do 

While Magic Write is a powerful tool, it’s not without limitations. For starters, the text it generates might not always be up-to-date or factually accurate. So, it’s crucial to double-check any data or statistics it provides. 

Also, keep an eye on the word count. Your input text is limited to 1500 words, and the output won’t exceed 2000 words. These constraints can be a bit limiting when you’re working on more extensive projects.


Magic Write is an amazing addition to Canva’s toolkit. It can genuinely make your life easier, whether you’re crafting social media posts, developing marketing strategies, or educating a class. It’s a tool with broad applications, and its value can’t be overstated. Content creators, marketers, and educators – you’re going to want to check this out. It’s a table-turner in how we approach content creation.

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