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Top 9 Ways to Fix Bluetooth Not Working on Windows 11

It’s 2022 and with a bunch of WFH (work from home) devices, we need the Bluetooth functionality to work as expected to get the job done. A constant interruption in the Bluetooth connectivity on Windows 11 can lead to an undesirable experience. Instead of going with an age-old wired connection, you can use the tricks below and fix Bluetooth not working on Windows 11 issue.

Before we start Bluetooth troubleshooting on Windows 11, you should make sure that the Bluetooth is enabled on your computer and the Airplane mode is turned off.

1. Reconnect the Device

You can forget the current saved device from the Bluetooth menu and try connecting it again. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Press Windows + I keys and open the Settings menu.

Step 2: Go to Bluetooth & devices and find the saved devices.

Step 3: Click on the three-dot menu beside a saved device and select Remove device.

remove bluetooth device

Step 4: Select Add device and try connecting the same device again.

add bluetooth device

2. Check the Connected Device

For the connected device to work as expected, you need to have enough battery backup. Most Bluetooth devices come with an LED indicator to give an estimation about left battery juice.

When it’s running out of power, the device will flash a red indicator. You need to charge the Bluetooth device with a supplied cable and then try connecting it with the Windows 11 computer.

3. Restart Bluetooth Support Service

This trick has worked for many out there. You can reboot the Bluetooth support service on your computer and try your luck again.

Step 1: Press the Windows key and search for service. Hit the Enter key.

Step 2: From the Services menu, double-click on the Bluetooth Support System option.

bluetooth support service

Step 3: Select Stop under the Service status menu. After a minute or two, select Start and enable Bluetooth services on your computer.

stop bluetooth service

4. Use Bluetooth Troubleshooter

Microsoft offers a built-in Bluetooth troubleshooter to fix connectivity issues. Let’s use it.

Step 1: Open Windows 11 Settings menu (use Windows + I keys).

Step 2: Go to System and select Troubleshoot.

troubleshoot menu

Step 3: Click on Other troubleshooters and run Bluetooth troubleshooter.

run bluetooth troubleshooter

Let Microsoft diagnose and fix the Bluetooth issue for you.

5. Replug Bluetooth Adapter

This one is aimed at PC users. If you are using a Bluetooth adapter to establish a wireless connection on your computer, you can remove the Bluetooth adapter and connect it again.

While connecting the Bluetooth adapter, you can use another USB port on the computer. In some cases, the adapter can get warm after a long time. You should let it cool down and create a Bluetooth connection.

6. Reinstall Bluetooth Drivers

You can reinstall the connected device’s Bluetooth drivers on Windows 11 and establish the connection again.

Step 1: Press the Windows key and search for Device Manager.

Step 2: Hit the Enter key and open the menu. Scroll down to the Bluetooth menu and expand it.

device manager menu

Step 3: Right-click on the Bluetooth device that’s giving you trouble with the connection.

Step 4: Select Uninstall device and confirm your decision.

uninstall drivers

Reboot the computer and the system will install the required drivers.

7. Make Sure the Bluetooth Device Is in Range

If there is any interference between your PC and Bluetooth device, you might face issues with establishing a strong Bluetooth connection. Obstructions like thick walls can lead to frequent disconnection.

When you purchase a Bluetooth device, you should ensure it has Bluetooth 5.0 or a newer version.

8. Check Mute Button

Are you trying to connect your PC to a Bluetooth speaker? These speakers come with a dedicated mute button. If you have accidentally enabled it, no matter what you try, the speaker won’t deliver audio output.

check bluetooth device

Technically, your Windows 11 computer’s Bluetooth connection is working fine but because of the mute button, you can’t listen to songs. Unmute the speaker and enjoy songs.

9. Update Windows 11

Microsoft is ironing out early Windows 11 glitches with frequent updates. Bluetooth issues on Windows 11 might be due to an outdated OS build on your PC.

You need to open Windows 11 Settings and go to the Windows Update menu to install pending updates.

update windows 11

Enjoy Strong Bluetooth Connection on Windows 11

Bluetooth not working on Windows 11 can lead to mistakes and errors. Before you switch to a wired connection, apply the troubleshooting methods above and fix a glitchy Bluetooth connection on your computer.

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