Using a Visa Gift Card on Valorant: We have all the Details

Visa gift cards for Valorant give you in-game currency and make excellent gifting choices. Let’s find out how to purchase, redeem, and troubleshoot one.

Valorant is one of the most addictive games ever, enthralling gamers with its focus on creativity, strategy, and power. This Riot Games title requires you to apply yourself – use your lateral thinking and not just your weapons – to emerge victorious.

No wonder Valorant gift cards are popular among the gaming populace. They also make ideal gifts for any occasion. Buying a gift card lets you redeem a digital code for in-game currency. You don’t need to worry about a bank account or a credit card. Once you have the in-game currency, you can buy new weapon skins and new agents for the kill. Doesn’t that sound convenient? Let’s find out how to use a Visa gift card for Valorant.

Redeeming a Visa Gift Card for Valorant

Online gift cards are straightforward to redeem. You only have to enter the code for it to get translated into the corresponding currency.

You can find this in the game store under the ‘Select the Prepaid Cards/Visa Gift Cards’ option. Ensure to type in correctly, without spaces. Physical cards have the code at the back; you can scratch lightly to reveal it. We advise retaining your receipt and card details safe until the redemption is complete.

How to Purchase a Gift Card for Valorant

These cards are available at several local retailers around the US. You can also find them on Amazon. Usually, you will find these prepaid gift cards in denominations of $10, $25, $50, and $100.

We recommend buying a card only from an authorized retailer in your region. Since they are region-locked, you won’t be able to redeem a card you purchase for another server. Also, fraud sellers abound! An unauthorized auction or a non-Riot-approved seller might take you for a ride and waste your money.

What to do if you cannot redeem a Valorant gift card?

It is not common to face problems with redemption if you have an active, authorized card in your possession. One potential problem may arise if you try to redeem in an unsupported region. You cannot hop across regions as the cards work only in their designated area. Also, if you try to claim too many cards at once, you may experience an error. Waiting it out for a bit usually resolves this.

You can also contact the Riot help team if something goes wrong. But they won’t assist you with illegal cards (or those for which you don’t have receipts). Only the merchant can help you resolve error messages that suggest the code has already been redeemed or is inactive.

Gift cards have made life convenient, bringing smiles, spreading laughter, and granting hours of gaming fun. We wish you luck with your Valorant journey – may the best agent win!

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