Top 8 Ways to Fix Outlook Not Syncing on Windows 11

Microsoft recently released a significant redesign to all Office apps on Windows 11. The company is currently working on a brand-new Outlook app for desktop platforms. The current Outlook app is riddled with bugs. Users have complained about Outlook not syncing the latest emails on Windows 11. If you are facing the same, here are the ways to fix Outlook syncing not working on the desktop.

Outlook for Windows 11 supports Gmail, Yahoo, and iCloud email providers. But it’s irrelevant when the app fails to sync new emails. Before moving to the Gmail or Outlook web version, use the tricks below and troubleshoot Outlook not syncing on Windows 11.

1. Repair Email Account

If you are facing issues with a third-party email provider like Gmail or Yahoo on Outlook, you can use the repair tool and fix syncing issues. Go through the steps below.

Step 1: Open Outlook on Windows 11.

Step 2: Select File in the top left corner.

Step 3: Open Account Settings.

Step 4: Click on Account Settings from the drop-down menu.

Step 5: It will open the Email tab. Select an email account.

Step 6: Click Repair and hit the Repair button from the following menu.

2. Remove and Add Email Account

Is Outlook syncing still not working for you? You can remove and add the email account again. Here’s how.

Step 1: Launch Outlook account settings (refer to the steps above).

Step 2: Check all added email providers.

Step 3: Select the Remove button and confirm your decision.

Step 4: Select New from the same menu.

Step 5: Log in with the exact email account details and enable syncing.

3. Remove Irrelevant Outlook Add-ins

Did you jam-pack the Outlook app with irrelevant add-ins? Some outdated or corrupt add-ins might mess Outlook experience for you. It’s time to remove and remove unnecessary Outlook add-ins.

Step 1: Open Outlook and select the File menu.

Step 2: Click on Options from the left sidebar.

Step 3: Select Add-ins.

Step 4: Click on the Go button beside Manage.

Step 5: Select a checkmark beside an add-in and click Remove.

Delete all irrelevant Outlook add-ins, and syncing should work now.

4. Repair Microsoft Office

Microsoft Outlook is a part of the Office 365 package on Windows 11. You should repair the Office package from the Settings menu if the app misbehaves. Here’s how.

Step 1: Open Windows 11 Settings menu (use Windows + I keys).

Step 2: Select Apps from the left sidebar.

Step 3: Open Installed apps.

Step 4: Scroll to Microsoft 365.

Step 5: Select the three-dot menu beside it.

Step 6: Click on Modify.

Step 7: Select the radio button beside Quick repair and confirm your decision.

5. Check Junk or Spam Folder

Sometimes, Outlook or Gmail algorithms can be aggressive and send important emails to the Spam or Junk folder. You won’t receive notifications for such emails. You must open Outlook and manually check the Spam or Junk folder to check missed emails.

6. Update Outlook on Windows

Using an outdated Outlook app on Windows may leave you with syncing issues. Let’s update Outlook to the latest version and try again.

Step 1: Open Outlook and select File in the top left corner.

Step 2: Select Office Account.

Step 3: Click on Update Options.

Step 4: Select Update Now and download the latest Outlook build in the background.

7. Sign up for Beta Channel

If an update is not showing up for you, join the beta channel and install the newest Outlook update. Chances are, Microsoft has already fixed Outlook syncing issue in the beta build, and the company is testing it with a beta tester before releasing the same to the public. Here’s how you can sign up for a beta channel on Outlook.

Step 1: Open the Office Account menu in Outlook (refer to the steps above).

Step 2: Select Office Insider.

Step 3: Select Change Channel.

Step 4: Enable Sign me for early access to new releases for Office.

Step 5: Agree to terms & conditions and hit Ok.

Once you join the beta channel, use the trick above and check for updates.

8. Use the Web Version

Do you still face occasional syncing issues with Outlook? Before you miss any more important emails, you must move to the web version and check new emails.

Get Outlook Up and Running on Windows 11

Outlook not syncing on Windows 11 may leave you with unproductive morning hours. You should go through the tricks above and fix Outlook sync not working on the desktop.

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