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Top 7 Ways to Fix Microsoft Edge Not Playing Netflix in 4K

Although Netflix has a native app on Windows, most users prefer the web version to play the latest movies and TV shows. The streaming service supports up to 4K resolution, and the rich entertainment library is best enjoyed at the highest resolution only. Your preferred browser, like Microsoft Edge not playing Netflix in 4K, may confuse you. Here are the best ways to fix the problem.

The default browser on Windows – Microsoft Edge, is soaring into popularity with a switch to a Chromium-based rendering engine. Before you leave your perfect setup for another browser or use the Netflix native app on Windows or Mac, use the tricks below to troubleshoot the issue.

1. Check Network Connection

Before we move to advanced tricks, check the Wi-Fi speeds at home or the office. If you have slow internet speed, Netflix won’t load the content in 4K resolution. The service will automatically adjust the video resolution to HD or full HD only.

Most modern laptops and routers support dual-band Wi-Fi. For robust and fast Wi-Fi speeds, you should connect to a 5GHz Wi-Fi frequency. If possible, you can establish an Ethernet connection on your desktop or laptop to stream Netflix in 4K resolution.

Step 1: Open Control Center on Mac.

Step 2: Enable the Wi-Fi option and connect to a 5GHz frequency.

Windows users can head to the Settings app (use Windows + I keys) and head to Network & internet menu to check the internet connection. Once you have a working Wi-Fi connection, visit fast.com to confirm fast internet speeds. You must have a double-digit internet speed (in Mbps) for flawless 4K Netflix streaming on Microsoft Edge.

2. Check Netflix Servers

If Netflix servers are having a rough day, the service may face issues with loading 4K content in Microsoft Edge. Netflix offers a dedicated support page to check the service status. You can visit the Netflix Help Center page to confirm the active status. You can also visit downdetector to check Netflix’s status.

3. Enable Hardware Acceleration

Enabling hardware acceleration reduces CPU usage by transferring some tasks to GPU. 4K Netflix streaming may not work when hardware acceleration is disabled on Microsoft Edge. Here’s how.

Step 1: Launch Microsoft Edge on your PC or Mac.

Step 2: Click the three-dot menu (kebab) in the top right corner. Open Settings.

Step 3: Select System and Performance from the left sidebar.

Step 4: Enable Use hardware acceleration when available toggle.

4. Update Microsoft Edge

An outdated Microsoft Edge build may leave you with issues like Netflix not playing in 4K. Follow the steps below to update Microsoft Edge to the latest version.

Step 1: Head to Microsoft Edge Settings (check the steps above).

Step 2: Select About Microsoft Edge from the left sidebar and install the newest browser build.

5. Check Your Netflix Plan

Netflix offers several plans to subscribers. Among all the plans, only the Netflix Premium subscription offers ultra-HD (4K) streaming on supported devices. If you have downgraded from Netflix Premium to Netflix Standard or Basic, the streaming experience also degrades from 4K to HD or full HD. You must pay for the higher Netflix Premium plan to continue 4K video playback.

Once you pay for Netflix Premium, head to Netflix on Microsoft Edge, and it should automatically start 4K streaming your favorite TV shows and movies.

6. Try Microsoft Edge Beta

Microsoft may already have fixed Netflix 4K streaming in the latest update. Before the company rolls out the latest version to all users, it tests out the beta version with selected users. Anyone can head to the Microsoft Edge beta website and download the browser to test new features and bug fixes.

Once you install Microsoft Edge beta, sign in with the same account credentials and sync your history, bookmarks, collections, and passwords.

7. Try Microsoft Edge Alternatives

If Microsoft Edge still isn’t streaming Netflix in 4K, it’s time to switch to another browser. The Windows and Mac ecosystems have capable Chromium browsers to choose from. Google Chrome, Opera, and Brave are some of the popular names that support all the extensions and offer an option to import your Microsoft Edge browsing data.

Stream Your Favorite Netflix Content in Crisp Quality

Microsoft Edge not playing in 4K leaves you with a below-average streaming experience. The tricks above should fix the issue in no time. Do let us know the trick that worked for you.

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