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Top 20 Best Prime Day Monitor Deals 2023 for PC Gaming, a Second Work Screen, and More

The biggest shopping event of the year – Amazon Prime Day – is almost here. Now that the official dates are in – July 11 and 12 – the buzz has intensified, and early deals have started dropping. The event is known for massive price cuts on electronic gadgets, and we have found it is a fabulous time to bring home a monitor too.

A high-res screen with a high refresh rate can make a tremendous difference to your gameplay. But the merits of a good monitor are not restricted to gaming alone. A second screen can be helpful for students, programmers, and design professionals. Many users invest in a home monitor to sit back and unwind with a movie after a hectic workday.

20 Best Prime Day Monitor Deals 2023

We anticipate some of the most thrilling discounts to land closer to July 11 and 12. You can expect some genuinely stupendous discounts of $700 or more. But as for now, we have consolidated some of the early deals for you and our predictions on what to expect. After the announcement of the official date, the first offers have started coming in (from June 29).

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Samsung Odyssey: Massive discounts on Samsung monitors

This brand usually witnesses the deepest price cuts year after year. Samsung has some brilliant monitors in its Odyssey range, like the CRG5. Last year’s Prime Day saw it sell at $249.99 – a fall of $149.99. 

Why not go big with a 49″ monitor? The Odyssey Neo G9 actually had a discount of $700 in 2022! This time around, Samsung is making it available at $1,648.

Gigabyte AORUS

You can hopefully save around $130 on the AORUS range of monitors, but we’ll know for sure closer to the dates. GIGABYTE has a few terrific 4K options with brilliant build quality and designs.

Large LG Ultragear Monitors

The 48″ Ultragear has a fabulous OLED 4K display and a fast response time of 0.1 ms. LG has started some early discounts of around $60 to $70.

Acer: Predator & Nitro Monitor deals

Never to shy away from price cuts is Acer, a budget-conscious brand if there ever was one. The Acer 21″ monitor (1080p) is among the earliest confirmed deals this year, available at $89 instead of $99. The 23″ Acer Nitro, with a rapid 165Hz refresh rate, is much cheaper now and close to its all-time low.

We also predict discounts of around $350 on some models in the Acer Predator monitors line-up.

Dell Monitors

These medium-sized monitors – around 24″ or 27″ – can be affordable and long-lasting. The 1080p LCD pick by Dell was part of the offers last year. In 2023, the company launched an early deal on the 24″ monitor – from $149 to $89. It is a worthy and pocket-friendly choice, with AMD FreeSync and two HDMI ports.

Gamers should give a thought to the 27″ Alienware curved monitor. It is part of the discounts already – down from $299 to $249. A curved display is expensive. But it can improve your overall experience by keeping the edges from feeling washed out.


Should you buy a monitor on Amazon Prime Day 2023?

Monitors can serve many purposes, from enjoyable gaming to multimedia sessions and remote working comfort. Many students and professionals invest in a quality monitor for a comfortable work/study experience; certain things must get viewed on a large display than a portable laptop can offer. 

Buying a monitor on Prime Day will let you stick to a budget, as even top brands have serious discounts. You can easily save a few hundred dollars, which is handy for upgrading your PC. Another advantage is selecting from various shapes, sizes, and specifications. So, you can get everything from a mega gaming panel to a cinema-friendly screen.

What should you consider while buying a monitor?

The first step is to have your priorities down pat. What are you looking for in a monitor? An immersive gaming display will need a 4K or an OLED resolution. But a standard monitor to support hybrid work may not necessitate too many bells and whistles. This Prime Day, we expect monitors with ultra-high refresh rates to be all the rage. OLED gaming monitors are also likely to be popular – and discounted.

A salient consideration for monitors is the refresh rate. We advise you not to go for anything under 144Hz to enjoy first-person shooter games or any competitive play. (Think Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.) You will need the responsiveness to ease transitions and deliver your best to manage your opponents. 

Other things to consider are the size and the availability of features like a height-adjustable stand.

How much discount can I expect on monitors during Prime Day 2023?

The two-day event (spanning 48 hours) will see lots of action leading up to it. It is not a stretch to say we expect some excellent finds at less than $100. Discounts in the $300 to $700 range are very much possible. Older models (2019-20) may be the most affordable – and good choices for someone not finicky about acquiring the latest model. Since Prime Day deals attract hordes of shoppers and sell out quickly, preparation is the best foot forward.

What to do if you don’t have an Amazon Prime membership?

Well, these attractive deals are only with a membership of Amazon Prime. But chin up! You can get a free 30-day trial to access the discounts. Before the trial period ends, you can cancel (beware that it auto-renews) or continue the membership at $14.99 per month or $139 annually. 

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