Top 16 Best Prime Day Tablet Deals 2023: Big Discounts on iPads, Samsung, Microsoft, and More

We have collected the best Prime Day tablet deals 2023 from leading brands like Samsung and Apple, delivering fast performance and immersive displays at cheap rates.

Tablets remain popular and loved, never mind how small laptops may have become or how advanced convertibles are now. There’s a certain ease about using a tab: whether you travel frequently, work from cafes, or enjoy multimedia content. No wonder tabs are among the most in-demand gadgets during Amazon Prime Day

16 Best Prime Day Tablet Deals 2023

The shopping extravaganza is on July 11 and 12 this year, and we have already started to see some enticing deals on tablets from Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, and, of course, Amazon.

09/25/2023 05:57 pm GMT

Samsung Tabs Deals: from Pocket-friendly to Premium

Samsung is one of the top names in this space, courtesy of its versatile range and competent performance. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 has an 18% discount this month – around $228. This 10.8″ tab is compact and inexpensive – perfect for kids, with a unique collection of e-learning tools. The discount on the Tab A7 Lite is even more significant – around 25%. For just over $100, you can enjoy a longer battery life and speedier everyday processing.

Premium, expensive tabs also get discounted during this annual two-day shopping extravaganza. The Galaxy Tab S7 Plus is available for under $500 now. That’s a massive discount on a large, powerful tab (that includes an accurate stylus).

iPad Discounts

You can find a discount on an iPad if your heart’s set on Apple. We see a $20 off on the 10th-generation Apple iPad this year. It can be quite a good partner for day-to-day tasks, complete with a Bionic chip and dependable performance.

 Other iPads are also available at reduced prices; the discounts are up to $50. For instance, now is a golden opportunity to lay your hands on the Apple iPad i9 (or 10) or one of the older iPad Air models for better portability. These tabs have the razzmatazz of Apple’s Tone technology and Retina display. You may even get compatibility with a Magic keyboard. We may see more offers coming in on iPads in the run-up to Amazon Prime Day 2023.

Massive Discounts on Amazon Fire Tablets

Amazon products tend to witness the steepest discounts – and no wonder! It’s their bonanza, after all. The Fire HD 10 tablet is part of the early deals, selling for almost half-price ($75). The choice between ad-supported and ad-free model versions is yours.

Deals on Microsoft Surface Pro 9

Bendable tabs are all the rage for their adaptability and, let’s say it, style statement. This deal allows you to bring one home for $300 less than the asking price. Knowing Microsoft, you’ll also get top-tier specs.


What kind of discounts can I expect on tablets on Prime Day?

Well, the savings will be significant. Amazon is known to offer genuinely eye-catching deals on tablets – up to 60%. Your savings can be from $30 to $80 or much more. The brands participating in the festival include Samsung, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon – and others that will likely join the game soon. We also expect to see deals on the Google Pixel. 

Even so, Amazon’s Fire tabs should be the sweetest deals. We have our eyes on the Fire 7 Kids tablet, for one.

How to find the best tablet during Amazon Prime Day?

The right tablet for you will depend on your usage patterns and priorities: portability, long battery life, connectivity, or vivid audio and sound. Some Samsung tablets can offer excellent battery life and speedy performance. The Microsoft Surface range of tabs is effortless at combining style with performance. Besides build and performance, you should also consider the availability of connectivity options (ports and Wi-Fi) and the quality of the keyboard.

Will I need an Amazon Prime membership to enjoy tablet deals?

The discounts during Prime Day are available only to Amazon Prime members. We suggest you start a free trial (30 days) if you don’t have a membership. After your shopping, you can either let it renew for $14.99 a month ($139 annually) or cancel it.

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