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Things Currently Absent from Hogwarts Legacy

When a new RPG comes out, fans are always hopeful for various gameplay elements that enhance the experience of those games. Hogwarts Legacy has a lot packed into it, but it is still missing some key features that fans will miss dearly.

Romance Options

Many RPGs give players the option to engage in friendships and even romances with other characters in the game. Of course, these relationships are based on algorithms that include player choice, time spent with those characters, outcomes of certain quests and tasks, etc.

The developers of Hogwarts Legacy, though, have said that players will not have the option to romance characters around Hogwarts in the game. Players aren’t happy about this as there is a robust character creator, allowing for quite a bit of role-playing, and romance options would enhance this further.

Of course, players will still be able to build relationships with certain characters in the game, especially the companion characters from each of the four Hogwarts Houses. The developers have stated that the choices players make with these characters will have a definite impact on the plot.

The Patronus Charm

One of the most recognizable spells in the Harry Potter movies is the Patronus Charm, the white, angelic figures that witches and wizards are able to conjure using their happy memories in order to dispel darkness and the Dementors of Azkaban.

So far, Hogwarts Legacy has not released any information regarding the Patronus Charm. The three parts of the formerly Pottermore community wizard-building tool are the sorting from the Sorting Hat, a wizard’s type of wand, and their Patronus Charm. The first two are able to be ported into Hogwarts Legacy once players link their account to their WB account, but the Patronus Charm does not.

This does not mean that the deeply personal spell will absolutely not be in the game, though. It may be a gameplay element that just hasn’t been revealed by the developers yet. Fans look forward to hearing more information about different features that could be added into the game.


Everyone’s favorite wizarding sport, Quidditch has been confirmed to not be in Hogwarts Legacy at launch. Fans are wildly disappointed by this, as footage of flying around on a broom has been lauded as being quite engaging and entertaining.

There have been screenshots and leaks about different pieces of gear that look like Quidditch uniforms, which goes to show that the sport was put into the game at one point, but then cut during development. This gives fans some hope that Quidditch may still come to Hogwarts Legacy at a later date in a DLC.

The prospect of competing in Quidditch matches and also engaging in conversation with classmates about the Quidditch World Cup or favorite teams from around the world holds so much potential for the game that fans and players are sure to be hoping for the addition to Hogwarts Legacy soon.

Familiar Faces

Hogwarts Legacy takes place in the 1890s, well before the events of the Harry Potter series. So, most of the characters from that series have not even been born yet. The famous Groundskeeper, Hagrid, isn’t born until 1928, which means his massive half-giant form will not be lumbering around the grounds as players roam the open-world.

Professor McGonagall isn’t born until the 1930s, so she won’t be making an appearance either. Albus Dumbledore, however, is said to be born in 1881, which would make him quite young during the time that Hogwarts Legacy takes place. Perhaps players will be able to meet Dumbledore as he comes to Hogwarts as a student.

Of course, there are many other familiar faces to recognize, like the ghosts that wander Hogwarts. Peeves is there, pulling pranks and snitching on students that are roaming where they shouldn’t be. Nearly Headless Nick makes an appearance as well. These ghosts, as well as some other characters that fans may recognize, should make the halls of Hogwarts feel much more familiar.

Overall, Hogwarts Legacy has many different interesting gameplay mechanics and twists to look forward to. There are some things that aren’t confirmed or seem to be missing as of now, but fans can always hold out hope that the developers will listen to their pleas and add more content in post-launch DLC.

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