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The PlayStation 5 Pro: Worth the Upgrade?

The PlayStation 5 Pro is reportedly on the horizon under a project codenamed Trinity, representing the final point that started with the PlayStation 4 Pro under the codename Neo, and the PlayStation VR under codename Morpheus. Due to the similarity of the project code names, and the fact that various big media outlets are reporting on it, there is a level of consistency to the Key to Gaming leak that may reflect its accuracy. Assuming the leak is true, then there are many factors at play for players when deciding whether the upgrade is worth the investment.

The PlayStation 5 Pro has reportedly been in development since early 2022, developer kits are claimed to be going out to a “majority of studios” late 2023, and the upgraded console is expected to release in November 2024.

While admittedly some consumers will be purchasing the PS5 for the first time with the soon to come Pro model, there are also players that already own a PS5 who will have to decide whether there is enough value in the new model to justify the purchase. If those players decide to wait and not purchase a PS5 Pro, then those same sources reportedly claim that it will be at least 4 years between the PS5 Pro model and the release of the PlayStation 6, which is expected in 2028. So, in order to determine the value of the PS5 Pro for players that already own a PS5, both cost and specs are important factors, which luckily, this leak claims to have both.

A Look Inside the PlayStation 5 Pro

Key to Gaming claims that Trinity will “have 30 WGP and 18000mts memory.” However, if that is confusing to some, those same sources state that this amounts to higher and more consistent performance at 4K resolution with accelerated ray tracing. It is also reported that there will be a new performance mode targeting 8K resolution, which by the end of 2024 when the PS5 Pro is claimed to release, this resolution may be expected to be more common in TVs. As a result of this leak, it is suspected that the PlayStation 5 Pro may be able to hit a consistent 60 frames at 4K resolution, assuming it is on TVs with variable refresh rates that support those specs, and possibly with ray tracing, too.

This new standard, or something akin to it, is a substantial upgrade, as it means that players will no longer have to compromise between a performance mode, a quality mode, and raytracing; a current predicament in games like Elden Ring, or Spider-Man. The PS5 Pro will give players the best of both worlds, between performance and image quality, while also adding a new option that may compromise a bit of those raytracing and performance capabilities for 8K resolution.

Is The Upgrade Worth the Investment?

Assuming players do not already have a capable TV for their consoles, then it would be a necessity to at least upgrade their TV to 4K 60/120hz with VRR so that they can take advantage of the hardware in their current PS5 or Series X/S, let alone the upgrade to a PS5 Pro.

Players with outdated TVs will have to consider the cost of a new TV alongside the cost of the PS5 Pro for it to be worth it, as there would be no point of upgrading if the console is unable to take advantage of the things that make it worth investing in the first place. However, the fact that 8K resolution is now on the table for the PS5 Pro may be beside the point for players when deciding whether it is worth the price to upgrade, since a new TV is something that those dedicated players would have to eventually invest in anyway, whether it’s for the PS5 Pro, or the PS6.

The price of the PS5 Pro has not been reported at this time, but it is speculated to be anywhere from $500 to $700.

Now, assuming players with a PS5 or Series X/S have an up-to-date TV that is capable of 4K with VRR and support 60hz to 120hz, then the question of if the upgrade is worth the investment is determined by what kind of games the player enjoys, such as those that would take advantage of both the performance and quality updates, like AAA PlayStation exclusives and single player experiences, rather than something akin to indie games.

Next Generation Gaming: The Upgrade That Matters

At the time of its release, the PlayStation 5 was difficult to get a hold of, and for the most part this shortage lasted up until just a year ago. There were multiple factors that played into this, like the rampant number of scalpers, but the main one to note was that there was a short supply of a specific chip necessary for the construction of the PS5 during the pandemic. Luckily, there currently is no likely reason for this to happen again with the PS5 Pro release.

Gamers that are only interested in playing the new games and don’t care about performance, resolution, ray tracing, and overall, the technology that makes those experiences more immersive and enjoyable, might not find it fulfilling to invest in a PS5 Pro and would be better off owning something akin to a digital PS5, an Xbox Series S, or a Nintendo Switch.

However, for players that understand how each frame makes a difference, and how much more immersive a jump in resolution and ray tracing makes, then the PS5 Pro is something to keep an eye out for, as the leaked upgrades are substantial if it means 4K, 60 frames, and ray tracing being the new standard for supported TVs. Regardless of personal preference, this is an exciting upgrade that looks to bring the current generation full circle.

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