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Lords of the Fallen Crossplay Not Working Fix

The exciting action role-playing game launched in 2014 has emerged as one of the most addictive in its league. The promise of an epic-scale adventure is the biggest draw of the title, carefully crafted by Deck13 and CI Games. From powerful Gods to mythical weapons and mystical shrines – what’s not to love? It also has multiple multiplayer modes (with up to three gamers), making things a lot more captivating. 

Has Lords of the Fallen Disabled Crossplay?

Until recently, Lords of the Fallen had crossplay support, letting you join other players on different platforms – PC with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. The game also works on mobile platforms like Android and iOS. However, crossplay did not let PS and Xbox players play with each other yet.

Following the latest update, players encountered some issues with crossplay. Since performance got affected, Hexworks announced in an official statement in October 2023 that crossplay is disabled until the optimization issues get resolved. Disappointing as it is, you can still enjoy co-op gaming with pals on the same platforms as yours.

Hexworks has stated that it is working with Redpoint and Epic Games to solve the problems quickly and get crossplay running again.

NOTE: Lords of the Fallen Patch 1.1.224 Enables PS5/Xbox Crossplay (Mon, October 23, 2023). Check Full Details Here.

Crossplay Problems on Lords of the Fallen: Quick Fixes

Here’s hoping the game jumps on the crossplay bandwagon soon – we are waiting for an official comment. In the meantime, let’s talk about what was going iffy with crossplay. What if it does not work as expected when things return to normal? 

We have compiled a ready troubleshooting fix to let you resolve any co-op crossplay problems that may disrupt your experience. Please note the following will work only when crossplay is officially back in action.

“Unable to join cross-network” Message: How to Fix

Lords of the Fallen had a text pop up as soon as you entered the game, declaring that you have embarked upon a cross-network world. But if you get a message to the contrary, i.e., “unable to join cross-network,” here’s what to do:

  1. Go to the nearest shrine – the essence of online multiplayer co-op in this game. There are three altars relating to the three gods and their magic schools. At a shrine, you can find multiplayer options to join other players. (You probably already know that the Shrine of Adyr can be tricky to find!)
  2. Look for a ‘Multiplayer’ button. You may see a ‘Log in’ button instead if you’re having connection troubles.
  3. Press the log-in option to reconnect with online servers.

“Unable to log in”: Solution

This persistent problem may hold you back even after you press the log-in option at the shrine. You may need to adjust the game settings in this case.

  1. Go to Settings from the menu. 
  2. Move to the Multiplayer tab. It shows all the settings you require to allow crossplay. They should all say ‘Yes’.
  3. You need to apply the settings and exit.
  4. Close the game and restart for the changes to start showing. (You may instantly see the change reflected if it’s your lucky day, but can you count on anything in this treacherous landscape?).

Wait – what if the crossplay settings were on, but things still don’t look good? We suggest jumping off to the final section of this troubleshooting guide.

More Solutions to Fix Crossplay Not Working

Have you checked your internet connection? It sounds trivial, so we won’t qualify this with a pointer, but seriously, consider restarting your router. The simplest explanation can often evade us.

  • Reboot: Ah, the classic restart does work at times! Perhaps you missed installing a crucial update that’s stirring up trouble. We don’t just mean restarting the game but also the platform, i.e., the PC or the console.  
  • Check the console servers: You can refer to the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live.  
  • Check the game servers: If the servers are down, you cannot do much about it. It doesn’t happen often, but occasionally, overcrowding can bring down a sudden failure. The developers usually update issues like this on their social media profiles.

If nothing at all works, don’t despair. Your best course of action will be to wait and keep watch. Or, you can reach the game support team for help with a specific issue you cannot nail down.

Single-player experience on Lords of the Fallen

Now that crossplay is disabled for the perceivable future, one can enjoy the addictive single-player landscape of the title. (Of course, co-op and PvP are still operational.) The world of Mournstead has many play hours – up to 30 – and the visuals developed with the Unreal Engine are divine.

The ongoing crossplay troubles on Lords are irritating, but we can see it as an opportunity for the developers to fix the issues and come back stronger. Many gamers are pleased by the speed at which problems are getting noticed across social media platforms like X (formerly Twitter) and Reddit. We expect a more optimized co-op experience across platforms soon – perhaps it will be a Christmas miracle!

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