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Is Ghost Recon Wildlands Crossplay?

Crossplay, or cross-platform play, is a feature more and more contemporary games have embraced. It lets players across platforms team up and play together, effectively boosting the accessibility and the competition pool for the game. Ghost Recon Wildlands, developed by Ubisoft, came out in 2017. However, the crossplay integration for this title has been wanting for the last several years.

This Tom Clancy’s shooter game is set against Bolivia and demands you to bring down the Santa Blanca drug cartel. The Tom Clancy set of games originally belonged to Red Storm Entertainment but is now under Ubisoft. This title allows you to make a team of four players: an elite special operations unit, if you will. Up to eight players can join in online multiplayer activities.

Ghost Recon Wildlands gameplay

Given this backdrop, it seems like the perfect candidate for crossplay. It can be much easier to tackle foes as a combined unit than go at them solo. So, does the game have a crossplay provision?

Does Ghost Recon Wildlands Support Cross-platform Play?

Prepare for disappointment on this front. Ghost Recon Wildlands does not allow crossplay. The game is available on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. But it does not let players from one platform team up with those on another. For example, PC players can link their accounts through Ubisoft Connect and play with each other. But they cannot join their friends playing on Xbox or PlayStation.

Note that multiplayer modes on your gaming consoles may require a first-party subscription.

Cross-Gen Play on Ghost Recon Wildlands

The good news is that the game at least supports cross-gen gameplay. For instance, you can conveniently join buddies on an older generation of PS even if you game on the newest model.

Does Ghost Recon Offer Cross-progression?

Alas, no! Even this provision is missing in this shooter game. So, when you stop playing on one platform and move to another, be ready to start from scratch. Your progress does not travel with you – a frustrating situation for avid gamers who may like to play on multiple channels, including PC and consoles. 

The slight redeeming factor is that players can claim some Ubisoft Club rewards across various platforms. These include cosmetic items and in-game currency. We presume the likely reason these goodies carry forward is they do not affect the story or the core flow of the game in any way.

What does the future look like for crossplay on Ghost Recon?

Things aren’t looking very bright. The developers have lucidly mentioned that they have no plans to integrate this functionality in the near future. 

We are as surprised about this development as you probably are. It is more unsettling because Ubisoft does have the know-how to incorporate this feature. Some games under this umbrella, such as Roller Champions, support crossplay. It is curious why the developer has not considered jumping on the crossplay bandwagon for this popular title at a time when so many AAA games offer complete integration and inclusivity for different players. 

Wildlands has five available game modes, from Guerilla to Ghost Mode. Some of these seem tailor-made for collaborating with your friends, never mind which platform they choose. Although the game received mixed reviews when it was first released, it has many loyal followers. One of the biggest plusses of this game is its massive open world.

There is a lot of content and several missions with strategy at their core. However, some players find the dialogue and the story wanting. Some bugs also make themselves felt – but they should not interfere with the overall scheme or flow. The chances are you will enjoy this title if the Tom Clancy collection of games appeals to your sensibilities.

We cannot deny tactical shooter games can be much more fun when played with friends. But for now, we don’t expect anything to change on the crossplay aspect unless a drastic development forces Ubisoft to reconsider. We will keep you posted in case that happens.

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