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Is From Space Crossplay and Cross Platform?

Can you ever have too many action shooter games? Most gamers and development studios will shake their heads in a stern no. From Space, developed by Triangle Studios and Curve Games, is a charming adventure for up to four players, challenging you to save the world from misleadingly pink creatures. The game was released in 2022 and has garnered quite a following since. 

The core goal of this adventure is to protect the world from monstrous alien intruders. At your disposal are excellent weapons and heroes with unique superpowers. But it will be the appropriate mix of strategy, courage, and alliances that let you emerge triumphant.

So, does the game let you partner with your buddies on different platforms? Does it support cross-save? We have answers for all your questions related to co-op and exciting developments in the From Space post-apocalyptic world.

Crossplay on From Space

The game is available on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox (you can get it on the Xbox Game Pass), Nintendo Switch, and Steam. Note that you may miss some PS4 features while playing on PS5. It works on Xbox One, Series S, and Series X.

The news on cross-platform play isn’t favorable for fans right now. The game does not support it, which bars players on PC from joining those on Xbox or PS. We don’t have word from the developers on plans as of now. But we can keep our fingers crossed since most competitors in this category have integrated crossplay support. 

Uniting gamers from different channels significantly expands the player pool and makes the experience more edgy and enjoyable. So, why has Curve Games shied away? Well, incorporating this functionality poses several challenges, the foremost being the differences in control schemes between PCs and consoles. Computer players have keyboards and mice and often get an advantage in competitive gaming. Developers must balance this for console players to maintain fairness. 

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Consoles also use online services to build a secure gaming environment. Cross-platform play requires cooperation between these services.

Co-op Play on From Space

While cross-platform play is disabled, the title very much supports co-op. At the time of writing, we know From Space supports online co-op for four players. (It does not allow co-op locally, on LAN, or a combination of local and online cooperative play.)

The essence of From Space is building alliances and using your wits (and weapons) to combat the threats that have descended on the planet. The aliens may be pink and even cute, but the developers promise they can unleash true terror, more when they attack in massive groups! Some aliens waiting to attack your team are Crawlers, Slackers, Hoppers, and Brawlers. The battle might get even trickier if you run into their possessed forms – yes, those exist. So, co-op play is at its heart, and the developers have ensured your four-member squad has an unforgettable experience.

You can play in the single-player mode as well. But remember, it will be much harder to beat your enemies, and you’ll have no one to show off your skills to!

Split-screen co-op on From Space

The title does not support this feature yet. Split-screen co-op can be super beneficial as it lets you compete with your buddies while sitting on the same couch. But the game is not compatible with this, at least for now.

Incidentally, the studio had only offered couch co-op in its previous games. From Space is a mission to venture into the online sphere, and the team has put a lot of effort and time into perfecting things.

Does From Space support Cross-progression?

Cross-save is not possible at present. Your progress on one platform will be lost when you move to another. It is a limitation for gamers who enjoy their entertainment on both PC and consoles. We sure hope it will change as the game goes through routine upgrades.

What makes From Space so exciting?

From Space has already captured attention for its stunning visuals and derailed artwork. The team has made the alien invaders adorable and terrifying in equal measure – and if that isn’t commendable, we don’t know what is! 

The ‘Horde Mode‘ is possibly the most jaw-dropping feature of this game. Your team works from breathtaking locations to complete missions while facing the nasty aliens. You will need tokens for weapons – flamethrowers, grenades, etc. – and stand to gain experience, rising the ranks (total 26). You can also use the brand-new plasma pistol or explore one of the perks, like the Quick Revive. 

The ‘Story Mode‘ is also brilliant in its mission difficulty and destruction abilities. The game is unique for its blend of pure fun with the threat of alien invasion looming perpetually. 

The crossplay limitations are upsetting, but we still feel online co-op on From Space is invigorating and un-missable. It’s a heady cocktail of cutesy menace, weapons of mass destruction, and the high of saving the world.

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