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How To Get 100 Free Robux with Microsoft Rewards

Getting your hands on Robux is essential for purchases in the Roblox community. Here’s a brilliant and quick way to earn 100 free Robux with a new Microsoft Rewards program.

Robux is absolutely essential if you are into online gaming and wish to lay your hands on essentials. It is the in-game currency on Roblox that can earn you cool stuff like clothes, avatar upgrades, access to pay-to-play games – you name it. However, getting Robux requires real money, and there aren’t any free codes. Not unless – you have Microsoft Rewards. Let’s find out how you can get 100 free Robux in a blink. Excited, much?

How to Get Free Robux with Microsoft Rewards

how to get free robux with microsoft rewards

Microsoft is running a fun program that lets you make in-game money only by completing a few simple steps online.

Step 1: Sign up

Register for a Microsoft account to get started with the Microsoft Rewards program. Signing up is totally free and also quick. You can use your existing account if you already have one.

Step 2: Use Microsoft Bing on Microsoft Edge for five days

For five days, make Bing your preferred search engine and Edge your favored browser. You can get on with stuff on a desktop or even your mobile phone. Bing has gone through some pretty massive updates and is now AI-powered, readier than ever for tackling your queries.

The new Bing with ChatGPT is getting ready for wider launch. So, while it might feel unusual to change your default search engine, Bing and Edge do go together well for inspired browsing experiences.

The rule is to complete one search daily for the required period within 14 days of joining. We recommend starting immediately to avoid missing the golden period.

Step 3: Earn Robux

As soon as you complete the five-day period, you will receive a digital card worth 100 Robux. It’s payday! You can use your well-deserved money in the 3D universe of Roblox.

That’s about it – a straightforward way to get some free Robux for exciting purchases in the gaming world. If you are serious about making your mark in the Roblox space, we don’t think it’s an opportunity worth letting go.

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