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Helldivers 2: Release Date, Crossplay & Exciting New Features

As more and more contemporary games join the crossplay bandwagon, the pressure to be inclusive is mounting for game developers. This feature lets you team up with your friends and different players across platforms, like PCs and consoles, for a more immersive and competitive experience. 

Helldivers 2 is a squad-based shooter game, inherently making it a candidate for the crossplay advantage. Fighting an intergalactic battle against the best troops is much fairer and sharper when everyone can participate, their platform notwithstanding. 

The game, created by Arrowhead Games, a Swedish developer, is gearing up for its launch in early 2024. The exact date had remained unconfirmed for a long time, with predictions it would be by December 2023. However, we now know the official, confirmed date: February 8, 2024. The company announced it at the Sony State of Play event in September. So, it will soon be time to herald all that friendly fire and the stratagems to combat the evil Bile Monster.

Crossplay on Helldivers 2: What We Know So Far

So, will Helldivers 2 support crossplay? Can we expect another enthralling adventure that lets us join forces with friends and foes across consoles and systems?

The team behind the game has confirmed that multiple platforms will support the title. It will have compatibility with PlayStation 5 and PCs. However, it isn’t definite whether crossplay will be available. We haven’t seen any teasers or social media mentions about this functionality.

Helldivers 2 gameplay

But is crossplay integration likely?

We strongly feel it is probable, at least to an extent, since it is a modern, highly competitive game that would want to maximize its user base. It already has an inbuilt restriction as the game isn’t getting an Xbox or a PS4 release. Unification, even if limited, will improve the pool of players and make the game more exhilarating.

Here are three more reasons we feel crossplay is likely in this shooter game:

  1. The first HellDivers game supported cross-platform play between PlayStation 3, 4, and Vita. Why not carry on the welcome tradition for the latest edition? The developers have the know-how to integrate the capacity.
  2. Helldivers 2 will have a parallel release on PS5 and PC, unlike the first title, whose PC version came six months after PlayStation. It improves the likelihood of crossplay to unify players across these platforms.
  3. The trailer shows players loading weapons seemingly in partnership. Possibly, a few weapons and stratagems may need two players to join forces and use the appropriate key combination. Crossplay support will make such features smoother and more engaging since all your friends can hop on.

What if HellDivers 2 Does not Support crossplay?

If our predictions don’t come true, you can still play with your pals on the same platform, i.e., a PC or a PS5. The experience will be limited in comparison, but the game is riveting enough to lure you in eventually.

The title may also have a single-player mode – much trickier, slower, and restrictive. You never know – the team may offer AI-generated team members you can deploy with.

Will HellDivers 2 Support Cross Progression?

This sought-after feature lets gamers save their gaming progress on one platform and continue seamlessly on another. It is highly beneficial now that many ardent gamers have multiple devices – phones, a Nintendo Switch, a PC, etc. 

As for HellDivers 2, it’s early days yet. We don’t know whether the feature will get integrated into the release. But things should become clear as we go closer to the release date.

HellDivers 2: What we look forward to

HellDivers 2 is stirring up a lot of anticipation in the entertainment circles in the run-up to its release. Things are transitioning from arcade to third-person style. While it may initially put some fans off or bring a learning curve, we can trust loyal followers to embrace the change. 

The visual and lighting effects also seem magnificent in the trailer – almost justifying the decision to develop only on two platforms.

The new edition will bring players closer to the action, permitting better targeting and strategizing. The weapons are getting more customization options as well. Things sure look grim for the bug-like monster waiting for gamers early next year.

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