GAOMON Tablet Deals 2023 – Best GAOMON Tablets on Sale

Check out these GAOMON tablet deals 2023 – best GAOMON tablets on sale to experience vivid colors, excellent customization, and detailed artwork at affordable prices.

Tablets remain popular even though laptops have become compact and portable. There is an ease and comfort in using a tablet for drawing or taking notes that a PC cannot replicate. GAOMON, a relatively new company established in 2011, is taking significant steps toward becoming a sought-after name in this category.

The Chinese manufacturer has developed an exciting range of products that can perform versatile roles. GAOMON tablets hit the sweet spot between function and affordability and are suitable for beginners and professionals. It is also a brand that believes in innovation and offers the best options to artists everywhere.

Most Popular GAOMON Tablets on Sale

09/30/2023 11:40 am GMT

Possibly the most remarkable aspect of GAOMOM tabs is their variety. Sleek and mobile tablets with tiny work areas to expansive 21″ models, you name it. The prices generally range from $300 to $500, much cheaper than more established counterparts. Compatibility with multiple platforms is not a problem with GAOMON, as its tabs work with Mac, Windows, and Android. However, iOS is still a limitation.

The brand holds portability close to its heart. A tab like the GAOMON S620 has a workspace of only 6.5 x 4 inches and is immensely lightweight and compact. It has an excellent pen with 8,192 pressure levels, replacement nibs, and anti-slip rubber feet for stability.

If you are looking for a more expansive tab with tilt support, you should get the GAOMON PD1161. It has a glorious 11.6″ screen, a precise pen for various art projects, and shortcut keys to speed up your work. Software applications like Photoshop, Krita, and Blender work perfectly to allow you to create with ease.

The company sure knows how to go all out. Options like the GAOMON PD2200 are magnificent: a 21.5″ monitor with lamination, tilt support, and an adjustable stand. This $460 tab also boasts a 92% NTSC color gamut and smooth compatibility with various platforms. The lamination and the AG Protection Film are helpful additions to the mix as they lower ambient light interference.

The GAOMON portfolio also has some worthwhile options in the 15.6″ space. For example, the GAOMON PD1561 offers ten shortcut keys, a sensitive pen with 8,192 pressure levels, and a bright and vivid display. This screen size is the golden mean that many professionals prefer – good enough for working on the go and at your workstation.


Are GAOMON tabs compatible with different operating platforms?

Yes, most offerings work with different platforms, like Windows, Mac, and Android. However, you won’t be able to use them with Chromebooks or iOS at present. It would be safe to assume that the brand is working on upping its compatibility in the future.

For what can you use GAOMON tabs?

The possibilities are endless. These tablets are great for drawing and sketching. You will find them ideal as creative partners for artwork, animation, etc. But they are also sensible options for business, handwriting, teaching, and online meetings. The brand has quickly become known as one of the best graphics tabs in the budget-friendly range. The large drawing area in many of its products ensures widespread applicability.

How can you connect GAOMON tabs?

Unless the tab is standalone, you must use a cable to connect to a computer or phone. GAOMON provides all the wires you need. You can use the mini HDMI port or a USB one. You do not need to purchase anything separately – a substantial advantage over many other options in the market.

GAOMON takes an active interest in researching new technology for creative artists and building products in animation and digitization. It also succeeds at providing sharp and colorful displays with 16.7 million colors or more. The tabs are comfortable to use not only for drawing but also handwriting, making notes during business meetings, and other hobby-based endeavors. GAOMON is a decent option to look outside the standard Wacom or XP-PEN devices.

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