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Framework Laptop 13 Price: How much do Ready-to-use and DIY Versions Cost?

Let’s check a Framework laptop 13 price to kick-start your journey toward greener computing with DIY-based Intel and AMD devices, offering quick repair and customization.

Laptops have become such indispensable parts of our lives it is hard to imagine a standard workday – or a home-stay or travel – without our trusty devices. But all hell breaks loose when something goes awry, as it often does in consumer electronics.

A broken keyboard, a misplaced connector, or a wobbly power button – all of them can bring down our productivity and use up massive chunks of time attempting repairs. Framework, headquartered in San Francisco, is persevering to create repairable laptops that are also high-performing, sleek, and versatile. 

The core concept is DIY-based, allowing you to assemble and disassemble things when required, facilitating repair, upgradability, and customizations.

Framework laptops can be a fantastic way to cut down e-waste – which we generate in massive amounts, by the way – and also apply your skills to fine-tune and maintain your laptop just the way you like.

And it gets better: repair-ability does not make these computers bulky and staid; the designs are contemporary and suitable for versatile user groups.

Framework Laptop 13 Price

framework laptop 13 price

So, first things first: you can consider either an out-of-the-box purchase or go for a DIY edition. The former is ready to use immediately and offers inherent advantages aligned with the company’s goals, like quicker repair and replacement of faulty parts. In the long run, it will extend the lifespan of your devices. Expect to shell out at least $749 for a framework laptop (12th Gen). A 13th-Gen Intel laptop or an equivalent AMD Ryzen version will cost you $1,049. 

Or, you can go all-out with a DIY edition laptop. It grants you the freedom of assembly and costs less – approximately $849. You can install the OS of your choice, pick your processor and storage, and feel free to set up the ports you require. The estimated setup time is 10 to 20 minutes (moderate difficulty). It can be a liberating experience that gives you unprecedented control over a device you will partner with daily. 

You can find a refurbished laptop for less (around $599). It doesn’t include the OS, memory, or storage, but you can purchase them from the official marketplace. The company ascertains that refurbished does not equate to shabby. You won’t find too many scratches or dents.

Framework Laptop Features

You can purchase older generations (11th and 12th Gen Intel) and even a Chromebook edition. But our hearts are set on the latest 13th-Gen for its wins in speeds and efficiencies. 

The Framework Laptop 13 runs on a latest-gen Intel Core i5/i7 or an AMD Ryzen 5/7 processor. You can choose between Ryzen 5 7640U or a Ryzen 7 7840U (integrated Radeon Graphics). Users can opt for a pre-installed Windows version or build it with Linux. Check out the upgradability: up to 64GB of RAM and 8TB of storage!

The matte screen adapts well to varied lighting, making it perfect for traveling. The screen bezel is customizable: magnetic, with multiple color options. The display is pretty alluring, offering 100% sRGB color and over 400 nits of brightness.

This laptop uses a hinge-based design, enabling you to fold by 180 degrees – excellent for sharing content and bringing stability to everyday use. It also delivers stereo sound for engaging multimedia experiences, like music, gaming, etc.  

The company has endeavored to provide a comfortable user experience for professionals working on the go, thanks to a 1.5mm key-travel distance and an integrated fingerprint reader. It weighs just about 2.8 lbs.

True to its essence of DIY, this device offers an expansion card system to let you select the ports you need: USB-C, HDMI, MicroSD, etc. Framework has released tons of documents under open-source licenses on GitHub, including CAD templates. Creating new designs is not only possible, but it is also rewarding.


What will I get when I purchase a Framework laptop 13?

You will receive everything you need for the assembly and setup. So, DIY edition machines come with customizable expansion cards, power adapters, bezels, optional memory and storage, and a screwdriver. Regular ready-to-use laptops can get set up in under 10 minutes and don’t need complex installations or assembly.

Is there any warranty on Framework laptops?

The company offers a one-year limited warranty on purchase. You may also find that repair is straightforward with the replacement parts in the Framework Marketplace. DIY editions can be even simpler to fix or manage since you intrinsically understand each component.

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