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Top 8 Ways to Fix Lightshot Not Working After Windows Update

Although Microsoft has improved the default Snipping Tool by leaps and bounds, some users still prefer third-party apps like Snagit, Lightshot, and Greenshot. Among them, Lightshot is one of the popular screenshot apps in the Windows community. However, many have complained about Lightshot not working after the latest Windows update. If you have faced the same, here are the best ways to fix the issue.

Lightshot acting up on Windows can force you to revert to the Snipping tool on the PC. The change may not be convenient for everyone. Before it breaks your workflow, use the tricks below to get Lightshot up and running on Windows.

1. Disable OneDrive Screen Capture

When you first download and install Lightshot on Windows, the app tries to assign the prt sc (Print Screen) key as a hotkey. If the key is already assigned to another function, Lightshot won’t work as expected.

If you are a OneDrive user, you may have assigned prt sc key to capture and save the full-screen capture to the cloud service. You can disable it for OneDrive and assign the same to Lightshot.

Step 1: Click the OneDrive icon from the Windows taskbar.

Step 2: Select the Settings gear at the top and open Settings.

Step 3: Move to the Backup tab and disable the ‘Automatically save screenshots I capture to OneDrive’ option. Click OK.

Step 4: Expand the system tray menu and right-click on the Lightshot app icon. Select Exit.

Step 5: Press the Windows key, search for Lightshot and open the app.

Hit the prt sc key, and Lightshot should appear to snap the screen.

2. Change Lightshot Hotkey

One of the community members managed to fix the Lightshot issue by assigning another key as a hotkey to launch the app. Here’s how.

Step 1: Expand the System tray menu and right-click on Lightshot. Select Options.

Step 2: Move to the Hotkeys tab.

Step 3: Assign another key to launch Lightshot and hit OK.

3. Take a Screenshot From the System Tray

If the hotkey to launch Lightshot isn’t working, you can enable the screenshot tool from the system tray too.

Step 1: Click the up arrow icon in the taskbar and right-click on Lightshot.

Step 2: Select ‘Take a screenshot’.

Lightshot should show up to take a snapshot.

4. Enable Lightshot at Login

You need to launch Lightshot at startup so that it’s ready to use at login. If you have disabled the permission to run Lightshot at Windows login, it won’t show up when you press the hotkey. You need to make the necessary changes from the Windows Settings menu.

Step 1: Press the Windows + I keys to open Settings.

Step 2: Select Apps from the sidebar and open the Startup menu.

Step 3: Scroll and enable the Starter Module toggle.

5. Disable Print Screen From Launching Snipping Tool

With the latest Windows update, Microsoft has offered an option to assign the prt sc screen to launch the Snipping tool. If you have assigned the key to open the Snipping tool, it may override Lightshot’s default hotkey. You need to change the behavior from Settings.

Step 1: Press the Windows + I keys to open Settings.

Step 2: Move to the Accessibility menu and select keyboard.

Step 3: Disable the ‘Use the print screen button to open screen snipping’ toggle.

6. Reinstall Lightshot

When none of the tricks work, it’s time to reinstall Lightshot on Windows. Follow the steps below to make changes.

Step 1: Go to Windows Settings by pressing the Windows + I keys.

Step 2: Go to Apps and select Installed Apps.

Step 3: Scroll to Lightshot. Click the three-dot menu beside it and hit Uninstall.

Step 4: Head to the official website from the link below and install Lightshot on Windows.

Download Lightshot on Windows

7. Update Windows

Did the recent Windows update break the Lightshot experience for you? Microsoft is usually quick to resolve critical issues with system updates.

Step 1: Go to Windows Settings and select Windows Update from the sidebar.

Step 2: Download and install the latest system update on your PC.

Check if Lightshot is working as expected.

8. Ditch Lightshot

Does Lightshot still give you trouble on Windows? There is no shortage of capable screenshot apps on the desktop OS. Snagit is one such popular app among Windows users. Microsoft has also improved the default Snipping Tool with frequent updates. It’s worth trying out too especially if you are looking for a free Lightshot alternative.

Snap and Go!

If you rely on Lightshot to get you through a busy day, the app’s misbehaves may break your workflow. Which trick resolved the problem for you? Share your findings in the comments below.

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