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Top 8 Ways to Fix Can’t Enter Recipient Email Address in Outlook on Safari

Microsoft offers a feature-rich Outlook client on the web. It supports calendars, tasks, contacts, and all the popular email clients like Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, and of course, Outlook. Although Microsoft offers a native Outlook app on Mac, many prefer the web version via Safari to get work done. It’s not perfect and completely bug-free, though. Users have raised issues with being unable to type recipients directly into To, CC, and BCC fields in Safari.

Apart from problems with attaching files on Outlook for Mac, this is another common issue faced by users. Let’s fix the ‘Outlook unable to enter the recipient email address on Safari’ once and for all.

1. Retry

Do you use Safari on a slow internet connection on Mac? It may not load Outlook properly. When you try to compose an email, you may face issues with entering the recipient’s email address.

You can connect to a high-speed internet connection on Mac, reopen Outlook, and try composing an email again.

Step 1: Open Control Center from the top-right corner of the Mac menu bar.

Step 2: Connect to a high-speed internet network.  

2. Clear Outlook Cache

Corrupt Outlook cache also leads to issues like ‘can’t enter recipient Email address in Outlook’ on Mac. You can clear the Outlook cache in Safari using the steps below and try again.

Step 1: Launch Safari on Mac. Select Safari in the top left corner and open Settings.  

Step 2: Move to the Privacy tab.

Step 3: Select Manage Website Data.

Step 4: Search for Outlook at the top, select the web app, and hit Remove.

3. Uninstall Safari Extensions

One of the installed Safari extensions may impact your Outlook experience in the browser. Such outdated and corrupt extensions create issues with web apps like Outlook on Safari. Here’s what you need to do.

Step 1: Launch Safari on Mac. Go to Settings.

Step 2: Select Extensions.

Step 3: Select an extension from the left sidebar. Hit Uninstall and confirm your decision.

4. Tweak Outlook Settings

Are you not able to see the Bcc field while composing an email in Outlook web? You need to make a tweak from Outlook settings.

Step 1: Visit Outlook on the web and click the Settings gear in the top-right corner.

Step 2: Open all Outlook settings.

Step 3: Go to Mail and select ‘Compose and reply’.

Step 4: Enable the checkmark beside ‘Always show Bcc’ and close it.

Now, compose an email in Outlook and fill in relevant fileds.

5. Open Outlook’s Compose Menu in a New Window

This trick worked like a charm for many forum members. You can open the Outlook compose menu in a new window and enter the recipient’s email address without any issue.

Step 1: Visit Outlook in Safari and hit the New Mail button in the top left corner.

Step 2: Click the new tab button in the top-right corner.

Enter the recipient’s email address without any issue, type the subject and message, and hit the Send button.

6. Update macOS

Apple updates the default Safari browser via macOS builds. Outlook not letting you type the recipient’s email address can be due to an outdated Safari build on your Mac. You can update your Mac to the latest version and enjoy all the Safari goodies.

Step 1: Open System Settings on your Mac.

Step 2: Scroll to General and select Software Update.

Download and install macOS to the latest version.

7. Use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge on Mac

While Safari offers a fast and feature-rich experience on Mac, it’s no match to Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. If Outlook still gives you trouble on Safari, it’s time to ditch the default Mac browser for one of the alternatives.

Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are two of the best browsers on Mac. You can visit Outlook on another browser and try composing emails without any issues.

8. Try Outlook App on Mac

Apart from the web app, Microsoft also offers a native Outlook app on Mac. You can use the link below to download and install Outlook from the Mac App Store. Launch Outlook, sign in with your account details and manage your emails like a pro.  

Use Outlook on Safari

Outlook not letting you type the recipient’s email address can break your workflow. You can easily fix the issue by switching to another browser. But if you prefer Safari, use the steps above to troubleshoot the issue in no time.

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