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Elden Ring’s Best Incantations

Elden Ring is 2022’s Game of the Year and it has so many different gameplay elements and mechanics that it can be easy to get a bit lost in all of the game data. So, here is a list of some of the game’s best Incantations to help anyone going for a Faith build in the game.

Elden Ring’s Faith-Based Magic: Incantations

Elden Ring is a robust game with so many different aspects to it that new players can struggle to keep up. On top of that, in typical From Software style, the game does no hand-holding, meaning it doesn’t give many tutorials or information straight out of the gate to players in order to teach them everything. Instead, it focuses on letting players learn on their own, which can be quite frustrating at times.

One of the different types of magic in Elden Ring is that of Incantations, which are usable when players equip a Seal weapon. These Incantations have Faith scaling, which means that the higher a player’s Faith stat, the more potent and powerful these Incantations will be. Many sorceries are buffs, giving players different stat bonuses and other upgrades to aid them in battle.

Incantations have both an FP and Stamina cost, just like Sorceries, which means players need to be able to manage these resources well in order to fight efficiently. The more basic the incantation, the lower the resource cost – like Bestial Sling. And on the flip side, a more advanced incantation costs more FP and Stamina, like Law of Regression, which heals all ailments and dispels all negative effects.

Because there are so many to choose from, the incantations allow players to create different builds based on their favorite effects. The Incantations listed here are in no particular order and do not represent the greatest incantation lineup of all time – they are just a few that seem to have a lot of good use within the game.

Flame of the Fell God

FP Cost: 34 | Required Stats: 41 Faith

This legendary Incantation allows players to hurl a huge fireball at their enemies. Once it explodes, the fireball does a lot of AOE damage in a wide area. Then, it keeps that area ablaze, doing more damage to the enemies within and any others that walk into its area of effect.

Because this is a legendary incantation, though, it does require 2 memory slots to equip. So, it does come with quite a bit of a cost. However, if players can manage to weave it into their rotation, the effect can be quite useful.

Law of Regression

FP Cost: 55 | Required Stats: 37 Int

This high-cost incantation requires intelligence instead of faith, which means many players that have specialized in faith will probably need to wear some intelligence boosting equipment or respec entirely in order to use it. However, the results are worth it.

Law of Regression allows players to dispel any negative status effects at any time. This is a one-size-fits-all incantation that is able to get rid of any status effect in the game and can even stop a Lightning Spear mid-flight. Yes, the cost is hefty and the incantation will probably only come in handy in the later portion of the game, but that is when the worst status effects, like death blight and scarlet rot, happen anyway.

Elden Stars

FP Cost: 41 | Required Stats: 50 Faith

Another legendary incantation that requires two memory slots, Elden Stars is one of the most powerful incantations in the game. This spell allows players to create a stream of golden stars that continue to assault the enemy while the player is free to do other things like heal, reposition, or attack more.

The high resource and stat requirements make this a purely end-game incantation, but players should definitely take advantage of it when they can. A magical turret of shooting stars that tracks enemies and hits hard is an invaluable asset on the battlefield.

Aspects of the Crucible: Tail

FP Cost: 20 | Required Stats: 27 Faith

This Incantation has a low FP cost and a medium Faith requirement at 27, allowing for most players that have put points into different attributes to access it in the mid-game section of Elden Ring. Players can get this Incantations by defeating the Crucible Knight in an Evergaol.

This incantation allows players to do devastating damage to targets that get up close and personal. It can be charged to do more damage by adding a second sweeping attack. Melee/Ranged hybrid Faith builds can really benefit from this incantation.

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