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Easy Guide to Cancel Your Amazon Prime Membership and Subscriptions 

Follow these simple steps to learn how to cancel your Amazon Prime membership and subscriptions on the app or a desktop. It is straightforward and fast.

Amazon Prime enjoys steady follower-ship globally, with thousands signing up for benefits like free two-day delivery and Prime Video. Undoubtedly, you gain a lot from the membership, including perks such as Prime Reading and extra discounts on Whole Foods.

However, maybe it does not fit into your budget. Or, you find yourself not benefiting from it at all. You may then consider calling it quits. Perhaps, you want to end your trial period before it converts into a paid subscription.

Let us find out how to cancel your Amazon Prime membership for good, everything included.

How to Cancel your Amazon Prime Membership

The company has kept things simple. You can cancel your membership on the phone or a web browser.

End Amazon Prime on App

  1. Open the Amazon app on your device (Android or iOS).
  2. Click or tap on the three lines at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Select the Account button.
  4. Scroll to ‘Manage Prime Membership’ under settings.
  5. Click the ‘Manage membership’ option.
  6. Tap on ‘Update, cancel, and more.’
  7. Choose ‘End Membership.’

End Amazon Prime on Desktop

  1. Go to the ‘Account & Lists’ menu at the top right of your screen.
  2. Select ‘Prime Membership.’
  3. Go to ‘Manage Membership.’
  4. Select ‘Update, cancel, and more.’
  5. Finally, choose ‘End Membership.’

How to Cancel your Amazon Prime Subscriptions

You may want to terminate some of the subscriptions you have purchased on Amazon because you do not use them anymore. It is easy to pile up a lot of memberships, but the costs can escalate beyond your budget unless you re-prioritize once in a while.

  1. Go to ‘Memberships & Subscriptions.’
  2. Go to the subscription you wish to cancel.
  3. Click ‘Settings’ for the subscription.
  4. Go to ‘Cancel Membership.’

Good Reasons to End your Amazon Prime Membership

The reasons are plenty, with budgeting issues occupying the top spot. Many users do not shop enough online to enjoy advantages like free two-day shipping. Or, maybe you club your purchases and qualify for free delivery anyway (a very sensible thing to do!).

Some members opt to cancel because they can get comparable benefits from competitors like Walmart or Target. Yet others feel that perks like Amazon Kids or Prime Gaming are not for them. Why pay for bonuses that do not apply to your lifestyle or requirements?

Here is the long and short of it: Amazon Prime can be a significant advantage for your monthly household or entertainment budget. But if it has outlived its benefits and you want to part ways, you know how.

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