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Does NBA 2K23 have Cross Platform?

The latest NBA 2K23 game offers an exciting gaming experience with many new features. But does it also have cross-platform and cross-gen capabilities? 

Avid gamers had long been waiting for the launch of NBA 2K23, and it is finally here! Things look upbeat for the basketball video game franchise, with the new developments exciting and inventive. NBA 2K23 has substantially improved the player build system, the career and team sections, and the animations for a realistic experience. The visuals and the AI have gotten enhanced significantly, making the game even more exhilarating for its fans.

But wait – what about cross-platform capabilities? It is critical if you want to play with your friends who may be gaming on a different platform. Let us find out what is in store.

does nba 2k23 have cross platform?

Does NBA 2K23 support cross-platform?

The bad news first: Nope, you cannot enjoy the delights of cross-play or cross-platform across PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and a computer. What is worse, the game does not support cross-gen play either. It means you will not be able to compete with your friend on Xbox Series X if you still use Xbox One. Ditto for PS4 and PS5. What a bummer for anyone with pals in different locations using diverse entertainment platforms!

Many leading games like Fortnite, Minecraft, and Apex Legends have introduced cross-platform play; it is just so popular! Gamers rejoice in competing with their pals. No one wants a difference in platform or generation to hamper the experience. The lack of cross-play provision in NBA 2K23 is a drawback for anyone hoping to beat their rivals at virtual basketball.

What about cross-progression?

Well, yes, the only solace is that the game supports cross-progression. Did you play on an Xbox One and have stacked up progress and virtual currency (Shared VC Wallet)? You can carry them over to an Xbox Series S. Likewise, tokens and cards can also get carried over for the same console family.

The lack of cross-play features limits the attraction of NBA 2K23 for lovers of multiplayer titles and competitive gaming. It is much more fun when the whole gang participates in a simulation! Still, the new title offers innovative perks, like revised shooting mechanics and stats for each jump shot type.

You even get a 12-month free subscription to an NBA League Pass. Perhaps Visual Concepts and 2K Sports will add cross-play/gen options to the bundle next year, although we cannot comment for sure. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

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