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Does Ark Support Crossplay & Cross Progression? The Details for PC, Mobile & Consoles

Ark, the exciting survival game by Studio Wildcard, is as far from the reassuring calm of Noah’s Ark as one can imagine, throwing the players into a grisly island abounding in dinosaurs and other dark threats. The title is available on multiple platforms, including Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and a regular PC. It is also playable on iOS and Android devices.

A lot is behind the popularity of Ark, from the 100+ dinosaurs you can encounter to the scintillation of raids. Players can opt for PvE or PvP (Player vs. environment/Player) to unleash their wrath against the forces of nature or the beasts wandering the island.

But here’s the niggling question for fans of multiplayer, competitive gaming: does Ark support crossplay?

Crossplay on Ark: Yes or No?

Oh, it’s a yes. Players can enjoy gaming with their pals on different platforms – for the most part. The catch is that crossplay support works only for iOS, Android, Xbox, and PC. That last one includes operating systems like Linux, Mac, and Windows.

  • Android and iOS players can hop onto mobile crossplay only. They cannot play with buddies on a console or PC.
  • Xbox gamers can join PC players (but not PS). Do note it will work if you play through the Microsoft Store or use an Xbox Game Pass on PC, and not on the Steam version.
  • Crossplay support exists between the Epic and Steam versions of the game.

Currently, the game does not allow crossplay on Nintendo Switch or PlayStation. Gamers on these platforms can only play with others on the same channels. It is likely because of technical limitations and platform policies – a damp squib, but there you have it.

As you can see, the crossplay feature is somewhat restricted now and not very inclusive, considering the title’s popularity. Still, it’s enough to get things started. 

ARK Survival Evolved gameplay

Cross progression Support on Ark: It’s Limited

Saving your status across platforms is immensely important for ardent gamers. You don’t want to lose your hard-earned progress! Presently, Ark supports cross-progression in the following ways:

Between Xbox One and a Windows 10 PC:

You can game on one of these platforms and continue right where you left things on the other – easy peasy. It is courtesy of the Xbox Play Anywhere feature. You do have to link to the same gaming account. 

Between different console generations:

It allows you to navigate seamlessly between Xbox One, S, and X or PS 4 and 5. Your progress is safe. It is beneficial to accommodate a larger audience that may have recently upgraded their devices or have a friend circle playing on consoles from older generations. The only slight concern is that performance and graphics enhancements may differ and affect the gameplay. But it shouldn’t be bothersome enough to diminish the overarching Ark splendor.

Ark: Survival Evolved has undoubtedly become an enthralling and engaging title, with more players getting on board daily. It supports some crossplay, boosting its accessibility in the gaming landscape. The team behind Ark keeps audiences busy and charmed with new upgrades. A recent one introduced new dangers, more powerful creatures, and chillier threats for players to tackle.

Are Fewer Crossplay Restrictions Likely on Arc in the Future?

We will be honest: it doesn’t seem likely since updates for Ark Survival Evolved are almost at a finish point. Wildcard is busy with Ark 2 now that the storyline of Ark: Survival Evolved has come full circle. Despite the narrow scope of crossplay on Ark, the franchise is incredibly coveted for its challenges. There’s something surreal about taming dinosaurs and using them for efficient farming and resource-hunting.

Still, you never know. The gaming landscape is mercurial, and things might get more expansive in a twisted surprise. Until then, you can content yourself hunting or taming the deadly creatures on Ark with at least some friends on your side.

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