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Crossplay on Dragon Ball FighterZ: Is it Possible Yet?

One of the best and most popular fighting games in 2023 is inarguably Dragon Ball FighterZ, developed by Arc System Works and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The fast pace of the game, the riveting score, and the rewarding challenges make DBFZ stand out in a crowd of fighting-based titles in today’s gaming landscape. That Drama Button is genuinely exhilarating for its iconic battle scenes.

One lingering question fans have been asking for a while (since its launch in 2018) is this: does Dragon Ball FighterZ support crossplay? Competitive gaming gets much more fun when your friends can join you, regardless of their chosen platform.

Does Dragon Ball FighterZ Support Crossplay?

Sadly and disappointingly, the answer is no. The wildly popular title is available on PlayStation, Windows, Xbox, and the Nintendo Switch. But it doesn’t yet support crossplay between these platforms. So, if you are a PC gamer, you can only play with others on the same platform. The same goes for console players.

It is rather unusual to process this lack of crossplay in such a famous title, especially at a time when competitors like Fortnite and Call of Duty have embraced crossplay. It seriously limits the player counts and reach of the game, preventing you from enjoying the experience in a more all-encompassing, inclusive fashion. The presence of this provision would have enhanced the game’s longevity, facilitating varied matches that could also be more challenging to face. The limitation on social interaction can prompt some players to pick a rival title that offers crossplay, potentially affecting the user base of DBFZ. 

In the present universe, players can only match within their platform community, severely restricting the availability and variety of opponents.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Gameplay

What’s Stopping Dragon Ball FighterZ from Offering Crossplay?

Infusing a gaming title with crossplay requires compatibility with different hardware configurations, platform requirements, and protocols. Multi-platform release strategies require much more involved work. Designers must ensure comparable gameplay experiences across platforms, barring changes attributed to the limitations of individual systems. Finally, the challenges of maintaining input latency and eliminating problems arising from network infrastructure can be dicey territory to navigate.

Developmental complexities seem to be the major roadblock. The team behind the game wants to guarantee a fair playing field, which means a player on a more powerful console should not have an unfair edge in performance. 

Another potential factor causing delays in crossplay integration is the difference in the online services of platforms like PS and Xbox. For example, PlayStationNetwork and Xbox Live vary in commercials, features, etc.

Will Dragon Ball FighterZ have Crossplay in Future Upgrades?

At this point, it is hard to say. The game has been around for five years, and the world has been committing to crossplay experiences. The developers are likely working on managing the potential problems of such a multi-platform rollout, from incompatibilities to policy differences.

Future editions may finally integrate this hugely awaited feature. However, neither the publishers nor the developers have made any official comment on this yet.

Does DBFZ support Crossgen?

Re: accessibility: the game exists on multiple console generations, like PS4 and PS5 and Xbox One, Series X, and Series S. However, you cannot enjoy cross-gen play, which puts you in a spot when you upgrade your device or have a pal on an older console generation.

Is Cross-progression Available on Dragon Ball FighterZ?

No! Cross-progression is also not supported. So, you will lose your progress if you jump platforms during a game.

As we can see, the Dragon Ball Fighter Z world remains restricted in crossplay features. Disappointing as that is, the game remains one of the most successful in its league and enjoyed by thousands of players around the globe. It’s just your competitor pool that is limited.

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