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Cross Save & Cross Progression on Warframe: What’s the Deal?

As gaming has evolved, cross-progression has assumed greater importance. You don’t want to lose your progress on one device and start afresh when switching to a different device, like a console from a PC. Warframe by Digital Extremes recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, and oh, what a run it has been for the third-person shooter title! The occasion has arrived with great news for fans, and it is (almost) what you think it is.

Does Warframe Support cross-progression now?

It soon will. The developers claim it will be as early as 2023. At the TennoCon 2023 in Ontario, Canada, Digital Extremes highlighted brand-new improvements coming to the title. Quality-of-life features – game design aspects for smoother gameplay and a friendlier user experience – will take center stage.

The company also confirmed that cross-save will be released later this year. However, they haven’t specified a month or a date. The current update is that cross-platform save will be incorporated “at a later date” as soon as the complete suite of cross-platform play features gets established.

With the introduction of cross-progression, Warframe users should be able to carry over weapon mastery, alignment choices, cosmetics, decals, etc., when they navigate from one platform to another. 

The signature armor mechanic – the powerful suits of armor that the warriors in the sci-fi world wear – is an ingenious game element. The adoption of cross-save will make transferring goodies much easier and more fun – you will be able to retain the pistols, melee weapons, etc., you purchased at the Warframe Market for hard-earned Platinum.

The feature has been hinted at for a long time, with the studio first revealing that work was ongoing back in 2021. Happily, crossplay is already available, and the launch time for cross-save is now near – before the end of 2023 – alongside the anticipated mobile version of the game.

Warframe gameplay

Crossplay on Warframe: Is it Supported? How can you enable it?

The game joined the crossplay camp in December 2022. Players from different platforms, including Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and PC, can join forces to engage in a shared gaming experience. Once you jump into crossplay, you will see your platform icon next to your name. It will help gamers identify those who are joining in from other platforms. Also, Waframe Mobile is gearing up for a 2024 release, and its preorders are on.

Enabling this feature is pretty straightforward: you can link your accounts on the Digital Extremes website (login page). It will show you your friend list across platforms. Further, “Squad” matchmaking allows you to join your pals or send them invites with all the convenience of playing on the same platform. Relays and Dojos – hub stations for interactions – are both accessible. If you face issues while coming into these realms with friends from other platforms, you can try inviting them once you are in. The developers have noted a potential issue in this scenario, and this workaround should fix it for now.

You can toggle the feature to your liking. For example, if you aren’t in the mood, you can adjust the settings in the Options menu.

Warhammer has also started a suffix system for players with the same name on different platforms. You can view it in your profile section. It is quite a simple but effective way of avoiding ambiguities.

We are eagerly looking forward to the announcement of cross-progression on Warhammer, predicted for October to December 2023. The game is already highly addictive, with stellar action and satisfying visuals. The introduction of this anticipated feature will be the icing on the cake.

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