California: Do not Sell my Personal Info

Windows Prime adheres to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) laid down in 2018 for users based in California. Under the CCPA, we comply with the following norms:

  • Users can request us to share the categories or specifics of any personal data we may have collected. You can find details of the information we collect in our privacy policy. However, we will gladly provide any further information you may need. 
  • Users can ask us to delete their data. We will erase all associated details like content consumed, cookies, etc. unless you choose to share the information with us afresh. 
  • Users can request we not share their data. Please note that Windows Prime does not sell your confidential information. However, we may share your data with a third party if you consume sponsored content or avail of an external offer. In this situation, the corresponding third party cannot sell your information without contacting you for permission. 

Does Windows Prime collect Cookies?

At Windows Prime, we use anonymous cookies to identify unique users on our website. These contain a tracking ID and are devoid of any personal data. However, cookies may be able to identify you through your IP address and constitute personal data under the CCPA. Users can request to opt out of cookies. Your browser may also let you restrict cookies. However, disabling them may limit some aspects of your user experience on our website. 

To exercise your rights under CCPA for any of the above categories, you can Contact Us. Our data protection team will assist you with any concerns regarding our data privacy policies.