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Can You Enjoy Crossplay & Cross-gen on Gang Beasts? Here’s the Lowdown for Consoles & PC

Gang Beasts launched for PC back in August 2014. It was an initiative by Boneloaf, a video game developer based in Sheffield, England. Today, the game has become one of the most enjoyable experiences as a co-op title. Players can dive into it on multiple platforms, including Xbox, PS, and Nintendo Switch. But what if your pals and you game on different consoles, or one of you is on a PC? Does Gang Beasts have crossplay enabled?

Crossplay & Gang Beasts: How are Things Looking?

The fun game offers limited crossplay at present. Gamers on PC (Microsoft Store) can play with those on Xbox consoles. It is available on the Xbox Game Pass, making it convenient to access. We love how the gameplay experience remains consistent across the supported platforms. Any fluctuations you experience are likely because of limitations with the specific channel. For example, the graphics performance on a PC is down to the capabilities of your GPU.

Currently, Crossplay support does not exist for PlayStation or Nintendo Switch. So, if an Xbox or a PC is your preferred gaming platform, you cannot join your buddies who like a PS or a Switch. 

An intuitive feature to supplement your crossplay experience is a split-screen multiplayer mode. All the platforms support it, but the number of players can be distinct. The prime bonus of this provision is that gamers can experience a unified session irrespective of their platform. (Only the controllers need to get connected.)

Does Gang Beasts have cross-gen support?

You can play this title on an Xbox One, S, and X. It is compatible with PlayStation 4 and 5. The title supports backward compatibility, letting you play on an older-gen console without considerable effects on the gaming experience. (The digital copies are buyable in the PlayStation Store, but you can also get a physical version from retailers or the Skybound Games shop.)

Gang Beasts is a Play Anywhere game. So, you can smoothly play it on your Xbox after purchasing it on the Microsoft Store. Forward compatibility guarantees that it moves glitch-free between Xbox One and Series X/S. 

It is also playable on most contemporary operating systems: Windows, macOS, and Linux. Likewise, you can purchase it from stores like Steam, Humble, Itch, and Microsoft. 

Does Gang Beasts Offer Cross-Progression?

The tidings are not favorable on this front. This game does not support cross-progression – at least for now. You will have to start over if you move from one platform to another in the middle of the game. Your progress does not get saved. It can bother gamers who wish to create a seamless movement between multiple consoles or PCs.

Will Gang Beasts Support More Inclusive Crossplay in the Future?

It is possible, even likely. The company has stated on the official FAQs page that their team is working on integrating crossplay and checking optimal ways of activating it. We can expect an announcement in future upgrades. It remains subject to the developer overcoming the associated technical challenges and platform limitations. It also requires cooperation between various platform owners, which can be challenging to receive.

Considering the popularity of crossplay in modern titles and the sheer thrill of multiplayer co-op gaming without restrictions, it seems probable this title will join the bandwagon with increased commitment shortly.

Gang Beasts Future Upgrades: What to look forward to

Besides crossplay functionalities, the team is working on the kigurumi – the costumed characters at the heart of the game – and concocting novel, more fun ways of stirring up trouble. Future editions may have East Asian languages like Korean and Japanese, besides more customization and levels. There’s also routine bug fixing and eliminating issues that affect your gameplay. 

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