Can you Buy a League of Legends Gift Card from Amazon? Here’s How to Redeem

Buying a League of Legends Gift Card from Amazon is a fantastic way to treat yourself or a fellow gamer friend. Find out how to redeem your currency and other FAQs here.

League of Legends, the team-strategy game launched in 2009, enjoys an enviable fan base even so many years later. Riot Games has plenty of winners in its portfolio, but this is one of its oldest and most captivating titles for groups. Two teams of five champions each compete to conquer the other’s base. Since it has over 140 players, there’s tremendous variety, and the game never gets old.

In-game currency for this game lets you purchase champions and skins to customize your presence. You can also get enviable emotes. So, here is the excellent news: you may buy game money on Amazon via a gift card!

How to Buy a League of Legends Gift Card from Amazon

The first step is to pick a denomination. You can choose something as low as $10 or up to $100. You may also purchase as many as you need – just saying. Upon purchase, you receive an online game code in your email. You can then redeem it at the in-game store.

Voila! The currency can now buy you hordes of terrific stuff for gameplay. Skins are among the most coveted purchases as they come with new visual effects, voiceovers, and animations. Players can also acquire chromas (alternate colors for skins), emotes, and icons.

How to Redeem your League of Legends Gift Card

Redemption is straightforward. When the payment for your card goes through, you get the code in your email. It usually doesn’t take long – even within a few minutes. You can use the code in the game store to get the corresponding currency.

You can connect with Riot Games at if something is awry. They have a reliable customer care team and will help you out.

Will these gift cards work anywhere?

No. We know it isn’t ideal, but these gift cards are valid only on the North American or NA server. Be careful before sealing the deal.

League of Legends is one of the most stellar games out there, packed with thrill, competition, and strategy. We recommend treating yourself or a loved one to one of these gift cards for a little pick-me-up.

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