Best Weather Widgets for Windows 11

Microsoft completely overhauled the widget implementation in Windows 11. The desktop operation system now comes with a dedicated widget panel to display all the relevant information at glance. While you can always use the Windows + W key to open the widget panel to check the outside temperature, nothing beats a dedicated weather widget right on the desktop. Let’s check some of the best weather widgets for Windows 11.

1. Use Native Weather Widget

Before we go ahead and show you the best weather widgets for Windows 11, let’s check the official weather widget in action. If it’s not showing up for you, you can easily add it to the panel using the steps below.

Step 1: Press the Windows + W keys and open the widget panel.

Step 2: Select Add widgets button and open the Widget settings menu.

Step 3: Select the + icon beside Weather and the widget will start appearing for you.

Step 4: You can also click on the three-dot menu on the weather widget and change the widget size, temperature unit, and location from the following menu.

Microsoft has also added weather information right into the taskbar. You can check the atmosphere conditions and temperature without opening the widget panel.

If you prefer to glance over weather details from the desktop, you can opt for third-party apps that offer weather widgets. Let’s talk about them.

2. Weather Bar

Weather Bar is one of the beautiful weather apps for Windows 11. It’s open-source software and allows you to check real-time weather conditions and 15-day forecasts from the menubar.

Apart from Windows, Weather Bar is available on Mac and Linux as well. You can switch between multiple layouts, units, and time, and save an unlimited number of custom locations. You can also check the humidity, sunrise/sunset time, and even windspeed with a single click. Everything is clearly represented by a beautiful background. Go ahead, give it a try using the link below.

Download Weather Bar for Windows 11

3. Widget Launcher

Widget launcher is readily available from the Microsoft Store to download. The app is a combination of multiple useful widgets to choose from. It was popular in Windows 10 days as Widgets HD. The developers completely redesigned and rebadged the app as Widget Launcher to meet the modern Windows 11 look.

Widget launcher offers multiple widgets like world clock, weather, RSS feeds, calendars, calculator, and CPU monitor. You can check 5-day forecasts with the weather widget.

Open the app, select Weather, select a skin, customize the widget look, use a slide to tweak transparency, and hit the Launch Widget button.

Download Widget Launcher for Windows 11

4. Lively Wallpaper

 As the name suggests, Lively Wallpaper carries a combination of animated and interactive desktop wallpaper. Among the offering, there is one wallpaper called Ripped that display local weather.

You simply can’t select the wallpaper and expect it to showcase weather information. You need to create a free account at OpenWeatherApp and generate an API key. Add the API key and local in the app and check the live wallpaper on the desktop.

Download Lively Wallpaper for Windows 11

5. Add Weather Forecast to Chrome Home

The default Windows 11 browser – Microsoft Edge already comes with a weather widget built in. But not many prefer Microsoft’s browser and opt for Google Chrome on desktop. If you are one of them and spend most of your time in a browser, you can easily add a weather widget there.

After all, you won’t want to keep going back to the desktop to check weather details. Using an Accuweather extension, you can easily do so from Chrome home.

Visit Chrome Web Store and search for the AccuWeather extension. Select Add to Chrome button, and you can check the weather from the extensions menu.

6. 8GadgetPack

8GadgetPack is one of the oldest weather widgets for Windows 11. It looks outdated compared to the rivals above. But if you have been using it during Windows 7 / 8 days, you will feel right at home with 8GadgetPack.

Install the app using the link below and select the weather widget from the home. Other widgets include a CPU meter, agenda, calendar, clock, clipboard, and more.

Download 8GadgetPack for Windows 11

Spice Up Windows 11 Desktop Look

Microsoft is expected to open the Windows 11 widget panel for developers. Apart from weather widgets, we expect to see more offerings from third-party apps as well. Which weather widget did you end up picking? Share your preference in the comments below.

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