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Top 8 Best Tablet with Keyboard 2023 for Students, Business-people, Artists, and Travelers

Explore productive and ergonomic best tablet with keyboard 2023 to elevate everyday performance and convenience on the campus, business, home, or travel.

Tablets have a unique charm that few gadgets can match: the performance for multifarious computing tasks akin to laptops, with the portability of a mobile phone. Predictably, they are popular among varied demographics, from students and professionals to artists, travelers, and photographers. 

However, there will be times when a keyboard becomes essential – taking down notes will be quicker, or you miss the programmable keys that help you during a game – you get the idea. The on-screen keyboard can feel too sluggish and uncomfortable for extended use. Fortunately, many top tablets now have keyboards you can bundle with the purchase. The starting price is as low as $300, although you can go up to $1000 or more for genuinely luxuriant features – all in a tablet.

8 Best Tablet with Keyboard 2023: Get a PC-like Experience on the Go

While choosing the appropriate option, ensure clarity over whether the keyboard gets included with the purchase and how it attaches to the tablet. Magnetic attachment can be quick while pairing with Bluetooth is more cumbersome. The keyboard should deliver several hours of battery-led usage and be comfortable.

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Here are some other vital lookouts:

  • Overall bulk of the gadget: A tablet shouldn’t lose mobility, a key differentiator from a conventional clamshell laptop. Color and size: Does it go with your overall aesthetic?
  • Portability of the design: Can you easily carry it in your bag? Does it travel well?
  • Additional features: You can find backlit tablet keyboards for different lighting conditions. Some brands offer programmable and shortcut keys. Accessories like covers, skins, etc., can personalize your usage; official keyboard covers are more premium and suited to travel.

iPads – Eternal champions

iPads rule the tablet arena despite the competition, showing excellent performance, style, and contemporary features like high-res cameras and smooth Wi-Fi 6E connectivity. The 12.9” Apple iPad Pro (M2 chip) will cost approximately $965. It is a considerable investment, making it unattractive for students on a tight budget. But if you have the cash, this tab will unveil the glories of a Liquid Retina XDR screen (~1600 nits of brightness and P3 wide color), a long-lasting battery, and the accuracy of an Apple Pencil.

iPads are generally compatible with the Magic Keyboard, boasting comfortable typing, an inbuilt trackpad, and a secure user experience. But you may also use a Smart or Bluetooth keyboard.

Despite the steep price tag, iPads also make a sensible choice for their productivity-boosting provisions like Stage Manager. It’s terrific for multitasking with overlapping apps. Plus, the space is luxurious: up to 2TB to keep all your stuff, including 4K video.

You can find a cheaper option, like the 10.9” Apple iPad Air, at around $450. It uses an M1 chip and offers 64 GB of storage. The Magic Keyboard and the Apple Pencil combine to transform your tab into a canvas, a note-taking device, etc.

Samsung tabs for PC-like experiences

The Samsung family is another premium realm to explore for exceptional tabs with keyboards. The 12.4” Galaxy Tab S9+ Plus costs almost $1000, but check out its larger-than-life offerings! You get the efficiency of a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, a stunning AMOLED display, Dolby Audio, and a precise S Pen that adapts to versatile needs.

Many users who purchase tabs with included/detachable keyboards lead travel-intensive lifestyles, needing to work from anywhere. The most recent Samsung Galaxy tabs have an IP68 rating and robust aluminum frames to resist transit damage and boast weatherproof usage. They even come with a DeX Mode to give you a close-to-PC feel as you finish your daily tasks. 

Samsung knows its game in tabs catering to modern-day professionals. Wouldn’t it be great if your work tab with its keyboard could also double up as a home-entertainment device without any stress of damage or age-inappropriate material for the kids? Options like the 12.4” Galaxy Tab S8+ are expensive (over $1000) but intuitively integrate parental controls, long battery life with rapid charging, and Microsoft 365 integration. They are highly multitasking-friendly, too.

Stylish Microsoft Surface tabs with Signature Keyboards

Microsoft Surface is a go-to brand for those seeking style and elegance without compromising performance. The 13” Microsoft Surface Pro 9 (around $800) pairs smoothly with a Signature Keyboard, a kickstand, a stylus, and other accessories to up your productivity. It also lasts over 15 hours on one charge and offers multiple customization options. The color choices are particularly eye-catching – imagine sapphire and forest – and go well with matching keyboards. After all, why not prioritize style in the short life we all lead? Moreover, Microsoft uses decent specs, like an Intel i5 CPU, 256GB of space, Dolby Vision, and a 120Hz refresh rate.

This umbrella also has affordable picks like the Microsoft Surface Go 3. It costs slightly over $400 but bundles a bright 10.5” display, 11-hour battery backup, and the classic Surface panache. 

Budget-friendly tablets with keyboards

A few manufacturers like Amazon and Lenovo have focused on consumer value for tabs in this category, showcasing offerings in the $300 to $400 range.

The Amazon Fire Max 11 tab lets you combine fruitful accessories like a keyboard case and a stylus with long battery backup and consistent performance. It even offers a three-month trial of Microsoft 365 Personal and lets users expand the storage to 1TB with a microSD. The best part is the sheer convenience of attaching (magnetic) and using the keyboard (without pairing). Amazon also provides shortcut keys to speed up your work, for example, browsing the internet with one touch or splitting the screen. 

Lenovo has some dirt-cheap tabs with included keyboards and pens. For example, the Tab P11 provides decent performance if your needs aren’t intense and lasts 10 hours on one charge. It also provides a few bells and whistles, like Dolby Atmos, a thoughtful Reading Mode, and the ability to switch to split-screen mode.


Can a tablet with a keyboard replace a laptop?

Tablets have some inherent advantages over laptops, particularly their lightweight build and longer battery life. When you pair a tab with a detachable keyboard, the experience can feel akin to using a PC. Some models, like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+ Plus, have a DeX mode to imitate the laptop feel, while others provide a desktop mode, USB-C connectivity, and a kickstand. Some tabs have such exceptional keyboards, complete with protective covers for the display, that you can almost replace your laptop.

However, we recommend a laptop if you are a writer, data entry professional, or anyone who needs to type extensively daily. Many tabs have restrictive keyboards, and adding an external Bluetooth one can add to the list of peripherals you will have to lug along. iPads and Galaxy tabs, known for portable and ergonomic keyboards, can be excellent second screens.

Which tabs with keyboards are suitable for writers?

A crucial consideration for writers is the size of the keyboard. Tabs with sizable keyboards will let you type more comfortably, for example, a Microsoft Surface Pro or a Galaxy Tab. The focus on ergonomics, key-spacing and sensitivity, and support for wrists are also crucial to keep your hand muscles and fingers from feeling strained after long hours of writing.

How do you ensure compatibility between a tablet and the keyboard?

Well, simplistically speaking, each tablet is compatible with keyboards, i.e., Bluetooth ones you can connect via USB. We recommend considering the operating system while purchasing your external plug-ins. So, while a universal keyboard works with different devices, some keyboards are specific to an operating system, like Windows 10. An iPad will be the right pick for you if you belong to the Apple ecosystem.

What kind of battery backup do tablets with keyboards offer?

You can easily find models that deliver 14-15 hours of battery backup. Samsung tabs also offer rapid charging to give you more flexibility. While older versions may require a cable connection, most new models use internal batteries (rechargeable) or disposable ones. Lithium batteries are long-lasting, delivering up to 100 hours of use.

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