Top 12 Best Racing Games for PS5 2023

The Gran Turismo movie recently released in theaters, and with that comes the revitalization of players’ desires for good racing games. Luckily, there are many to choose from, especially with last year’s release of Forza Horizon 5 on Series X/S with Game Pass and its PlayStation 5 counterpart, Gran Turismo 7. However, the year is 2023, which means brand-new racetracks for players to take for a drive.

Here is the list of the best racing games on PS5 in no particular order.

12. MX vs ATV Legends

MX vs ATV Legends

Much like Horizon 5, MX vs ATV Legends is an off-road multiplayer racing game that explores open and massive environments, which includes a new career mode with choices that dictate what opportunities players are presented with.

The game even features two-player split-screen on top of a 16-player online mode that offers squad-based gameplay. Not only can players choose what vehicles to drive, like bikes, ATVs and UTVs, but they can also choose what their rider looks like with new customizable options. It appears as if the game has continuous support, as there have been patches and a season 2 that released in May.

There is a refined physics system in MX vs ATV Legends that was pioneered by the game creators, Rainbow Studios.

11. Riders Republic

Rider's Republic - PS5 - Bike racing on bridge

Rider’s Republic takes racing to the next level, as it can support 64 players in a single race using an assortment of different vehicle options, including wingsuit flying, mountain biking, snowboarding, and skiing. However, for players who prefer tricks over speed, there is a 6 v 6 multiplayer mode called Tricks Battle where teams compete by performing as many tricks as possible to score points.

Rider’s Republic is open world and even features United States National Parks, as well as certain social hubs where players can hang out with each other.

The Ubisoft game also supports a career mode where players can unlock gear, outfits, and other cosmetics. The game has great reviews all around and has a high replay value for those who want an arcade-like racing games focused on having fun.

10. MXGP 2020: The Official Motocross Videogame

MXGP 2020: The Official Motocross Videogame - PS5 - Dirt bike

The title says it all, perfectly describing when MXGP released and what it is. Players are able to customize unique tracks on maps that can be shared online with other players, but the developers brought back legacy tracks from previous games for nostalgic enjoyment.

There is also The Playground mode, which is a free roam area where players can explore these maps and practice on their bikes. For those interested in a motocross game with the freedom to create where and how they race, MXGP is worth checking out.

9. Gear Club Unlimited 2: Ultimate Edition

Gears Club Unlimited 2: Ultimate Edition - PS5 - Tunnel car race

Gear Club Unlimited 2 is an arcade-like racing game that was remastered for PS5 for the ultimate edition, which is upscaled to 4k at 60 frames per second. It features 4 player split screen and online multiplayer.

The game may not handle quite as well as the likes of Gran Turismo, but that’s because it is meant to offer a more streamlined experience. Players can create clubs and partner up with different players, and then race against other clubs.

8. Assetto Corsa Competizione

Assetto Corsa Competizione

Assetto Corsa Competizione is a competitive racing simulator, more similar to Gran Turismo than Gear Club Unlimited. The game has 34 cars available with specific details for each one, including an unparalleled level of detail based on CAD files and photographs, and they all handle differently from each other.

This racing game might be the closest thing to driving in real life, as the game has even gained attention from professional drivers like David Perel. The multiplayer is quite competitive and is where most players will spend their time, getting accustomed to the car that fits their playing style is an important part to their success.

7. WRC Generations

WRC Generations - PS5 - desert driving

WRC Generations seems most similar to Xbox’s Horizon 5 and has 21 highly detailed stages around the world to drive in. The racing game utilizes the PS5 by being able to play at 2K and 60 frames per second, and takes advantage of the PS5 features to create more immersive gameplay, such as 3D audio, haptic feedback, and sounds from the car in the PS5 controller.

WRC Generations is graphically impressive in its rich environments and the championship-winning cars it offers players the option to use. The game also introduces a new gameplay mechanic for its hybrid vehicles that will have players monitoring their car batteries while racing to victory.

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6. Wreckfest


The demolition derby themed racing game puts an emphasis on destruction. Wreckfest allows players to put body armor on their cars and encourages them to run into each other to get ahead. Ramps will launch players into the air as the vehicles do 360s in a racing game that is unlike any other.

Wreckfest is the antithesis to Gran Turismo and is actually more similar to Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros, that is if it was a racing game.

5. LEGO 2K Drive

Lego 2k Drive - PS5 - Air car

Lego 2K Drive is a family friendly racing game that allows split screen multiplayer and online play. Lego 2K Drive could be considered the Lego version of Mario Kart, as the gameplay is similar, but it offers a story mode, mini games, a cup tournament and in the vibrant open world of Bricklandia.

Just as Lego gives people the ability to build anything from their imagination, the game offers a wide range of vehicles like off-road and water vehicles, making it a fun experience to be enjoyed by all ages.

4. Need for Speed Unbound

Need for Speed Unbound - PS5 - City racing with flag graphics

Need for Speed Unbound is the 25th installment of the franchise and features cross play multiplayer. The art-style is particularly striking, as it combines a realistic aesthetic with cell-shaded, graffiti-esque effects. The game runs at 4k and 60 frames on PS5 with 3D audio, and haptic feedback support.

Players are free to explore the open world of Lakeshore City and have the option to either accept races or challenges. Just like other previous installments, players will have to maneuver and escape from the police when racing in the big city.

3. Monster Truck Championship

Monster Truck Championship

If players want a fast-paced racing game, then Monster Truck Championship is not for them, as massive slower moving trucks are the vehicles of choice. Even so, players will have a hard time finding a racing game that uses monster trucks with this amount of customization in gameplay mechanics that revolve around those vehicles.

There is even independent front and rear steering controlled by the analog sticks, which provide a new layer to handling, which goes deeper into what makes driving with monster trucks unique.

2. Hot Wheels Unleashed

Hot Wheels Unleashed

Hot Wheels Unleashed has no business being as good as it is, as driving with miniature toy cars on racetracks that bring them to life is just as fantastic as players would imagine it to be when playing with the toy sets outside of the game.

The details of the cars themselves embrace the fact that they are toys, with finger smudges, and paint scratches that can be seen when examining the toy vehicles up close. The same level of detail can also be seen in the environments with some of the most impressive lighting in a racing game, and the environments not only stay true to what players would build in real life for their hot wheels, but the game also allows players to customize and share those tracks.

Hot Wheels Unleashed offers a completely unique racing experience with certain gameplay mechanics and customization options that can’t be replicated anywhere other than with Hot Wheels.

1. Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 is the flagship racing game on PS5, which has more than 400 cars from over 60 different companies. It is critically acclaimed and offers realistic driving as well as impressive graphics that immerse players into the experience.

There are over 108 different tracks that are spread across 37 unique locations, with some circuits making a comeback from the original Gran Turismo, like High Speed Ring. This racing game is also available in PSVR2 and even supports a driving wheel accessory attachment. Gran Turismo 7 is a knockout for both experienced racers and the new generation.

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