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9 Best MSI Laptops 2023 for Thrilling Gaming & More

Micro-Star International, or MSI, is a Taiwanese brand with a unique standing in the gaming and entertainment category. MSI laptops get preferred for competitive gaming and eSports because of their top-notch quality, performance, and durability.

The corporation excels at producing top-of-the-rung machines for professional gaming, boasting powerful specs, lasting components, and efficient heat dissipation. Lately, MSI has also ventured into creating speedy and capable workstations and laptops for creators and multimedia enthusiasts.

What does an MSI laptop encompass?

When you get home an MSI machine, you prioritize durability and strength. Many of the latest lines use Intel Core i7/i9 processors with as much as 32GB of RAM. You can experience the latest RTX cards by NVIDIA and amp up not just gameplay but also professional content editing, simulation, modeling, etc.

Unlike some of its contemporaries, MSI believes in an understated and sophisticated style for its gameplay machines, striving to keep its computers portable. This principle serves its well by appealing to several user groups, from committed gamers to artists, business people, and filmmakers.  

The stiff pricing is something you will have to tackle. The best MSI laptops from the Titan or Raider series can easily set you back by $3000 or more. Still, they make cheaper alternatives compared to similar offerings by Dell or Razer. Also, the company has now launched some mid-range laptops like the Summit that cost around $1600.

Should I get an MSI laptop if I am not a gamer?

MSI has branched out into other spaces like multimedia editing and business. It carries its USP into these categories: excellent performance, trustable components, and sustainable cooling. The Summit and Creator lines are worth exploring if you need a performance-oriented laptop for fast-paced business or creativity. Some users also buy gaming machines and have them double as high-performance workstations. You can get aggressive performance and top-tier speeds – something that any business can use!

Best MSI Laptops 2023: Unbridled Power for Gaming, Multimedia & Business

MSI has a formidable family of gaming machines: an umbrella so vast that choosing can be quite a task. There’s the behemoth of a Titan series and the more sleek, lightweight, and accessible Stealth. Another good choice for devoted gamers is the Raider line for those who need accelerated performance and effective cooling. The company has also created several powerful business laptops and offerings for multimedia professionals.

An MSI laptop can seem like an investment since it doesn’t come cheap. You should be ready to pay upwards of $2000 for a gaming machine; even the more everyday choices cost $1500 or more. We have compiled your best options in the market today to take the trouble out of deciding.

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Business Laptops: Prestige & Summit

MSI is a dependable option for business and workplace settings, clubbing productivity with security. The MSI Prestige 16 ($1,499.00) is a professional laptop with an Intel Core i7 processor, 32GB RAM, and a 1TB SSD. A QHD+ monitor with a fast 165Hz refresh rate and 100% sRGB keeps your attention on the task (and beautifully so). MSI also excels at silent heat dissipation, generating less than 35dB of noise. Security features like facial/ fingerprint recognition and military-grade durability make it a worthwhile business investment.

How about ramping things up? The MSI Summit E16 adds a flip option for improved flexibility. It has powerful specs – an Intel Core i7 CPU, 32GB RAM, and a 1TB SSD – to support business needs speedily and efficiently. At $1,699.00, this flexible laptop offers a QHD+ touch screen with a 165Hz refresh rate and 100% DCI-P3 color. We love the intelligent webcam for its effective noise reduction and privacy lock. As for the security provisions, little else matches up to MSI’s Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and Tobii Aware to detect an onlooker. It fits perfectly with the modern hybrid work environment and the rise in shared workplaces.

Creation Devices

The MSI brand has garnered a favorable reputation as a creativity-supporting company, producing laptops that support and facilitate design, art, and multimedia. The MSI Creator M16 is a case in point, fueled by an Intel Core i7 processor, 32GB RAM, a 1TB SSD, and RTX 4060 graphics. Its QHD+ thin-bezel monitor has a 90% display ratio to fit in extra room for thought. The 180-degree hinge helps in content sharing with your teammates or collaborators. 

Many MSI creation-focused laptops use DLSS 3 and NVIDIA Max-Q to optimize the user experience. The Hi-Res audio is pleasing to the ears, letting you enjoy details without disruption.

Gaming Powerhouses

As a performance-first brand, MSI knows the value of speed and sustainability in a gaming machine. The Stealth line is relatively affordable and performs brilliantly for most modern AAA titles.

For instance, if you get the MSI Stealth 17 Studio, you can cherish admirable performance (Intel Core i9 and RTX 4080) and a vivid QHD display with a 240Hz refresh rate. It costs roughly $2,800, so expense might be a deal-breaker for casual gamers. However, this series is unlikely to disappoint if you can genuinely use the 32GB RAM, 100% DCI-P3 color, and Dynaudio sound. Even the battery backup (99.9Whr) is better than many similar machines.

The MSI Stealth 15 is a solid alternative for those who want the grandeur of Stealth without that hefty price tag. The 15.6″ FHD version is much cheaper ($1,599.00) and has less imposing specs. However, the Intel Core i7 CPU, RTX 4060 graphics, and 144Hz refresh rate still make it a formidable beast in the gaming landscape. The Cooler Boost Trinity heat dissipation propagated by MSI is another feather in the cap in boosting sustainability even at peak performance.

Let’s go higher up the gaming performance ladder, shall we? The MSI Raider GE68Hx is a device you should explore if audio-visual clarity and unmatched performance get you going. This laptop costs around $2,500 and bundles an Intel Core i9 CPU, 32GB RAM, a 2TB SSD, and RTX 4070 graphics. It also has a veritable audio package: Hi-Res, Nahimic, and Dynaudio. The MSI OverBoost technology lets you leverage peak performance – the push you may require for a much-awaited victory. 

Possibly the best gaming laptop range from MSI’s umbrella is the Titan. The MSI Titan GT77 has an enthralling UHD display (144Hz) with 100% DCI-P3 color. The performance gets managed by an Intel Core i9 CPU, 64GB RAM, a 2TB SSD, and RTX 4080 graphics. Yes, it can cost you over $4,000, but get this: MSI offers 3-4 sets of expansion slots over this already humongous configuration. It has a heavenly mechanical keyboard with a brilliant tactile sense and a webcam shutter for privacy.

Cheap Gaming Laptops

Fortunately, not all MSI gaming machines are expensive. There’s the MSI Thin GF63 at under $1,000. It is a multimedia machine powered by an Intel Core i7 CPU and RTX 4050 graphics. The available RAM and storage are lower than other options, but you should be able to play many games in moderate settings.

Then there’s MSI Katana 15 – a 144Hz machine with an Intel Core i7 processor and RTX 4070 graphics. This relatively new range is swiftly becoming popular for providing customer value. At $1,599.00, MSI brings you everything from a 4-zone RGB keyboard to crystal-clear audio output.


Who should get an MSI laptop?

The company has grown in the past few years, expanding into new categories and launching new models. Today, an MSI laptop matches the requirements of working professionals and creative folks like video editors, gamers, and tech enthusiasts.

These products boast top-tier build and long-lasting performance with impressive heat dissipation. MSI devices can cost a premium, but some budget-friendly options exist in lineups like the Katana and Stealth.

Is an MSI laptop suitable for engineering needs?

MSI laptops deliver performance, stability, and speeds – essential for running engineering applications like Adobe and AutoDesk. You can find MSI workstations with ISV certification.

These devices are also perfect for 3D modeling, simulation, and designing. Ultimately, the fitment to your specific needs will depend on the processing specs and the motherboard (for overclocking).

What is the difference between MSI Stealth and MSI Raider?

Both series have excellent performance and enjoy popularity among the target audience. While the Stealth series has thinner and lighter laptops, the Raider leans toward heavyweight performance.

The former has a less arduous heat dissipation system to achieve a compact form factor. But if you want a gaming beast and portability or space is no bar, the Raider is a better bet. If your budget allows, the MSI Titan is even more powerful and ideal for a desktop-replacement device.


The best and most popular MSI machines are gaming-centric, and the company’s reputation here is unmatched. The hardware can survive many adrenaline-pumping gaming sessions while the displays deliver vivid visuals and smooth frame rates. Laptops like the MSI Raider GE68x or the MSI Stealth 17 Studio are good options for serious gaming. The Raider is more power-packed, but the Stealth line-up offers better mobility. The latter is a neat option for anyone who doesn’t want to wear their gaming identity on their sleeve but needs a veritable powerhouse nonetheless.

Of course, if you want extreme gaming, then the Titans series is your mate. The MSI Titan GT77 is a terrific choice, filled with imposing characteristics like 64GB of RAM – take that!

The MSI Summit E16 is a decent option for professionals, showcasing the company’s capacity to cater to business needs like security and connections. The best part is it nicely makes it to an under-$2000 bucket for a competent professional machine.

Creators wishing to buy an MSI laptop will like the MSI Creator M16 for its color accuracy and vibrant imagery. The company can push you in the right direction with its penchant for uncompromised performance.

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