7 Best Laptop for DJing 2023 for Ultimate Sound Mixing at Clubs, Gigs, and Booths

DJing has emerged as a popular profession in modern times, holding a distinct appeal for audiophiles looking to earn full-time or gig-based dollars. With more deejays hopping from one club to another in a night, laptops have become go-to platforms for running soundtracks. They are good at portability, connectivity, and multitasking – the holy trinity for on-their-foot musicians.

While choosing the best computer for you, assess the DJing software you use, for instance, Serato, Virtual DJ, or rekordbox. It will let you understand the controllers you need and whether the laptop will provide the required compatibility and performance.

Best Laptop for DJing 2023 from Top Brands like Apple, ASUS, Razer & Dell

Several leading tech companies have offerings suited to musical maestros, whether pros or hobbyists. We recommend looking for consistent performance – booth or crowd – and sound that resonates with your usage, budget permitting.

09/24/2023 09:41 pm GMT

Classic MacBook magnificence

No surprises here – the MacBook remains one of the best laptop for DJing, the competition notwithstanding. The 16.2″ Apple 2023 MacBook Pro gets powered by an M2 Pro chip, 16GB RAM, and a 1TB SSD – plenty of ammunition for demanding multimedia projects. It features a three-mic array (studio-grade) and six speakers infused with Spatial Audio. 

Connectivity is also top-notch, thanks to the latest Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3. There are numerous ports, too, to permit access to all your music files: three Thunderbolt 4 ones, an SDXC, and an HDMI. You can also comfortably work with other Apple devices.

Another merit of the newest Macs is their long-lasting battery: over 22 glorious hours of sound. The Retina XDR screen with HDR and 1000 nits of brightness doesn’t let the business of DJ programs hurt your eyes. We also like Apple’s Magic keyboards for convenient mixing, even though it may take a little while to wrap your head around them. 

Powerful Razer Blades

Another premium pick is the desktop-replacement Razer Blade, available in 16″ and 18″ models. These are conventionally gaming laptops, so expect nothing but the steepest specs: an Intel Core i9 processor, RTX 4080/90 graphics, 32GB RAM, and a 2TB SSD. Razer uses four speakers, THX Spatial Audio, and 7.1 surround sound to deliver a magnificent sound experience free of distortion. The mini LED display is also exemplary, with up to 240Hz refresh rates. You can easily wind down with your favorite games after hours at a crazy musical event.

Razer also stands out because of its easy upgradability. You can add up to 64GB of RAM to accommodate all your paraphernalia. These laptops are compact and well-suited to outdoor music festivals. For example, the 16″ model is closer to a 15″ in build and has a power-efficient but smaller adapter.

Predictably, this range will cost you a bomb (over $3,700). But professional DJs and musicians can give it a shot for a palpable audio boost and long-lasting performance with vapor chamber cooling.

Dell XPS for incredible music mixing

In recent years, Dell has worked extensively on ultra-powerful machines fit for multimedia endeavors and business requirements. The XPS lineup can be rather expensive at around $3,000. But we recommend it for serious A/V professionals and DJs as the perfect accompaniment for their assignments.

The XPS 17 has top-tier specifications: an Intel Core i9 CPU, an RTX 4070/80 GPU, up to 64GB of RAM, and 8TB of storage (SSD). Its studio-quality speakers use Waves MaxxAudio Pro and Waves Nx 3D audio for engaging output. Also, the dual woofers and tweeters give you an optimal total peak output for events. The Grammy-winner Jack Joseph Puig signs off on the music department.

In other advantages, Dell focuses on a compact, portable design and security features like facial recognition and a fingerprint reader. It also has custom performance modes that tailor system performance to your current needs, optimizing heat management and battery life.

Acer Predator for DJs

You should also check out Acer’s offerings for DJing needs, especially the Acer Predator Triton series. The 17″ model is an excellent pick, powered by an Intel i9 processor, RTX 4090 graphics, and 64GB of RAM. It offers 2TB storage space and a smooth, 250Hz display with G-SYNC. 

For approximately $3,700, you can experience the difference that six user-facing speakers make, each covered with stainless steel mesh for durability. Think longer DJ sessions in demanding environments – humidity, dust – without compromising sound output. 

The Acer Predator Triton is highly customizable with pulsar lighting, a stellar and eye-catching design, and performance modes that adapt to the situation. Aeroblade cooling with airflow optimization ensures you can spend long, intense hours absorbed in your sound without compromising the beats. The Triton looks fantastic, complete with an RGB-etched logo, so you will undoubtedly have all the attention (as long as your music’s worth it!).

Affordable ASUS laptops for DJs

DJing needn’t be expensive. You would want to save some bucks if you like it as a hobby, and ASUS can be your go-to brand in this case. The ASUS ROG Strix G16 will cost you $1,999 – much cheaper than most other options in this space. But it offers reliable performance, led by an Intel Core i9 processor, RTX 4070 graphics, and 16GB RAM. It also features a sharp FHD screen and Wi-Fi 6E for consistent connectivity. 

During sound mixing and editing, you will find that load times are low, and the performance is optimized (the MUX Switch and liquid metal cooling contribute to this.) ASUS also enhances the aesthetic appeal of this range with cyberpunk and graffiti influences – always sure to turn heads.

Another interesting pick is a Zenbook, known for its accurate stylus support and sharp aesthetics with Dolby Vision and Pantone validation. The ASUS Zenbook Pro 14 Duo is a powerful performer, hosting an Intel i9 CPU, an RTX 4060 GPU, and 32GB RAM. It also offers a secondary touchscreen (ScreenPad Plus) placed at a tilt for optimal comfort. Zenbooks are slightly pricier at approximately $2,400 but still more affordable than similar picks from many other brands.


What are the key features of a dependable DJing laptop?

Reliable performance is imperative if you perform gigs at clubs or restaurants. Displeased crowds equal a grumpy client, which doesn’t bode well for the money. Seek a competent processor (Intel Core i7 and above), an RTX 40 GPU, and sufficient SSD storage. The latter plays a salient role in letting you stock good-quality tracks and downloads. You can’t rely on streaming at music festivals. A speedy SSD drive will also ensure quicker loading and a more satisfying overall experience when working with audio samples. 

Excellent sound is another prerequisite, preferably with precise audio reproduction, spatial sound, and low latency. Using headsets and external speakers/equipment is always an option, but pleasant laptop sound goes hand in hand with life as a deejay.

Besides these, you also want to prioritize portability. No one wants to lug along a heavy machine to bar after bar late at night. Likewise, decent battery backup is paramount if you travel considerably between sets. 

Finally, do ensure to check for a sturdy and durable build. Laptops for DJing don’t get the best treatment; you must stay prepared for bumps and spills.

How much RAM do you need for DJing?

The standard is 4GB since most DJ software applications state that as their minimum requirement. But we don’t recommend going with less than 8GB if you intend to play for money. Yes, you don’t need as much raw power as a studio music-production machine since DJing software isn’t usually as complex. But you don’t want your laptop to freeze in the middle of a gig, burdened by frantic multitasking.  

Do you need a high-quality display for DJ laptops?

A large screen – 16″ or more – with adequate brightness and a high resolution (FHD and above) is essential. Several DJing applications have complicated and busy interfaces that can be hard to understand/track unless you have sizable real estate. Day gigs make high brightness indispensable since sunlight isn’t your friend. 

People with eyesight issues can consider using a large screen on an average resolution (a much better pick than a small but high-res display).

Is a Windows laptop or a Mac better for DJs?

Traditionally, Macs have widely accepted superiority for multimedia activities. Even today, Macs are brilliant for their intuitive UI, security, and hassle-free integration with iPads and iPhones. You can download any verified applications if App Store has approved them.

However, Windows laptops have also risen to the occasion. At more affordable rates, they deliver customization and easier replacing/fixing in case of damage.

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