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All 48 Available i9 Laptops 2024 (14th & 13th Gen)

Can you ever have enough performance for gaming, emerging victorious in the breakneck-competitive arena? Thousands of devoted gamers will disagree; there’s always scope for more. The newest Intel i9 processor – the i9-14900HX – ups the ante in single and multi-core performance. The benefits reach not only gamers but also creative professionals and anyone who needs to run draining mathematical or scientific applications.

Intel launched the most recent i9 processor in January 2024 under Raptor Lake Refresh – the company’s codename for its 14th Gen processors. It also uses the 10nm fabrication process like its predecessor.

The most evident improvement over Alder Lake is enhanced overclocking without changing the original socket configuration. It is a thoughtful strategy by Intel since you can now upgrade without a change in the entire system.

The hybrid architecture of these CPUs provides efficiency during regular and more complex computing tasks. The stand-out offerings of the i9-14900HX CPU are a whopping 24 core count and a Turbo Boost frequency of 5.8GHz. The most palpable difference comes for users who have used an Intel i5 or i7 before, but the improvements over the 13th generation are also significant.

Top-rung manufacturers like Dell, ASUS, and MSI have come out with laptops running on these ultra-powerful CPUs. Most of these devices also integrate superior cooling mechanisms to let you reap the performance advantages sustainably.

So, how exactly does the upgraded CPU compare to its older counterparts from the previous generation? Will you be better off purchasing an AMD Ryzen 9 processor, also available in its latest avatar? We answer all these questions in this detailed roundup.

You can also find our top picks on the best Intel Core i9 (14th Gen) laptops to add to your shopping list, whether your priority is gameplay, business, science, or 3D rendition and modeling.

List of All 14th Gen. Intel Core i9 Laptops

The newest i9 packs a massive punch in real-world action. It can also come at a steep price, with most laptops below starting at over $1,000 and going well over $2,000. However, the deal is worth it if you truly benefit from the upgrade. The gifts may come in the form of competitive advantages during gaming, higher speeds during image processing, or overall efficiencies in running resource-intensive software programs.

We have selected the finest offerings in this space in 2024 across leading tech brands. Users can consider a screen size that suits their lifestyle (from 14 inches to a gigantic 18) besides exploring other considerations like a discrete graphics processor, battery backup, and portability.

1ASUS ROG Strix G16i9-14900HXRTX 406016GB1TB16” 240Hz$1,699
2MSI Vector 16i9-14900HXRTX 406016GB1TB16” 240Hz$1,899
3HP OMEN 16i9-14900HXRTX 406016GB1TB16” 165Hz$1,929
4Sager NP7882Ei9-14900HXRTX 407064GB2TB17″ 144Hz$1,969
5HP OMEN Transcend 16i9-14900HXRTX 406016GB1TB16” 165Hz$2,069
6GIGABYTE AORUS 16Xi9-14900HXRTX 407032GB2TB16″ 165Hz$2,099
7MSI Vector 16 HXi9-14900HXRTX 407032GB1TB16″ 240Hz$2,199
8MSI Vector 17 HXi9-14900HXRTX 407032GB1TB17″ 240Hz$2,299
9MSI Raider GE78HXi9-14900HXRTX 407032GB1TB17″ 240Hz$2,299
10MSI Raider GE68HX 4Ki9-14900HXRTX 407032GB2TB16″ 144Hz$2,499
11Alienware m18 R2i9-14900HXRTX 407032GB1TB18″ 165Hz$2,499
12MSI Vector 17 HXi9-14900HXRTX 408032GB1TB17″ 240Hz$2,799
13Alienware m18 R2i9-14900HXRTX 408032GB1TB18″ 165Hz$2,799
14MSI Raider GE78HXi9-14900HXRTX 408064GB2TB17″ 240Hz$2,999
15ASUS ROG Strix Scar 18i9-14900HXRTX 408032GB1TB18″ 240Hz$2,999
16Alienware m18 R2i9-14900HXRTX 408032GB2TB18″ 165Hz$3,099
17MSI Raider GE68HX 4Ki9-14900HXRTX 408064GB2TB16″ 144Hz$3,201
18ASUS ROG Strix G18i9-14900HXRTX 407096GB8TB18″ 240Hz$3,699
19MSI Raider GE78HXi9-14900HXRTX 409064GB2TB17″ 240Hz$3,799
20Alienware m18 R2i9-14900HXRTX 409064GB4TB18″ 165Hz$3,999
21MSI Raider GE68HX 4Ki9-14900HXRTX 409064GB2TB16″ 144Hz$3,909
22Razer Blade 16i9-14900HXRTX 409032GB2TB16″ 240Hz$4,199
23ASUS ROG Strix Scar 16i9-14900HXRTX 409096GB8TB16″ 240Hz$4,894
24MSI Titan 18 HX 4Ki9-14900HXRTX 4090128GB4TB18″ 120Hz$5,399
25ASUS ROG Strix Scar 18i9-14900HXRTX 409096GB16TB18″ 240Hz$6,794
26EVOC X3702D-HX 4Ki9-14900HXRTX 409096GB24TB17″ 144Hz$7,499
27MSI Titan 18 HX 4Ki9-14900HXRTX 4090192GB12TB18″ 120Hz$7,765
28MSI Titan 18 HX 4Ki9-14900HXRTX 4090192GB24TB18″ 120Hz$9,699

List of Best 13th Gen. Intel Core i9 Laptops

1Dell G16 7630i9-13900HXRTX 407016GB1TB16″ 165Hz$1,199
2GIGABYTE AORUS 15Xi9-13980HXRTX 407016GB1TB15″ 165Hz$1,599
3ASUS Vivobook Pro 16Xi9-13980HXRTX 406016GB1TB16″ 120Hz$1,799
4MSI Vector GP77i9-13900HXRTX 407032GB1TB17″ 240Hz$1,923
5ASUS ROG Strix G16i9-13980HXRTX 407032GB1TB16″ 240Hz$1,999
6ASUS ROG Strix G16i9-13980HXRTX 407016GB1TB16″ 165Hz$1,999
7Alienware m16i9-13900HXRTX 408016GB1TB16″ 240Hz$2,099
8MSI Stealth 17 Studioi9-13900HRTX 407016GB1TB17″ 240Hz$2,099
9ASUS Vivobook Pro 16Xi9-13980HXRTX 407032GB1TB16″ 120Hz$2,099
10Alienware X16 R1i9-13900HKRTX 408032GB1TB16″ 240Hz$2,399
11Alienware m18i9-13900HXRTX 408032GB1TB18″ 480Hz$2,399
12HP OMEN Transcend 16i9-13900HXRTX 407016GB1TB16″ 240Hz$2,399
13HP OMEN 17i9-13980HXRTX 408016GB1TB17″ 165Hz$2,599
14GIGABYTE AORUS 17Xi9-13980HXRTX 408016GB1TB17″ 240Hz$2,629
15MSI Raider GE68Hxi9-13980HXRTX 407032GB2TB16″ 240Hz$2,654
16Dell XPS 17 Laptop 4Ki9-13900HRTX 407032GB1TB17″ 60Hz$2,699
17MSI Stealth 17 Studioi9-13980HXRTX 408032GB1TB17″ 240Hz$2,791
18ASUS ProArt StudioBook Proi9-13980HXRTX 300064GB2TB16″ 120Hz$2,999
19Alienware m18i9-13980HXRTX 409064GB4TB18″ 165Hz$3,299
20GIGABYTE AORUS 17Xi9-13980HXRTX 409032GB2TB17″ 240Hz$3,499

Here’s why you need to consider an i9 CPU

The Intel i9 line of processors has several upfront advantages over its predecessors. You get many more cores, better frequencies, and even more cache. If you have used an i5 or i7 CPU before, getting an i9 will deliver much better performance for gaming, multimedia editing, and multitasking. An i9 can be just the thing you need if your day-to-day needs revolve around performance-intensive jobs like 3D modeling, video production, etc.

Remember this before getting an i9 machine

An i9 processor will use up more power. It mandates an optimized heat dissipation mechanism. Fortunately, Intel is working on this as its lineup of i9 CPUs ages. You will do well to buy a machine that employs new-age cooling techniques like vapor chambers and aero blade fans.

You should also consider if you require a discrete graphics card. Many i9 CPUs come with graphics built into the chip. This option makes sense if you do not need an additional GPU. However, gamers will need – and crave – the latest graphics for dazzling new effects and the wins of artificial intelligence.

The amount of over-clocking possible is also a key consideration. CPUs from the i7 and i9 series often have close cores and clock speeds. For instance, the maximum boost for the Intel Core i7 stands at 5.20GHz – very close to the 5.60GHz delivered by the Intel Core i9. It is why you should also assess the other advantages of i9, such as the optional higher thermal design power (TDP) that can help sustain the clock speeds.

Final Thoughts

Intel deserves laurels for coming up with ferocious CPUs like this one, justifying the codename, and creating rapture among users. Its wins in multithreading, response times, and graphical performance are undeniable.

But we would not recommend the 14900HX for running Microsoft Office even if you have to perform number crunching or open multiple spreadsheets at once. It would be overkill and too expensive to make sense. It’s ditto for other regular activities like web browsing.

Undoubtedly, laptops with a 14th Gen Intel Core i9 make a worthwhile purchase – but only for those who need that kind of performance.

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