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Top 7 Best Gaming Laptop Under $800 2023

Virtual worlds are for everyone, and the best gaming laptop under 800 Dollars in 2023 make gameplay accessible. We present the best options, tips, and FAQs for cheap multimedia devices.

Gaming unfurls spectacular virtual worlds and endless thrills a minute, drawing in more people every year. The right gaming laptop with capable specs and speeds can help you triumph in the arena. Not too long ago, these machines used to be ridiculously expensive – over $2000 at the very least. But times have changed, and you can now find competent alternatives at less than $800. If this seems like stretching it, or you are afraid too many compromises will get made, read on.

Top 7 Best Gaming Laptop Under $800 2023

12/06/2023 08:31 pm GMT

The secret to finding a budget gaming machine is to look at the larger picture: a device that supports medium gameplay but is also capable of other activities like work and business. For example, a pick like the 15.6″ Lenovo Ideapad 3i works excellently.

It boasts an Intel Core i5 processor, RTX 3050 graphics, and an FHD screen. The available RAM is low at 8GB but can support average settings for many contemporary games. This Ideapad cools fast and travels well, courtesy the superior ventilation and a long-lasting battery.

The Victus range by HP has become a sensible choice for budget buyers. The Victus 15 costs $740. It is a pleasantly low sum for a machine with RTX 3050, an Intel Core i5, and a battery backup of over 8 hours. It also has an engaging display with a 178-degree viewing angle.

If you have long relied on Dell for daily computing, you should check the Dell G15 for a gaming-focused purchase. It is astonishingly cheap at $729.99, thanks partly to the 13th Gen. Intel Core i5-13450HX processor. But the RTX 3050 GPU and 120Hz refresh rate establish a multimedia bent of mind.

The advent of inexpensive gaming computers has propelled brands like MSI to work on cost management. Although not typically a budget brand, it has products like the MSI Thin GF63 at just $685.00. It runs on an Intel Core i5 processor and delivers a 144Hz refresh rate, Nahimic audio, and dependable cooling.

Another umbrella worth scanning is Acer – a value-for-money brand focusing on enjoyable gameplay. The Acer Nitro 5 costs $799.99. It is a reasonable price to pay for an Intel Core i5 CPU, an RTX 3050 GPU, and the trust of Acer.


Who should purchase a super-cheap gaming laptop?

Unsurprisingly, these machines aren’t for hard-core or competitive gamers. The ideal audience is casual entertainment seekers, students, or those who like to play old titles that don’t rely heavily on special effects and sound. Even so, we suggest purchasing an all-rounder machine that you can employ for student assignments, business calls, or other forms of A/V content. This pricing bucket won’t give you a future-ready laptop, and you don’t want to get stuck with something that fails at other user needs.

What specs should you seek in an $800 gaming computer?

Your priority here may be affordability, but a cheap gaming machine does need to perform well. We advise gamers to look for an Intel Core i5 CPU, 8GB RAM, and an RTX 30 Series graphics card. Your chosen laptop should also manage heat sustainably and offer connectivity options like USB ports and Wi-Fi. Other things to consider are the refresh rate (120Hz is available in this budget) and the audio. A comfortable keyboard is paramount, preferably with a suitable key-to-key distance and good tolerance for frenetic action.

How far gaming laptops have come! Times have evolved and how – from skepticism about playing on anything but a desktop to extravagant picks that few could afford. We now live in a time when top brands like Dell and MSI also produce mass-appeal gaming computers that don’t cost a fortune. But the even better news is that many of these devices are undoubtedly worth their price tag.

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