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Best Gaming Laptop Deals – Gaming Laptops on Sale

Fuel your passions in the arena with the best gaming laptop deals. Own powerful gaming laptops on sale and enjoy endless triumphs on the battlefield.

Little else is as potent at capturing the imagination of millions of people worldwide as gaming – a magnificent escape into an alternate reality.

Gameplay becomes more popular daily, and top tech companies vie against each other to produce the perfect computer to facilitate players. While only desktops were seen as gaming machines not too long ago, laptops have now emerged as the weapon of choice.

You can find spectacular gaming systems with incredible configurations, stellar displays, and engaging sound to capture the details of the virtual world. Dell, Acer, MSI, Razer, and ASUS lead the fray in the gaming world with highly coveted offerings that get your adrenaline running and how.

Unsurprisingly, all that power comes at a price. Gaming laptops can be expensive – over $2000 for truly magnificent systems. It is an excellent idea to look out for deals and discounts that let you save precious dollars. The extra money can be handy to invest in a solid GPU, a gaming keyboard, or a secondary 4K display.

What is considered cheap for a gaming laptop?

We daresay you got yourself a deal if you can find a decent gaming device in the $1000-$1500 range. Truly cheap laptops focused on gaming are rare. Some brands like Lenovo offer options in the under-$1000 range. But be prepared to cut some corners in performance and specifications.   

Best Gaming Laptop Discounts on Top Brands

12/07/2023 12:57 am GMT

If you are a professional gamer, you possibly have your eyes on the Alienware range. Dell’s flagship gaming line is sheer brilliance – a perfect blend of top-tier specifications, NVIDIA DLSS technology, and Dolby Vision. It also uses a gallium-silicone material for heat management to deliver optimal cooling. The Alienware x15 R2 can be yours at around $2849 – at a substantial discount of $900 from its list price. You can get the Alienware x17 R2 at $3499 if you want more real estate.

Fortunately, Dell also has a cheaper range of Alienware devices. The m15 R7 at $2149 manages to pack most of the best-loved features of the parent family, such as excellent cooling, sleek design, and a lovely QHD display. The Alienware x14 is another affordable option at less than $2000. We love its thin form factor and focus on the spirit of gaming – sound, a comfortable keyboard, and adaptive sync.

Many professional gamers frequently side with MSI laptops, renowned for performance, durability, and cutting-edge features. These devices are more expensive than their contemporaries but grant an edge in bonuses like Nahimic audio and good battery backup. The Stealth series takes the lead in the family with offerings like the MSI Stealth GS77, costing $3499. This 17.3″ behemoth has a 4K UHD monitor, an Intel Core i9 processor, and reliable build standards. The MSI Raider GE67Hx and the MSI Raider GE77Hx at around $2000 are also fantastic options, boasting a 240Hz refresh rate and pro-grade heat management.

ASUS has some of the best gaming laptops in the market and is also a frontrunner in affordability. The ASUS ROG Strix Scar 15 costs $1699 and offers a brilliant Intel Core i9 CPU, a refresh rate of 300Hz, and RTX graphics. It also manages heat well and boasts Dolby Atmos sound. Want to go even cheaper? You can check out the ASUS ROG Flow Z13 at $1592. It comes with a detachable RGB keyboard and a vivid FHD+ monitor.

You can also find some budget-friendly deals in the Acer line-up of gaming computers. For example, the Acer Predator Triton 500 now comes at around $1300. It packs rapid processing, a 240Hz refresh rate, and Wi-Fi 6E for consistent connectivity. Add DTS:X Ultra audio and 500 nits of brightness, and you have a true-blue champion. For a little extra money, you can acquire the Acer Predator Helios 300. It provides a superior refresh rate and a faster response time – both bonuses for gaming enthusiasts.

HP loyalists can go for the OMEN range of gaming machines – worthy combinations of performance, heat management, and cost-effectiveness. The OMEN 16t-k000 at only $999or the OMEN 17t-ck100 at $1399 are reasonably solid, reliable gamers with satisfying refresh rates and performance you can trust.

What if you have a minuscule budget but still want a gaming laptop to sustain your passions? We recommend checking the Lenovo product line for options like the IdeaPad 3i at just $899. This versatile machine has a dedicated gaming keyboard, decent battery backup, and efficient heat dissipation.


What should you prioritize in a gaming laptop?

Performance comes first, which means you need a powerful CPU upwards of an Intel Core i5 or an AMD Ryzen equivalent. You should also get at least 16GB of RAM and SSD storage of 1TB or more. Gaming laptops require vivid displays with FHD/QHD resolution, a rapid refresh rate, fast response times, and vibrant colors.

We also advise checking the sound quality and the connectivity options like Wi-Fi 6 and Thunderbolt ports. The latter will become vital if you enjoy online gaming and collaborating with friends.

Do you need an expensive GPU in your gaming laptop?

It depends on your gaming habits. Professional gamers and competitive players usually prefer RTX series cards like RTX 3050. These GPUs have advanced lighting techniques like ray tracing and use artificial intelligence to enhance the imagery. RTX 40 Series GPUs are all set to take over the world by storm.

However, cheap deals are unlikely to give you top-of-the-rung graphics chips. You can opt for the good old GTX 1650 Ti or GTX 1660 Ti cards for standard, smooth gameplay. Dedicated AMD chips are not very common in affordable gaming laptops.

Which refresh rate is ideal for an affordable gaming laptop?

Plenty of gamers get by on devices with a 60Hz refresh rate. However, screens with 120Hz or 144Hz settings are now more popular. You will notice a significant difference when you play titles with plenty of transitions. So, games like Overwatch, Fortnite, and Call of Duty benefit from a faster refresh rate. Finding a 240Hz or more refresh rate is improbable in a budget laptop. But you should consider the option if you perceive a tangible benefit for your game.

What kind of keyboard do you need in a budget gaming laptop?

Typically, you will find cheap gaming devices with single-color backlighting. Some machines may offer zone-based lighting. You will have to spend more on premium laptops if you need per-key, programmable lighting effects. It works well if the keyboard has features like WASD keys, anti-ghosting, and a spacious touchpad for additional comfort.

Should you invest in any accessories with a gaming laptop?

We like to get a gaming mouse you can customize per your needs. You can witness an improvement in both speed and comfort. Getting a gaming headset is also a terrific idea to enjoy a truly immersive experience. Also, if you are planning to play for hours on end, think about buying a gaming chair with an ergonomic design to protect your back and shoulders.

A fitting gaming machine can decide your fate on the battlefield. It can mean the world to competitive gamers or esports players. Even hobbyists benefit from choosing the gaming laptop that best matches their requirements. You know where your cash is going. Also, you will not lose sleep fretting about pixilated displays, irritating delays, and patchy sound effects. The end-of-year discounts on gaming machines offer a fabulous opportunity to spruce up your lair.

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