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Top 7 Best Gaming Headset 2022 for Xbox, PC, PS5, PS4, Switch, Mobile & Mac

If gaming runs in your veins, you must invest in a superior headset that delivers audio the way the developers intended. Not experiencing the whole sound spectrum can spell bad news for any avid gamer, making all the difference between victory and loss. Moreover, a headset that doesn’t fine-tune the sound and suffers from abrupt explosions or missed beats can damage your experience and your ears!

Purchasing a quality headset is as crucial as upgrading your GPU or monitor. Many established players in this space offer dependable gadgets that survive long hours of gameplay. You can explore brands like Logitech, Razer, HyperX, and Turtle Beach to zero down on the right headset for you.

Essentials in a Professional Gaming Headset: What to look for

Here’s what you must prioritize when shopping for a gaming headset to support you in the arena:

  • The drivers: You need large drivers to optimize the sound output. Many AAA games and esports use audio effects to the hilt, and missing out on sounds can quickly spiral into defeat.
  • Sound output: Most headsets rely on Dolby Atmos or DTS Headphone:X to generate surround sound. You can also opt for 3D spatial audio.
  • Frequency response: The standard response 20Hz to 20,000Hz. We recommend double-checking this metric to ensure your money is for a worthy cause.
  • Design: Choosing an ergonomic headset with breathable material and a portable build is essential if gaming takes up several hours of your week.
  • Customization: Ardent gamers live for this stuff. We are talking equalizers, game-voice balance, bass adjustment, the works. Look for software (included/optional) that comes with these settings.
  • Battery backup: Wireless headsets need to offer unplugged usage for flexible use. You can get up to 300 hours with some brands like HyperX.

Top 7 Best Gaming Headset 2022 for Xbox, PC, PS5, PS4, Switch, Mobile & Mac

We have collected the five best headsets for gamers that offer the complete mix: immersive sound, high-quality microphones, and options for customization. Most of these are also ergonomic and comfortable to wear for extended hours. It is no surprise some of these can be super pricey since professional sound comes at a cost.

But the difference in your game can be commendable. If you aspire to improve your sound to raise your stakes on the battlefield, we cannot over underline the importance of a pro headset. Another option is to purchase a budget device and pay for optional customization software on a need basis.

Several considerations come into play when selecting the best gaming headset for your game – from compatibility and sound output to design, battery backup, and durable performance.

We have consolidated some of the best picks for your needs. Rest assured that they work with all leading gaming platforms, so you can focus on lining up your foes on the battlefield.

Logitech Premium Gaming Headsets

Logitech has become a go-to for multimedia enthusiasts who appreciate dependable and engaging performance at reasonable rates. For instance, the Logitech G PRO X 2 Lightspeed is a fantastic wireless headset with 50mm drivers (graphene), DTS:X audio, and 7.1 surround sound. As a partner of VALORANT championships, Logitech has grown leaps and bounds in headset technologies. 

The G PRO X 2 has a detachable microphone and battery backup of approximately 50 hours to give you a portable experience. The company ensures you can enjoy consistent connectivity (2.4GHz) to 30 meters, but you can choose a wired option.

Logitech gaming headsets have grabbed several awards for design. We love the memory foam for the ears (leatherette or velour) and the inbuilt durability of aluminum.

Players who adore customization and setting unique style statements will also find plenty to root for in Logitech headsets. The G735 wireless headphone is a fantastic find, permitting you to customize the RGB lighting, ear pads, mic booms, you name it. Its design also stands out for its inclusivity: you will feel comfortable regardless of your head shape or facial accessories.

Although the G735 is a wireless, Bluetooth-based headset, it lets you hear two devices. It makes mixing audio a lot simpler.

Headsets for excellent noise cancellation

Turtle Beach has some of the best offerings for gamers who want undisturbed play even when the room is busy. The Turtle Beach Stealth Pro costs around $329.99 but does a mean job of delivering disturbance-free gameplay. It boasts 50mm drivers and good-quality microphones and can effectively cut noise to about 25 dB. It has a good range – up to 50 feet – and a convenient Turtle Beach Audio Hub app to personalize features like monitoring levels. A distinct advantage is the ease with which you can game while listening to music or chatting – multitasking at its best. 

Razer is another brand you must consider for noise isolation and professional-grade sound. The Razer BlackShark V2 Pro features closed earcups suited to different head shapes to filter unwanted noise. The diaphragms are coated with titanium to improve the sound clarity. BlackShark V2 Pro offers a snug, memory foam design with over 70 hours of battery life.

HyperX Headsets for Long-Lasting Battery 

Battery life matters to most gamers but is even more crucial to those who participate in competitive events. The HyperX Cloud III is a terrific choice for unplugged usage. It offers 120 hours of use on a single charge and features 53mm drivers for immersive sound. This headset has a user-friendly, attractive design with memory foam and leatherette.

Value-based Gaming Headsets

Times are good for gamers looking to save money on gaming headsets; console-focused ones like the Xbox wireless headset cost around $90 to $100. The audio playback is decent, thanks to technologies like Dolby Atmos and DTS Headphone: X. It is also a noise-canceling headset with flexible design elements like rotating earcups.

For around $179, you can consider the Corsair HS80 MAX with Dolby Atmos sound, iCUE compatibility, and a considerate floating headband. It is a perfect fit for broadcast requirements, like when you must speak to your teammates during a gaming event. The noise and echo levels are low, preventing your messages from getting distorted. The Sound ID feature tailors the in-game audio to your personal needs – and does quite an intuitive job of it. 

Affordable gaming headsets can also deliver good battery backup and range. For example, Corsair HS80 MAX has 50 feet of coverage and almost 65 hours of battery life.  


What should you prioritize in a gaming headset besides sound output?

Device compatibility is a prerequisite for potential buyers; getting a headset that works with both PCs and consoles is a future-ready decision. You will probably look out for spatial audio, surround sound, premium audio drivers, and noise cancellation if sound clarity is your motivator behind the purchase. Here are some other things to assess:

Connectivity: Check whether you prefer a wired or a wireless connection. The range should be comfortable for your needs if you opt for Bluetooth (ideally around 30 feet).

Design: You want comfortable, skin-friendly gadgets that don’t cause strain or discomfort. A lightweight build – ideally under 400 grams – will grant you portability.

Battery backup: The average figure is around 40 hours, but you can find models that last several days.

What premium features can you find in top-end gaming headsets?

Customization options for noise levels, monitoring, microphones, etc., are among the most coveted features in luxurious gaming headsets. For instance, Corsair HS80 MAX offers software-led (iCUE) features and bespoke Sound ID options for gamers.

High-end gaming headphones will also likely deliver smoother audio due to better drivers and modern acoustic technologies like spatial audio. Turtle Beach gadgets excel at noise canceling and are multitasking-friendly.

Is it necessary to get a gaming headset with a mic?

It isn’t strictly necessary. However, we certainly recommend it if you’re into multiplayer competitive gaming. A mic will let you communicate with your teammates. Companies like Logitech sell gaming headsets with detachable mics. A flip-to-mute option for the mic has also become popular for improved flexibility and responsiveness during gameplay.

Are gaming headsets suitable for music?

You won’t find music as enjoyable as regular headphones, particularly if you’re a sound connoisseur. Many gaming headsets struggle to reproduce music accurately as they cater to gameplay. The usual problem is that the bass and highs feel incorrectly tuned. Plus, the design of gaming gadgets can be much bulkier and heavier than necessary for regular songs.

We suggest you opt for premium headphones not intended for gaming if music is your focus.

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