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Top 12 Best eReader 2023: How to Select the Best Tablet for Reading + FAQs

Pick the best eReader or tablet for reading 2023 to get lots of storage, adjustable lighting, battery backup, and intuitive features like page turns and hands-free experiences.

Reading – a book, a document, a PDF – is perhaps one of the best-loved activities on a tablet. You can read for college, a business meeting, etc., on practically any device, but when hours of reading every day (or night) are involved, you should consider getting a dedicated e-reader. 

These devices have a lovely paper-like display (thanks to the E-ink technology) that won’t strain your eyes. Many also offer long battery backup, the ability to customize fonts and margins and make handwritten notes. The utter lack of distractions, just like in a physical book, makes reading-specific tabs unique in their own right. Plus, there’s no denying the joy of being able to carry thousands of books when you travel!

Top 12 Best Tablet for Reading 2023: How to Select the Best E-reader + FAQs

Kindles have become synonymous with digital reading for a while; their popularity stems from their reading-specific features like page-turn buttons, paper-like displays, and adjustable warm lighting. But several competing products have entered the market, and some are worth considering.

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Kindles – the classic reading experience

Kindle continues its reign among reading tablets, offering a beautiful paper-like display, adjustable warm lighting, and a bright, glare-free screen. The latest models of the Kindle Paperwhite are waterproof (IPX8 rated), with narrow borders, and excellent battery life (up to 10 weeks).

Kindles offer customization options like scheduled lighting changes, font size edits, etc. The home screen and library have also undergone updates to make your whole experience more personalized and convenient. Plus, you can also integrate with Audible to listen to your books.

Access to the glories of Kindle Unlimited – millions of books at your disposal is any reader’s dream – is another bonus of these stellar devices.

Kindles come slightly larger – 7″ instead of 6.8″ for the Oasis (around $135). This model also has page turn buttons, an adaptive front light, and more readable fonts.

Also under this umbrella is the Kindle Scribe for around $360, the perfect tab for reading, writing, and sketching. Picture this: you can elevate your reading time by adding handwritten sticky notes, marking PDFs, editing and accessing your work later, and sharing your inputs and thoughts with your contacts – the possibilities are immense. It can be an excellent choice for readers, writers, business people, students, etc.

Amazon Fire tabs for affordable e-readers

These tablets are worth exploring for an inexpensive but convenient reading experience. The Amazon Fire Max 11 has a vivid screen for easy reading, a 14-hour battery backup, and up to 1 TB of storage space. It also uses alumino-silicate glass for extra protection against damage and a fingerprint sensor for confidentiality.

Fire tabs also work as all-rounder devices for video calling, gaming, etc. So, if you are willing to spend a little extra on these functionalities, you can get an e-reader that’s also a great deal more.

BOOX e-readers

Are you looking for something premium for your study and research? Tabs like the BOOX Note Air2 Plus are expensive ($449) but deliver an above-par, immersive reading experience with easy note-taking and support for multiple file formats. This E-ink tablet is also helpful for sketching.

Kobo tabs for engaging e-reading

Kobo, another reputed name in this category, is best known for its waterproof and glare-free readers powered by Carta E-ink.

The Kobo Sage is one of the most premium and intuitive e-readers, helpfully equipped with features like adjustable brightness, color, and orientation. The 8″ HD model is glare-free and waterproof and lets you use Bluetooth to listen to audiobooks – fully hands-free. It costs $269.99, but you also get 32 GB of space, page turn buttons, and support for Dropbox. You can pair the Kobo Sage with accessories like a Power Cover to keep your device charged, protected, and ever-responsive.

The 7″ Kobo Libra 2 at $169 lets you adjust the brightness and the color temperature and minimizes blue light. Waterproof (IPX8) and Bluetooth-supported, these tabs are perfect for reading while traveling.

Kobo tabs also permit hands-free reading and reduce blue light emissions to keep your love for the written word from affecting your sleep.

Another fabulous offering from this environmentally conscious brand is the Kobo Clara 2E. It is a little cheaper ($139.99) but offers most of the same features: a waterproof screen with no glare, adjustable lighting, and superior contrast. The page turns are quicker, so you can keep pace with the story.

The Kobo Nia is a more budget-friendly option at around $109.99. It has a 6″ display and a smaller storage space (8GB), but it’s still enough to keep up to 6,000 books and customize fonts and other settings as you please.

The Kobo Elipsa Pack is noteworthy for those looking to go beyond an e-Reader. These tabs let you change handwritten notes into text, read articles online, or borrow books from online libraries. The screen is expansive at 10.3″ to make your analysis and note-taking sessions easy on the eyes. This $349.99 tab has 32 GB of memory, so there’s space aplenty for books, PDFs, etc.

For reading and much more: iPads and Galaxy Tabs

Possibly, you have the budget and inclination for a complete tab that goes beyond an e-reader’s functionalities to deliver streaming, gaming, video calling, web browsing, etc. But you want a well-rounded focus on the reading experience: a comfy screen with ample brightness, storage space for your books, and battery life.

The 8.3″ Apple iPad Mini is a fine selection for approximately $415. It has a beautiful Retina screen, an Apple Pencil, 64 GB of storage, and a long-lasting battery backup. It also bundles security options like Touch ID and consistent Wi-Fi 6 connectivity.

Samsung also has some brilliant picks in this space, combining top-tier performance with accurate S Pens, wide-angle cameras, and dependable battery life. For example, the 11″ Galaxy Tab S8 ($599) has 128 GB of space, Wi-Fi 6E, and an immersive LCD screen for long reading hours. The handwriting-to-text conversion is fast and accurate, saving you time while researching or taking notes.


Which features are the most crucial in a reading tablet?

First and foremost, the tab must be soothing to the eyes. A high-resolution, bright display with adjustable lighting and color temperature should work best. A decent amount of storage (8 GB at least, but upgradeability is ideal) will let you store all the books and documents required.

You also want reliable battery backup – at least a few weeks are standard – and additional options like highlighting, editing fonts and margins, etc. The tab should support connectivity options, like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, for downloading e-books.

Other fancies are available in the market should you need them: penning to-do lists, cloud support, and video calling or collaborating with other readers in your network are some starters.

Which screen size is the best for an e-reader?

The most popular screen sizes in this category are 7 to 10 inches. They relate closely to the average size of a physical book – 6 by 9 inches. Sticking to this ballpark will make your experience feel more natural if you have recently moved from paper to E-ink. Besides the sizing, considering the weight is crucial as you want a portable e-reader for the daily commute or travel.

Should you get a dedicated e-reader or an iPad?

Both have their advantages and will appeal to different user groups. An e-reader based on e-ink delivers a unique, comforting reading experience akin to a paperback or a hardcover. But an iPad is better for getting more of your tablet, like taking notes, playing games, or watching movies. It is also a decent option for reading in color – say, graphic novels. Your budget will also affect your decision, as iPads or Samsung Galaxy Tabs are much pricier than Kindles and other e-readers.

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