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Best Curved Gaming Monitor 2022 to Upgrade your Gameplay Like Never Before

Curved gaming monitors are the latest trend among passionate gamers, so much so that they might seem like a fad. However, they have a lot going for them, particularly the beautiful way the screen curves to accommodate your field of view. These displays are much more intuitive than flat screens and can realize an immersive experience like never before.

The prime advantage of curved displays is that you have more viewing space available without shifting your focus to another region. During intensive, action-packed gameplay, this directly translates into less eye strain and a more true-to-life playtime. While curved panels first took off among pro gamers, casual players with the available cash also opt for them now.

How to Purchase the Perfect Curved Monitor

Many curved displays are available in the market, from everyday 27″ screens to gigantic 49″ monitors. Naturally, a larger display increases the possibility that your entire view gets covered. Standard curved panels have ratings across 4000R to 1500R. If you need a greater curvature, you want a lower number.

The distance you sit from your monitor will also help you choose which curvature is ideal. Several gamers pick displays at the 1800R mark. However, consider how far you sit from the desktop/laptop. If the curvature is steep and the distance is too much, your experience may not be satisfying.

Purchasing curved monitors mandates a few resource upgrades for your computer. You want a top-notch GPU to match the high refresh rate of your screen with an adequate frame rate. Also, how much desk space do you have available? You cannot go all-out on a 40″ curved panel if you don’t have a dedicated den. The kind of gameplay you enjoy is also a factor here. Curved displays work well for several games, including single-player and multiplayer titles in casual and competitive settings.

Best Curved Gaming Monitor 2022 for Matchless Immersion

Notably, curved screens work best when you can sit directly in front. If your usage focuses on group activities or you tend to move around a lot, a flat-screen will be more your thing. The curvature also comes at an extra cost. You will be hard-pressed to find a decent curved monitor for less than $300. It is not a great idea to get a screen smaller than 27” inches as you won’t be able to benefit from the curved design.

We have collected some of the best options from top manufacturers like Samsung, Dell, LG, Gigabyte, and ASUS.

Best Curved Gaming Monitor: SAMSUNG 49″ Odyssey Neo G9 G95NA

SAMSUNG 49" Odyssey Neo G9 G95NA Gaming Monitor, 4K UHD, 240Hz
Reasons to Buy:
  • Large-screen, immersive experience
  • Offers excellent HDR vision
  • Customizable and flexible
  • Supports PIP and PBP modes
Reasons to Avoid:
  • Too expensive
  • Heavyweight
  • Superior PC hardware becomes essential
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01/11/2024 09:32 pm GMT

If you have the cash to invest in a top-of-the-rung curved panel, we suggest the SAMSUNG 49″ Odyssey Neo G9 G95NA. It costs a jaw-dropping $1,992.65, but the company ensures you will not be disappointed. This beautiful 4K UHD screen boasts a stunning refresh rate of 240Hz, a response time of only 1ms, and compatibility with both NVIDIA G-Sync and FreeSync Premium Pro. It is a fully adjustable screen with support for height management, swivel, tilt, and VESA mounting.

This 1000R panel excels at brightness with a rating of 420 cd/㎡. Since it uses mini LEDs (Quantum Matrix technology), you get many more dimming zones on your screen than average panels. It improves your everyday gameplay by enhancing the complete color spectrum in favor of realism. It also performs well on the HDR front (HDR2000).‎

Another advantage of this 32lbs panel is its compatibility with picture-by-picture and picture-in-picture. It can notably impact your productivity if you plan to use the monitor for other activities besides gaming.

144Hz Curved Gaming Monitor: Dell S3422DWG

Dell Curved Gaming Monitor 34 Inch Curved Monitor with 144Hz Refresh Rate
Reasons to Buy:
  • Large size for deep immersion
  • Customizable for comfort
  • Includes a downlight for ambient lighting
  • Sleek and visually liberating design
Reasons to Avoid:
  • Very expensive
  • Response time greater than contemporaries
  • Heavy build
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01/12/2024 12:10 am GMT

You can rest assured of quality and durability when it comes to Dell. The 34” Dell S3422DWG is a reliable and high-performing curved panel that will please devoted gamers with its brilliant color and adaptability. It has a competent refresh rate of 144Hz and offers support for AMD FreeSync to cut flickering and lags.

This screen has a WQHD resolution and an expansive color gamut of 90% DCI-P3 to give you a realistic gameplay experience. At the same time, the company guarantees that you don’t feel visual discomfort, thanks to the lowered blue light emissions.

One of the best features of this 1800R screen is its sleek and clean design. It uses a tapered stand that permits you to customize the height easily. Moreover, since the vents are at the back, you get an advantage in cooling and overall cleanliness in looks.

At ‎21.2lbs, this monitor is also lighter than some of its rivals on this list.   Dell has included a handy downlight for ambient lighting to support your multimedia endeavors.

Curved Gaming Monitor with G-SYNC: LG 34GP83A-B UltraGear

LG 34GP83A-B 34 Inch 21: 9 UltraGear Curved QHD (3440 x 1440) 1ms Nano IPS Gaming Monitor
Reasons to Buy:
  • Satisfying refresh rate and response time
  • Great color coverage
  • It has decent black stabilization
  • Offers crosshairs for enhanced accuracy
Reasons to Avoid:
  • Pricey
  • It does not support swivel
  • The contrast ratio leaves room for improvement
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01/11/2024 10:48 pm GMT

The LG 34GP83A-B UltraGear is more expensive than some other picks at $649.99. But the premium makes sense for dedicated gamers who benefit from its professional features. You get a fantastic refresh rate of 160Hz, a color gamut of DCI-P3 98%, and a stellar response time of 1ms. This HDR 400 monitor with QHD supports NVIDIA G-SYNC to lower stuttering and give you a more enjoyable experience overall. LG also offers crosshairs for professional precision – especially useful in shooter games.

Another beneficial feature of this 34” monitor is its black stabilizer for better vision in varied lighting regions. If you are a competitive gamer, viewing more clearly can make all the difference in landing a win.

This 16.8lbs screen responds well to customization, including tilt, adjusting height, and VESA mounting. It adheres to an almost borderless design which keeps your attention on the game as you work.

FreeSync Curved Gaming Monitor: GIGABYTE G34WQC

GIGABYTE G34WQC A 34" 144Hz Ultra-Wide Curved Gaming Monitor
Reasons to Buy:
  • Excellent response time
  • A good contrast ratio for the price
  • Budget-friendly price
  • Lightweight build
  • Plenty of screen real estate
Reasons to Avoid:
  • Lacks USB ports and connections
  • The ergonomics need improvement
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01/11/2024 10:48 pm GMT

The 34″ GIGABYTE G34WQC is an apt choice for gamers looking for FreeSync Premium. It helps reduce jitters and delays by dynamically adapting the refresh rate. This 1500R monitor is a fine choice that bundles several features like a quick 1ms response time and a 144Hz refresh rate. For $349.99, you get an ultra-wide panel with an absorbing viewing experience. A color gamut of 90% DCI-P3 gives you a close-to-life picture each time that is high on accuracy and detail.

Although it is an affordable monitor, it offers decent HDR performance (HDR400). The curvature (1500R) is also a good match for the human eye and helps lower eye strain as you play.

This curved display has a portability advantage with its lightweight build of 18.48lbs. It also supports VESA mounting to let you install it in your gaming den or entertainment area.

Cheapest Curved Gaming Monitor: SAMSUNG 24″ CRG5

SAMSUNG 24" CRG5 Curved Gaming Monitor
Reasons to Buy:
  • Very cheap
  • Offers advantageous and exclusive game modes and settings
  • Good refresh rate
  • Delivers adaptive sync
Reasons to Avoid:
  • Response time is poor
  • The screen size may be too small to enjoy the curvature fully
  • The speakers are average
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01/11/2024 11:02 pm GMT

It might sound too good to be true. The SAMSUNG 24″ CRG5 will cost you only $179.99 – a fantastic price for an engaging curved display. It delivers a satisfying refresh rate of 144Hz and is compatible with AMD Radeon FreeSync to lower stuttering and ghosting. It goes hand in hand with the “Low Input Lag” mode to minimize any irritating delays as you get lost in the moment.

This 1800R panel includes some beneficial game settings to improve your multimedia experience. For instance, you can adjust the contrast or tinker with the black gamma levels. The “Virtual Aim Point” is the highlight, centering the target on the monitor to give you an edge over your enemies.

The downer is the poor response time of 4ms. You might weigh the trade-off based on the kind of games you like to play and your requirement for quick transitions.

Budget Curved Gaming Monitor: ASUS TUF Gaming VG328H1B

ASUS TUF Gaming 32" 1080P Curved Monitor (VG328H1B) - Full HD, 165Hz (Supports 144Hz)
$259.00 $243.99
Reasons to Buy:
  • Works hard to reduce motion blurring
  • Uses shadow boost for improved viewing in the darkness
  • It supports tilting and swiveling
Reasons to Avoid:
  • It faces some image accuracy issues
  • The design is ordinary
  • Lacks USB connections
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01/12/2024 01:17 am GMT

Here is a budget-friendly option from one of the leading manufacturers of game paraphernalia today. The ASUS TUF Gaming VG328H1B costs just $259.00 and gives you 32 inches of glorious FHD vision. This display has a rapid refresh rate of 165Hz and a matching response time of 1ms to support fast-paced gameplay without delays or lags.

ASUS goes the extra mile with features like Extreme Low Motion Blur and compatibility with FreeSync Premium. This 1500R panel employs ultra-low blue light to lower eye strain levels during long gaming sessions into the night. We also like the Shadow Boost, which focuses on content in dark areas and creates a balanced view.

As far as customization goes, this display has options like an HDMI port, tilt support, and VESA mounting. Plus, it has a lightweight build of only 15.48lbs to give it a portability edge over others on the list.


So, is it worthwhile getting a curved display? The answer is a resounding yes for anyone who appreciates immersive gaming or multimedia. These displays go a long way in making your experience smooth and comfortable as you do not need to move your eyes around so much.

Samsung has excellent curved panels, such as the 49″ Odyssey Neo G9 G95NA. It offers brilliant HDR performance and awe-inspiring brightness. If you are good with a smaller size and a lower budget, then the 24″ CRG5 is also an excellent option with game settings like Virtual Aim Point. The ASUS TUF Gaming VG328H1B is another budget-friendly pick that packs premium features like low motion blurring and shadow boost.

Professional gamers will likely enjoy the LG 34GP83A-B UltraGear with its superior accuracy, crosshairs, and black stabilization. The GIGABYTE G34WQC is also a good option on a budget and delivers eye-catching HDR.

If a clutter-free and sleek design is high on your priority list, you will appreciate the Dell S3422DWG. It also outperforms others in cooling and customization.

Options abound in curved panels as the design finds increased acceptance among gaming fans. We suggest accounting for space, budget, future compatibility, and flexibility of use while sealing a deal.

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