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Best College Laptop Deals 2023 – Student Laptops on Sale

Grab the best college laptop deals 2023 on high-performing, portable, and affordable computers. Student laptops on sale simplify your day-to-day campus life at attractive prices.

A dependable, competent laptop is an essential part of student life. How else will you stay on top of your assignments, complete your research, and connect with your peers? Late-night video chats and extended cinema viewings with friends are also integral to being a student – everything for which you need a trusty computer.

Student laptops are now widely available. Top manufacturers like Dell, HP, and even Apple bring out computers tailored to college students. You should be able to land a sweet deal at an affordable price if you know where to look.

What should you look for in a college laptop?

Typically, you want a machine with decent performance and good battery life. You will also benefit from a bright and colorful display that works well for work and play (read: games, movies, etc.).

Most students check connectivity options like USB Type-C ports, card readers, and Wi-Fi 6/6E. A sturdy but lightweight build is paramount to ensure you do not get bogged down by your device on a hectic day. Other areas to explore include the camera, security options like a fingerprint reader, and sound.

Excellent Deals on College Laptops

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Dell has some of the finest picks for college students. Its range delivers on performance, versatility, and durability. For instance, the XPS 13 Plus packs a powerful configuration at under $2000, a bright 3.5K display, and a sleek build for the daily campus grind. It also prioritizes security and a comfortable typing experience with a backlit, zero-lattice keyboard.

Another promising option is the HP range of cost-effective laptops. Take the HP Spectre x360, for instance. It offers a unique 360-degree design to up your comfort as you interact with your classmates and professors. This stylish device has a decent configuration and a pro camera with a privacy shutter and backlight adjustment.

You could save even more if you opt for the HP ENVY x360, available at just $699.99. This convertible comes with HP Palette and QuickDrop, facilitating easy data sharing and faster work. The 15.6” version costs a little more – about $849 – but still manages to outdo many contemporaries in cost-effectiveness and overall functionality.

If you are pursuing multimedia, you probably have your eyes on a Mac. Apple now has college-centric laptops in its portfolio that are ideal for film-making, photography, and editing. The lightweight Apple MacBook Air costs about $1,166 and offers a sparkling Retina display with 18 hours of battery backup. Dolby Atmos and a convenient magic keyboard add to your everyday convenience during video calls and projects.

You can opt for the more powerful Apple MacBook Pro if your budget is more. It boasts 64GB of RAM, up to 8TB of storage, and even longer battery life for your extended assignments.

Students on a tight budget can find brilliant value in the Acer line-up. A device like the 14” Acer Swift 3 costs only $899 but bundles a QHD monitor with 100% sRGB color, an Intel Core i7 processor, and Wi-Fi 6E for interruption-free connectivity. It is also lightweight with tight security, excellent sound, and a long-lasting battery.


Can you get special discounts on computers as a college student?

Yes, you usually can avail of special discounts if you purchase devices from the university or an affiliated campus store. You may also be able to access on-site repair centers and get attractive deals on software packages you need for your work.

We also recommend checking with your school for any tailored system requirements they might have. For instance, your college may want you to get a Windows laptop to avoid compatibility issues with software applications.

Which screen size works best for college students?

Among the most popular screen sizes are 13-inch and 14-inch. The former is excellent for portability and makes a good traveling companion. You can opt for 14-inch laptops if you want more screen real estate without compromising mobility. You may look at 15.6” screens if you study multimedia and need a large canvas to view the finer details of the content.

How much RAM and storage do you need for a school laptop?

The specifications you should get depend on your usage. For instance, multimedia students require more RAM and storage – to the tune of 16GB and 1TB. However, are your needs more basic, such as using word processors and making video calls? You can save precious bucks and opt for a standard configuration. Another option is to get an upgradeable laptop that allows you to ramp things up with cloud storage, external hard disks, extra SSDs, etc.

Does it make sense to get a Chromebook for college?

Yes. Many students purchase Chromebooks to save money and enjoy a portable user experience. Users can reap the full benefits of a Chromebook, such as long battery life and apps to boost productivity if the college keeps the coursework in the cloud. Storage can be a concern with these devices, so you should have backup options like an external hard disk.

You can also look at a 2-in-1 for college. These hybrid machines are flexible and easy to use while also being cheaper than many clamshell contemporaries. Get a model with a detachable keyboard if the purchase includes it.

Which accessories should you buy with a college laptop?

Students frequently need a backpack and a convenient mouse with a precision touchpad. You may also need a printer. Accessories like a stylus and a sleeve will be essential depending on the form factor of your chosen computer.

How much warranty does a college laptop require?

Most manufacturers will give you one year and the option to buy an extended warranty. If you are a careless user, you should consider accident coverage. That will keep you sorted for all those drink spills and falls. The bottom line is that the warranty you require depends largely on your usage style.

The right laptop can set you apart in college and grant you the much-needed edge to excel. A machine after your heart will help you stay up to speed on projects, connect with your classmates, and get all the downtime. Grabbing a seasonal discount can be the best way to land the laptop of your dreams while also saving money.

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