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10 Best ASUS Laptops 2023: Top Performance Meets Value for Money

The Taiwan-based multinational company has come a long way from being famous for its top-notch motherboards. ASUS now takes pride in its vast and expansive portfolio of consumer laptops with computers for different users and requirements. The brand is famous for delivering terrific value for money, letting users enjoy higher specifications on a much smaller budget than competitors.

What should you seek in an ASUS laptop?

Look for an Intel Core i5 or above (or an AMD counterpart) for everyday computing needs. Machines from the ROG series often come with Intel Core i9 processors, more than 16GB of RAM, and over 1TB of storage space. You must seek out a high-performing GPU if you work on professional multimedia apps. NVIDIA RTX series chips are usually reliable options for their premium features like ray tracing and artificial intelligence for image enhancement.

You can explore up to OLED resolution for the display panel, blazing refresh rates of up to 300Hz, and spot-on color accuracy with Pantone validation. Some laptops with powerful specs can offer unbelievable brightness of over 1000 nits.

Many ASUS devices are eminently portable and sport lightweight designs that weigh less than 4lbs. They also feature an assortment of Thunderbolt ports, Wi-Fi 6/6E, HDMI ports, and other connections. You might also want to review the battery backup if travel is essential for you. Some ASUS laptops deliver long-lasting battery juice of 15 hours or more.

Gaming is one of the fortes of ASUS, and you can find several promising series like the ROG Zephyrus, ROG Strix, and TUF. Laptops from these ranges have high refresh rates, color accuracy, and per-key backlighting. Efficient cooling is also mandatory for any gaming machine worth its salt. ASUS employs the latest technologies like liquid metal and arc flow fans to dissipate heat noiselessly and keep your gameplay from getting affected.

Best ASUS Laptops 2023: Best-in-class Performance for Different Users

The choices are abundant, but what you should prioritize will depend upon your budget and usage pattern. ASUS is well-known for offering superior specs and beautiful display quality on a budget. The company has evolved its portfolio to cover all the bases: from portable 2-in-1s to gaming powerhouses and high-end UltraBooks.

You can trust the brand to bring you the latest features, including premium offerings like a GPU MUX switch and low response times, at much lower prices than competitors. In the same vein, it also excels at dishing out regular computing platforms for business users and students as part of its affordable Chromebook and VivoBook series.

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ASUS has developed an impressive reputation as a brand that blends contemporary technology with affordable pricing. Many laptops in its portfolio deliver brilliant performance and premium features like Dolby Atmos sound and user-friendly keyboards. The brand caters to students, professionals, gamers, and creative folks.


These sleek and modern devices are perfect for day-to-day use. The ASUS Zenbook 14 costs around $1,000. It uses an Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB RAM, and a 1TB SSD – specs that work for intensive projects. The WQXGA display is enchanting: narrow bezel (90% screen-to-body ratio), 100% sRGB color, and 400 nits brightness. Moreover, ASUS provides Wi-Fi 6E and a fingerprint sensor to guarantee connectivity and secure access wherever you work.

The Zenbook is also available in a flip design for enhanced convenience. The ASUS 14 Zenbook Flip costs $999 and gets powered by an Intel Core i5 CPU. This device ups the ante on display with Dolby Vision and Pantone validation for color. A 360-degree hinge and military-grade build keep it super-convenient for travel, bringing ease into your workday. ASUS also provides another thoughtful addition: a well-designed keyboard with a numeric keypad. Comfortable typing usually means faster work done. 

An OLED version of the Zenbook is the S 13, boasting a “Lumina” screen with improved accuracy and adaptability. It is also gentler on the eyes. This $1,399.99 device uses an Intel Core i7 processor, 32GB RAM, a 1TB SSD, and integrated graphics. The audio output of this series is magnificent: Dolby Atmos with Harman Kardon certification. Also, these laptops charge rapidly and keep you connected with a high-quality FHD IR webcam. 

We suggest exploring the ASUS Zenbook Pro lineup for multimedia pursuits like video editing. The Zenbook 14 Duo costs $2,399.99 but also delivers performance that matches up. An Intel i9 CPU, 32GB RAM, a 2TB SSD, RTX 4060 graphics – you name it, and it’s there.

What makes this range exemplary for creative work is the ScreenPad Plus. It is a secondary touchscreen angled for a productive, convenient user experience. ASUS does not take the stylus lightly, ensuring the pens are precise and run for long (and charge fast). 


This series can do double duty: daily, budget-friendly companions and hardcore creation laptops. For example, the ASUS Vivobook 16 costs a mere $599.99. This AMD Ryzen 5 laptop has 8GB RAM and a 512GB SSD. A sharp WUXGA display with a 180-degree lay-flat hinge makes it ideal for sharing with peers or simply adjusting the layout to your most comfortable. These models adhere to military-grade standards but remain portable and thin. ASUS smoothly integrates intuitive features like a webcam shield and an anti-microbial guard for sustained, long-term use. 

The ASUS Vivobook Pro 16X is pricier at $2,199.99 but adapts excellently to multimedia and creativity needs. It has top-tier specs: an Intel Core i9 processor, 32GB RAM, a 1TB SSD, and RTX 4070 graphics. The fast refresh rate (165Hz) and high brightness (500 nits) combine elegantly with 100% DCI-P3 color and Pantone validation. A path-breaking innovation of this range is the ASUS DialPad. It lets you fine-tune settings like brush size to work freely and quickly.

Gaming Laptops

ASUS has a formidable reputation in the gaming realm, renowned for producing powerful machines with modern features like MUX Switches for improved gaming performance and adaptive sync. The ASUS TUF A15 costs less than $1,200. A 144Hz refresh rate, 100% sRGB color, and RTX 4050 graphics make it above par for casual gamers. An AMD Ryzen 7 processor, 16GB RAM, and a 1TB SSD check that a resource crunch doesn’t hamper your enjoyment.

The ASUS ROG Strix series is yet another budget-friendly line for gamers. The G16, for example, has a processing chamber comprising an Intel Core i7 CPU, 16GB RAM, a 512GB SSD, and RTX 4060 graphics. Moreover, the FHD display has a 165Hz refresh rate, 100% sRGB, and a 90% screen-to-body ratio. It’s the perfect arrangement for immersive, distraction-free gaming. ASUS also perseveres to dissipate heat effectively, using an extra intake fan and a liquid compound where needed.

It is straightforward to personalize the ASUS ROG Strix G16 to your requirements. You can get a superior configuration –RTX 4070, an Intel Core i9 – for around $2,000. These gaming laptops use Wi-Fi 6E and Thunderbolt 4 ports to let you connect reliably to online conquests. 

Of course, you want to check out the ASUS ROG Strix Scar 16 for a genuinely spellbinding performance. It can be steeply-priced (close to $4,000), but consider what you get in return: an Intel Core i9 CPU, 32GB RAM, a 2TB SSD, and a QHD screen with a 240Hz refresh rate. This lineup truly dazzles on the display front, proudly showcasing a Nebula HDR badge for ultimate brightness, color accuracy, and power efficiency via Mini LEDs.


Should you get an ASUS gaming laptop?

ASUS makes some of the best gaming machines in the current market, famous for integrating speeds, glamour, and heat management. The ASUS ROG Strix and Scar series are brilliant for casual to pro gamers. They deliver performance and multimedia excellence, not compromising the refresh rate or sustainability.

Which is the best ASUS laptop for students?

Students, working professionals, and business people can find Vivobooks useful for large displays and decent specs. These devices may not be apt for graphics-intensive work but are portable, productive, and well-connected. They are also budget-friendly, meeting another prime consideration for this audience.

Who should get an ASUS Zenbook?

The target group for this range is graphic designers, creative professionals, and other A/V enthusiasts. Most of these offerings have top-end specs, engaging screens, and special features like secondary touch screens. They are a terrific option for anyone who needs to run CPU-intensive programs, from designers to video editors and programmers.

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