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5 Best 8-inch Tablet 2023: Compact Tabs for All Budgets

Explore the 5 best 8-inch tablet 2023 from top brands like Lenovo, Samsung, and Apple to simplify everyday work and entertainment wherever you go.

Screen sizes in the 6-8 inches space generally get bundled up as small tablets. They have only grown in popularity in the last few years. Many users seriously weigh the tablet vs. smartphone/laptop question when considering a second or third screen. Their likability emanates from their sheer versatility: from work and entertainment to clicking pictures and asking good old Alexa for help – tabs genuinely persevere.

From Apple and Samsung to Lenovo and other players, tech companies have invested effort in the small-tablet category. You will feel spoiled for choice as you explore 8-inch devices, which is where our primer hopes to help.

5 Best 8-inch Tablet 2023: Simplifying Life at Work & Home

Here’s a ready reckoner of options and features to prioritize. After all, there’s a lot more to a tablet than storage space and a working internet connection.

Versatile iPads

iPads are still among the reigning tablets that blend portability and style. The sixth-gen iPad Mini, with performance-oriented features and Apple Pencil compatibility, can be yours for around $360. This tab delivers the power of an A15 Bionic chip, 64GB or 256GB of storage, and a dazzling Retina display. True Tone and P3 wide color combine to deliver a smooth and absorbing visual experience that boasts low reflectivity.

iPads also have an edge in convenience and accessibility, lasting an entire workday on one charge. These tabs work well for drawing, taking notes, or filling out forms (Scribble). They also have inspiring 12MP cams that tempt you to capture the world’s beauty and look your best during meetings and video calls.

Samsung Galaxy Tabs for every budget

Not far behind iPads – and indeed, preferred by many users – are the Samsung Galaxy tabs with their new-age features for different user groups. The Galaxy Active3 Enterprise Edition tablets are superb selections for users whose work involves diverse weather conditions, travel, and long hours. These tabs are sturdy, long-lasting, and specially designed for the elements with IP681S rating and MIL-STD-810H2 compliance.

Even so, their performance does not get compromised in the slightest. The specs are terrific: 4GB RAM and up to 1TB of storage. 

The diverse applications of these tabs are impressive. The Enterprise Edition Knox Suite and WIRELESS DeX are handy for office environments. On the other hand, optimized barcode scanning renders them perfect for a POS. You can even work in No Battery Mode if you have a power source (think kiosks). Biometric security keeps your data secure when you plug in remotely.

Another advantage of this lineup is its accurate stylus – the S Pen – also rated for all weather conditions. You can work on these tablets without taking your gloves off. It makes them convenient for ultra-hygienic settings.

A commendable brand characteristic of Samsung is its dedication to inclusion: every budget, priority, and audience group. You can find a Samsung Galaxy tab for as little as $120 – the A7 Lite. This 8.7″ gadget offers 32 GB of storage, a durable metallic frame, and smooth connectivity with more Samsung Galaxy devices you own.

Lightweight (0.81 lbs) and well-connected with Wi-Fi, this tablet is a good choice for students and children. Plus, there’s always Samsung Kids for age-appropriate kid-friendly content. You can expand the storage up to 1 TB if your needs escalate, as they often tend to.

Budget-friendly small tabs by Amazon and Lenovo

One bonus of rising competition in the tablet space has been lower prices. Brands like Lenovo and Amazon, well-known for quality you can trust, now have super-cheap tabs that cost under $100. For instance, you can consider the Lenovo Tab M8 for its eye-friendly display with reduced blue light emissions.

It also has a privacy dashboard for reassurance in public spaces and parental controls for a peaceful, argument-free household! (Well, one can wish.) Lenovo also offers good battery backup of up to 16 hours and 32 GB of space for your stuff.

Lately, Lenovo has embarked on intuitive technological advances to match rival offerings. So, you can benefit from dual speakers when you tune in to music and enjoy the Reading Mode for e-books. These features elevate Lenovo tabs for their multimedia focus – a prime usage pattern for tablet shoppers.

The Amazon Fire series also has top-notch 8″ tablets, combining sturdiness with mobility, security, and multifaceted use. The Fire HD 8 tablet can last 13 hours on one charge and stock up to 1 TB of content (via microSD card). The look and feel is impressive, and alumino-silicate glass protects the screen. 

It is also beneficial for family-based usage. Your kids can enjoy well-researched content on Amazon Kids+ or listen to books on Audible without fretting about incurring damage to the device. (Yes, parental controls exist.) Alexa, of course, continues to make lives simpler. (It also remains a favorite with the little ones for playing their favorite videos and songs!) Amazon provides a 90-day limited warranty and up to a 3-year extended warranty on this range.


Is 8-inch a good size for tablets?

It is one of the most purchased screen sizes in the small tablets category. An 8-inch tab can be a good fit for users who find a 6″ or 7″ tablet too small but don’t wish to compromise portability. It is adequate for focusing on work documents – e-mails, books, PDFs, etc. – and a reasonable size to find videos and games enjoyable. 

What are the limitations of using an 8-inch tab?

These mobile gadgets make great choices for busy travelers who need to work and unwind on the move. An 8-inch tab is unlikely to tire your wrists out and can comfortably manage day-to-day activities like browsing the internet or playing basic games.

However, the multimedia experience won’t be as engaging as a 10-inch device. Generally, the OS, processor, and storage capacity are less intense than larger models. It makes them better for consuming low to mid-quality multimedia. But they can be perfect for reading an e-book; the average book is six by nine inches.

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