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Top 5 Best 7-inch Tablet 2023 for Modern Travel-Oriented Lifestyles

We have consolidated the top 5 best 7-inch tablet 2023 from premium brands, catering to different audiences with performance, style, and portability.

No matter how compact clamshell laptops become, tablets have an individual charm that nothing quite replicates. These portable but high-performing gadgets align with contemporary lifestyles that involve travel and remote work. Whether you are a professional, student, or someone looking for entertainment after work, you may find that a stylish tablet is just what the doctor ordered.

In line with the demand, many premium brands like Apple and Samsung have developed brilliant tablets in the 7-inch form factor. These tabs are unbelievably light and mobile but still manage to pack features like fingerprint sensors, high-res cameras, and additional security features. Tablets inherently have a battery-backup advantage over laptops, which also works in their favor.

Top 5 Best 7-inch Tablet 2023: Portable Tabs for Every Day

A 7-inch screen may seem super-tiny, but it is a popular size for tabs. It is handy without being overly cluttered and works well for children, students, and people working or listening to music on the move.

Amazon Fire tabs for the household

Amazon has a nifty collection of 7-inch tablets suitable for the whole family. The Amazon Fire 7 offers 16/32 GB of storage that you can expand up to 1 TB with a microSD. It translates into hordes of content on your tab – pictures, books, videos, apps, etc. You can easily use it for Zoom meetings, help from Alexa, and reading e-books. 

Portability is vital for this form factor. You get oodles of it with the Fire range. Most of these tablets are lightweight (~9.9 ounces) and have battery backup that lasts at least 10 hours. We also like the friendly accessibility options such as high-contrast text and color inversion.

Kid-friendly tablets

If children are at the top of your mind now, consider the Amazon Fire 7 Kids tablets. They have tailored features for children in the 3-7 years range, such as a kid-proof case and adjustable kickstand. The risk of damage won’t outweigh the education and entertainment youngsters can derive from these gadgets. 

This screen size works well for little hands, and Amazon strategically integrates content from Amazon Kids (or Kids+) with parental controls. The best part is it is ad-free and exists outside the chaos of social media.

We also like the adjustable age filters, multiple child profiles (up to four), and the thoughtful 2-year guarantee. You can never be too cautious when it comes to mischief makers!

Affordable & multipurpose Lenovo tabs

At just around $150, you can get home a sturdy, reliable Lenovo tablet to serve versatile purposes. The Lenovo M7 has 2 GB RAM, 32 GB of storage, and a rapid-charging battery to keep you powered through the day. It is well-stocked with connectivity options, including Wi-Fi and a 2MP cam (rear and front).

7-inch tabs from Lenovo can be a cheap but lasting purchase for work, children, and hobby-related pursuits.

All-rounder Samsung Galaxy devices

Samsung has carved its niche in the digital world and how. Versatility is a primary factor in its premium reputation, and tablets from the Galaxy Tab A series hold testimony. From up to 200 GB of storage (with a microSD card) to 100 hours of battery backup, these $200 devices have excellent features for multimedia lovers. There’s even a radio app for FM channels and premium Galaxy Essentials content created especially for these tablets.

The 5MP camera is pretty good, too, providing additional options like continuous and panoramic modes. 

You can adapt these gadgets to household entertainment using content from Samsung Kids. Straightforward parental controls and tablet time limits keep things in order.

Evergreen iPads

There’s no mistaking the distinct glamour of an Apple iPad Mini – a perfect match to the 7-inch tablets category. You can find a renewed model for as little as $298 – a lucrative deal for everything it offers. 

These devices use an A12 Bionic chip and 64 GB of space. A fingerprint sensor with Touch ID helps provide a secure work environment. Plus, the color accuracy is pleasing to the eyes (vivid Retina display, True Tone) whether you are streaming Netflix or clicking pictures with the 8MP camera (7MP front).


Which features are essential in a 7-inch tablet?

Besides their lightweight but durable build, these tabs must also offer a good mix of performance and comfort. We recommend looking for a bright, accurate display, connectivity options, and decent battery backup (over 10 hours). Upgradable memory is preferable, particularly if you love A/V content.

You should check for specific features if you have a clear-cut purpose in mind. For instance, multimedia lovers will benefit from stereo speakers. Parents should consider tailored options like extra guarantee duration and parental controls.

What are the drawbacks of buying a 7-inch tablet?

In the interest of full disclosure, we must admit a 7-inch tab can feel too small for tech freaks who like large smartphones and the latest operating systems. Few options in this bucket run the latest Android; playing an immersive game won’t feel much fun on a screen this tiny. 

However, it remains a decent, budget-friendly option for casual everyday usage, listening to music, checking e-mail, etc. It is also a comfortable grip size for children.

Is 7-inch the smallest tablet size available?

No. You can also find 6-inch tabs, while 8-inch is the golden mean in the small tablet space. Gadgets with screens smaller than 6 inches will be similar to smartphones.

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