Top 5 Best 14-inch Gaming Laptop 2023: Here’s How to Find the Perfect Player-PC Fit

We put together the best 14-inch gaming laptop 2023 to help you select the best performance, A/V features, and connectivity options for engaging gameplay.

Gaming is an immersive, all-encompassing, all-enthralling hobby – dedicated gamers don’t even like to address it as such. When the stakes are so high, you want a screen that shows you everything – the devil is in the details! A 14-inch screen size can be a good option for gaming laptops as it is more expansive than 12/13 inches without being too bulky for travel. Many gaming manufacturers, including ASUS, Acer, and Razer, have products in this category for gaming enthusiasts.

Top 5 Best 14-inch Gaming Laptops 2023

Selecting the right 14-inch laptop can be demanding despite knowing gameplay is your priority. While some users put all their eggs in the performance basket, some are willing to go the extra mile for audio-visual magnificence, connectivity options, and that dreaded anathema of the gaming PC world – battery backup. 

We have compiled a primer on the 14” gaming laptop space to hold your hand as you seal the deal.

Razer Blade

The price tag can get many to disperse at the outset: these PCs cost over $2,600. But if you have the money and the inclination, a Razer Blade 14 can be a fantastic gaming laptop for the times. The 14-inch version uses an AMD Ryzen 9 CPU, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 graphics, and 16 GB RAM. The Zen4 architecture has multiple AI features to fine-tune the performance per your requirements. It also has a brilliant QHD+ screen with a 240Hz refresh rate. 

Razer employs vapor chamber cooling to keep the heat down. It can adapt to intense gaming sessions, which go on for several hours without losing peak performance.

Another feather in the cap is a good battery backup of around 10 hours and rapid charging. It also offers upgradability up to 64 GB, so your machine can grow as your gaming personality does.


Touted by many as the frontrunner of powerful gaming machines that inspire millions, the ASUS ROG series is breathtaking. Not only is it versatile and contemporary, but it is also committed to multitasking, A/V splendor, and productivity enhancement. 

The ROG Zephyrus G14 comes at around $2,500. From an AMD Ryzen 9 processor and RTX 4080 graphics to 1 TB of storage, this PC lays a deft ground for pro gamers. Its 165Hz screen uses 100% DCI-P3 color and Pantone validation for commendable accuracy.

ASUS deserves accolades for upping the ante with the latest innovations like mini-LEDs to showcase custom images, unique audio visualizations, and vapor chamber cooling. These computers generally use a MUX Switch for optimized frame routing and delivering a performance upswing of up to 10%.

Acer Predator

The Triton is a well-loved gaming lineup by Acer. It is not exorbitantly priced – the Triton 14 costs approximately $1,500. But it delivers most of what gamers expect: a speedy Intel i7 processor, a capable NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4050 graphics card, and consistent Killer Wi-Fi 6E connectivity. The display (WUXGA) has a 165Hz refresh rate, which works well with G-SYNC.

Acer has well-deserved recognition for its airflow optimization technique of heat management. Sustainable performance is a prerequisite for any gaming PC worth its weight. We also like PredatorSense for its multiple customization and personalization options. 

You can check out the Acer Predator Triton 14 with beefier specs if you have a heftier budget (around $1,700). For instance, why not get an RTX 4070 GPU and experience the beauty of Mini LED? It also bundles a faster 250Hz refresh rate and 1 TB of storage space. Besides games, these PCs can work well for multimedia content creation, artwork, etc.

Dell Alienware

This range is a favorite with many gamers who value dependability and excellent customer support. The Alienware x14 R2 ($1,499) gets powered by an Intel Core i5 or i7 CPU, up to 32 GB RAM, and as much as 4 TB SSD. You can pick a graphics card based on your needs – for example, Witcher 3 Next Gen can benefit from an RTX 4060 GPU, but a basic Fortnite can run perfectly on RTX 3050.

Alienware computers have crystal-clear, high-res displays. A QHD+ screen with decent brightness and a 165Hz or more refresh rate should serve most gamers well unless they genuinely demand a 240Hz proposition. Besides, heat management, portability, and audio (Dolby Atmos with AI) are on point. This range also offers bright and gorgeous AlienFX Lighting to light up your gaming den.


Is 14-inch a good screen size for gaming? What are its drawbacks?

In the interest of full disclosure, we must admit that 14 inches may not be the best screen size for devoted gamers who like to go all out. You may find a 15” display better for enjoyment. However, improving technologies have helped 14” laptops integrate powerful GPUs from the RTX 40 series, mini LED technologies, and competent Intel or AMD processors. They can be good options for portability seekers who can compromise on-screen real estate for a mobility boost.

One downside is that the space restrictions might make you miss some on-screen cues that demand immediate response/action. It generally happens in eSports titles. But third-person games or those with a slow to medium pace should work un-problematically. 

The compact keyboard can be both a blessing and a concern. It boosts your typing speed but makes shortcut keys and number entry difficult. Dedicated number pads are highly unlikely.

Tip: Always look for connectivity options like Type C ports and HDMI. External displays are almost always necessary for small gaming machines that want to be a part of events and marathons.

Besides size, what else should you look for in a 14” gaming laptop display?

Size isn’t everything, as popular culture has us believe for everything but the kitchen sink. We recommend carefully analyzing the screen resolution, refresh rate, and response time. A QHD+ display with at least 165Hz refresh rate and 3ms response time is safe. 

Another key criterion is the brightness; 400 or 500 nits bode well for gameplay in variable lighting environments. We like laptops that use a narrow bezel design to maximize screen space.

Is a 14” gaming laptop good for creative or programming tasks?

You may not budget for a separate gaming laptop – not many of us can cough up finances for different devices. Luckily, many 14-inch PCs can work well for multimedia editing, watching movies, or doing everyday work. Coding, music production, or illustration tasks need a 15-16″ display. But you should be able to manage with 14 inches if portability and battery backup are also vital for your lifestyle.

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