Top 5 Best 12-inch Tablet 2023: Hard-working Tabs for a Productive Everyday

Here’s some help picking the best 12-inch Tablet 2023 from tech giants like Apple and Samsung to cater to regular needs at college, work, travel, or the family home.

Tablets over 10 inches usually get categorized in the medium-sized category. A 12-inch tab has a reputation for being a great middle ground: not too unwieldy to carry yet much more expansive than an 8-inch tablet. This size works well for everyday business meetings, student assignments, artwork, gaming, watching movies, and myriad other things.

Apple and Samsung are the key players in this space, with their products costing over $400 to as high as $1,000. But the growing demand for these tablets makes it seem likely that newer offerings are in the offing!

Best 12-inch Tablet 2023 for Everything from Work Meetings to Online Streaming

We have brought you a primer on possible options and features you can expect as you explore the 12-inch field. While decent performance and battery backup are essentials, you also want to commit to durable build, connectivity options, and security features.

A high-res camera and accessibility options like a keyboard and a mouse may also be crucial if you are a writer, artist, etc.

Glories of iPads

You can acquire the splendid 12.9″ Apple iPad Pro for about $960. It contains a speedy M2 chip and a Liquid Retina XDR screen for engaging entertainment. It also has a high-res camera and 128 GB of space to stock all your crucial stuff. The screen is breathtaking with True Tone, P3 wide color, and 1600 nits of peak brightness. No wonder iPads work so well for multimedia-based entertainment!

iPads endeavor to provide a secure and flexible work environment with Face ID and a battery that doesn’t give up soon. Your usage can get even more personalized and convenient if you opt for an Apple Pencil and a Magic keyboard, although this depends on your requirements.

Samsung Galaxy goodness

Posing intense competition to iPads are Galaxy tabs like the S9+ Plus – around $1000 – known for their performance, A/V prowess, and sturdiness. A 12.4″ tablet from this family can bring you 512GB of storage and the effectiveness of a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor. The company also doles out Dolby Audio for excellent sound, a precision-based stylus, and a weatherproof rating (IP68).

That’s not to say you cannot find cheaper 12-inch tabs in this umbrella. There’s the Galaxy Tab S8+ option: beautiful AMOLED screen, detail-heavy cam, and excellent battery backup. Its camera also has auto-framing and uses noise cancellation to keep your video sessions disruption-free.

Samsung Galaxy tablets make sensible choices for your home. Samsung Kids has hordes of child-friendly content, and the lightweight build of these tabs is ideal for holding and carrying along on vacations.

You can get the Galaxy Tab S7+ Plus to save more money; it will cost you about $500. There’s 128 GB of storage, but you can expand it as needed. One more bonus is the rapid-charging battery. The Galaxy Tab S7 FE is cheaper, primarily due to the reduced storage (64GB). But it includes most of the advantages for which this lineup has become so reputed. For example, you can enjoy a world-class S Pen, disturbance-free connectivity with other Samsung devices, and dependable unplugged use.


Is a 12-inch tablet a good purchase?

By all means! The screen size is big and engaging for watching TV shows or gaming. It is also suited for laptop replacement usage. Some Samsung tabs even have a unique DeX mode to address the latter requirement. Despite the functionality, this size remains portable and suited to long hours on the road. It is a superb option for anyone who wants a medium to large tablet as a second screen or laptop replacement.

Do 12-inch tabs come with accessories like a stylus?

Many do, but not all. For example, some Galaxy tabs from S7 and S8 have S Pens included. You can get a Magic keyboard and Apple Pencil with your iPad. We like bundling accessories based on usage. You won’t need a full-purpose keyboard if your main tab goals are watching movies and taking video calls.

Which OS should I choose for my 12-inch tablet: Android or iOS?

Both have advantages – the security and speed of iOS vs. the cost-effectiveness of Android. However, you may struggle with Android apps on tabs; they may not work as on your phone. But Apple has persevered to adapt the app experience on a larger display, making the backdrop much smoother.

The ecosystem you belong to should also guide your decision. For example, a Samsung Galaxy Android tab is a logical addition to a household with Samsung phones and TVs.

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