Top 6 Best 11-inch Tablet 2023: Perfect for Study, Work or Entertainment

We collected the best 11-inch tablet 2023 with high-end performance, crystal-clear displays, and multimedia-friendly features from top brands across budgets. 

Tablets have a distinct spot in the gadget world. Their portability makes them versatile, but they have abundant power for daily computing tasks. Think streaming Prime Video, asking Alexa for assistance, or video calling your business clients. The 11-inch screen size is a fair mix of space and easy travel-ability: it is immersive without getting overwhelming to lug along.

Apple, Samsung, and other trusted names in the business have many 11-inch tablets for you to explore; this screen size is popular and preferred by different user groups. We like how budgetary options exist for students, professionals, or parents looking for family-friendly gadgets.

6 Best 11-inch Tablet 2023: Portable Tabs with Plenty of Screen Space

Besides portability and battery backup, storage space is something to consider while purchasing your next tablet. The abilities to upgrade, connect to a network with high-speed Wi-Fi, and use cloud-based services are avenues to explore.

Classic iPads

You should consider an iPad with this screen size if your budget allows it. The display (liquid Retina with HDR and 1600 nits brightness) is stunningly vivid, and the cameras can inspire even the uninterested to capture the world. The 4th-gen Apple iPad Pro costs around $729. It runs on an M2 chip and has 128 GB of storage space. It also shows good battery backup and boasts a secure environment with Face ID.

iPads can be immensely versatile. They let you connect with pals and colleagues via Wi-Fi 6E or 5G and play games on a 120Hz display – with equal comfort. The possibilities expand when you pair it with an Apple Magic keyboard and Apple Pencil. The storage is usually expandable (up to 2 TB), so you can comfortably stockpile all your favorite content.

Premium Samsung tabs

Samsung has a rich portfolio of excellent tabs with features that address all your needs – from business and entertainment to creative tasks. The Galaxy Tab S9 ($800) is an efficient and stylish pick, infused with the richness of Dolby Audio and a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor. It has 256 GB of space (expandable) and support for an S Pen.

Many Galaxy devices boast super-vibrant displays (AMOLED) and have IP68 ratings for all-weather use. You can enjoy the benefits of DeX mode if you plan to use your tab as a laptop replacement device. Short for desktop experience, DeX lets you multitask in a more connected, productive fashion.

The company also has some cheaper 11″ options in its stables, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, priced at $562. It has lower inbuilt storage (128 GB). But wait – it offers the usual high-profile features you associate with this range, like a gorgeous LCD screen, an included S Pen, and dependable unplugged use. We also like Smart Switch, a convenient method to transfer your data, and Samsung Kids, with its plethora of family-friendly content.

Galaxy tabs have superb cameras that can click 4K-grade images and offer handy features like auto-framing. The Galaxy Tab S7 also bundles ad-free YouTube access to let you unwind after a long day. Plus, most of the products in this range support rapid charging, which is a huge help when you work or game on the move.

Inexpensive Amazon Fire tablets

Amazon has good choices in this form factor, such as the Fire Max 11. It is speedy and reliable, powered by an octa-core processor and 4 GB RAM. The battery backup is terrific (14 hours), as is the alumino-silicate protective glass. The durable design and pocket-friendly price make it a fine choice for the household.

Fire tabs offer expandable storage – up to 1 TB with a microSD card. You can also choose accessories like a pen and a case to make things sturdier and more convenient.

Reliable Lenovo tablets

Lenovo can be a safe pick for 11″ tabs, more if you already have experience with this trusted brand. The Lenovo Tab P11 costs around $230, packaging good performance with battery backup and a bright display. It also has an accurate camera (8MP, 13MP), a keyboard, and a pen. 

An exciting provision for book lovers is the tailored reading mode. You won’t get strained when you lose yourself in a longish article; customized orientation changes ensure smoother scrolling. You can also experience the split-screen effect to up your productivity levels.


Is an 11-inch tab too big?

It is considered a medium size for tablets. You will find much more space than a 7-inch or 8-inch design but still have greater mobility than a clamshell laptop. It is best for watching TV shows or drawing. Companies like Samsung produce huge 14-inch tabs, and 11″ laptops exist – to give you a ballpark.

Who should get an 11-inch tablet?

Although it’s a bestselling tab size, you should consider your lifestyle and needs closely before taking the plunge. These tabs can work as laptop substitutes or second screens. They are also suited to creative jobs like sketching or journaling. However, they won’t be as portable as an 8-inch model. Carrying them around or holding them for extended periods is something you should think about.

It can be a neat choice for students as it fits into bags or desks and is big enough to take notes, work on assignments, etc. We advise assessing what works best for you: an 11″ tablet or a traditional laptop.

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